Crash !!!! - Yet Again

I was typing the stuff in da blog when Internet Explorer Crashed !!!! Damn it, I lost about two paragraphs which I would try to retype here again :(( Lazy Me.

Ok here is the first one. This is about NDTV punchline -Zubaan Pay Sach, Dil Main India. This line summs up me as a person very well. Although this is not the complete me but a good part of my thinking is represented by this line. This line should actually mean that they speak the truth by keeping the welfare of the country in the mind. In my case, I try to speak truth most of the times (most is the keyword here) and ofcourse I love INDIA.

Second para I lost was about Aditya Takiar but since I lost it, won't be typing it again.

And this part now is being typed in Notepad to make sure even if there is a crash, I have the stuff written somewhere so that I don't have to write all of this again.

And when I was returning from IMS today, people from a company called Amdale called up and they offered me employment. Let's hope thing work out well for me.

Had a nice day at IMS today. Perticipated in a GD and spoke few times. Feedback was very positive but I wish I could be more like Priyank. That chap, a sailor (actually a Marine Engineer) is so cool when hes in a GD. It makes him an automatic choice for selection ven without an interview.

Talking off GDs, I think GD as a selection criteria for BSchools is not justified at all. I hope professors from BSchools are not reading this. I guess they won't have time to even log onto internet, leave alone reading "my" BLOG. Taling about GDs; In a GD, your performance depends a lot on the kind of group you are in. Let's say if you have a group of about 15 people and all of them are so agressive that they are fighting just to speak, how can someone show the leadership skills, the group dynamics and other crap we are supposed to show. Also if everyone is show quite, mushy and so laid back, everyone can emerge out as a leader. As people say, if in a group there are no dis-agreements, you are not discussing at all.

I guess interview is a much better way to judge people. You actually get to interact with the person on a one-to-one basis and with the way the iinterviewee is responding to the answers, you can very well judge if he would be a good team member and if he has the Manager in him.

That reminds me of yet another important thing. Since I am expecting calls from BSchools after CAT and none of them is as sick as SCMHRD, I should start preparing answers to the questions like Hobbies, Long Term Career Goals, Why Enterprenaurship etc. etc.

Getting more "self centered" I today thought that I would talk to Harsh Sir at IMS and tell him about my gaming company plan and ask him to help me out. Infact I should just talk to him about being an enterprenaur. Yeah I think I should do this cos he sounds like a pretty level headed person. Also as he said, he has to his credit, three start-up ventures. I guess now is the time to start working towards it.

I guess this should be long enough to fill a couple of screenfulls on 800X600 res. and I need to get some dinner now.

WOW, as I copy pasted this into blogger window, my good old comp suddenly restarted without any warnings of any sorts or any crahses or anything. It just restarted !!!! But I guess I learnt from the previous crash to save the file, it saved me a lot of work. Phew. Lets try again. Got an error about the HTML tag being broken at SCMHRD. I guess everything seems to have complaints and grudges against SCMHRD ;)

And Sucess At Last. Finally I can publish it :)

Happy Republic Day

Today is 26th January 2004. India's 55th Republic Day. This day is very very important for all of us as this was day in 1950 when our constitution was framed. More about Indian constitution can be found here.

EDITED later: Fixed the link after I saw it and shub001 pointed out.

Yesterday was the SIMCAT 9 for me and I did very very poorly. When I was doing it, I thought this time I would be among the top 100 of IMS but as soon as I checked the results, I came back to ground. I got only 33.25 when every Tom, Dick n Harry I know is getting way over 60 marks. Anyways would start preparing for CAT as we have only 20 odd days left for it and it is going to be one of the most important tests of my life so far.

I started reading FrontLine. Many people say it is the best political magazine in India. Let's hope I get to know stuff from that. I right now intend to read it regularly and I am searching for a Economic Magazine also. I just found out that you can read the entire magazine online too. Good.

Sir Bill Gates? UK decieded to crown Bill Gates with KnightHood but as far as I know he won't be able to use "SIR" as the American Govt. won't allow that. I think he should be allowed to use SIR. He deserves it.

The Sardaar Who Changed My Life

A Sardaar Who Changed My Life. After today's incident, I have started to think why do people make fun of Sardaars? The Sardaar I am talking about, I bet he’s' one of the most intellectual person I have ever seen. He is good at padhai-likhai, very good at speaking and has HUGE levels of confidence. Everything you can ask for in a person. He changed my perception about Sardaars and from now on I would not look down at someone cos he is a Sardaar. Honestly, I was like abey yeh to sardaar hai, ise kya pata.

I have IIFT result now and I could not clear it this year too. The paper went well for me and I guess I did well in the paper but still I did'nt make it. Anyways I noticed all the intelligent people Gaurav, Shangloo and that Sardaar got thru. Lets hope I get something in CAT or NM which are the only ones left now.

I first saw that Sardaar at my SCMHRD session at IMS. Unlike others, he spoke sense and I didn’t notice him much there cos he was a Sardaar. Today this was a GD prep class and he was with me again. There we were supposed to be in three discussions. He expressed his viewpoints on a couple and I must say the level of thinking he had, I can only think about having it. He certainly impressed me very much. Let me add here that not everyone impresses me. One more thing that stood out, he knew what, where and when to speak. And since he has got all the calls, he gotta be a stud chap.

I felt agar ek Sardaar itna bond ho sakta hai, to main kyon nahin. From today onwards I would work towards improving myself and getting myself on par with that Sardaar and may be go ahead of him. When I say I would work, I think I know what my problems are, I have got everything that should be there to be a person like him except for the reading part. I haven’t been reading as much as I should. This was very rightly pointed out by the teacher who recognized me from last year. I would now make a habit of reading at least three magazines per week and reading the newspaper. It’s not about just getting a call and converting it. It’s about YOU. Also I have noticed I haven’t been thinking lately. Watch out world, here I come…

And Aakash (his BLOG was inspiration to my BLOG) is in hospital. Hes got a slipped disc. I dunno how bad it is and I am going to see him tomorrow. If anyone reads this BLOG, please pray for him so that he is well soon.

The best part is, the man who impressed me so much, I don't even know his name. Will make sure I ask him when I get to meet him next.

Also I still haven’t started my traffic BLOG as yet but I intend to do it pretty soon. And as far as content for it goes, I won’t be having any problems with that. As they say it’s a wild world out there.

Signing OFF......

Driving through Delhi

Ok so I woke up early today at around 9:30 AM and logged onto internet. Checked all the messages, posted stuff and played Q3. scored an impressive 49-(-)10 against Anarki Nightmare. Called up kAgE to inform about it and discused the website for some time. The funny thing is that stuff I have on my copmuter looks entirely differnt from stuff on his monitor. Why can't manufacturers ake them according to a standard so that things would look same on a 14 inches and a 17 inches monitor...

Ok when I was going to ze class @ IMS, while driving through I was thinking about the DigiCam and just than an idea of having a BLOG exclusively for the way traffic behaves in Delhi struck me. Ok I registered another BLOG. I think I would update it. Link to it can be found in the Navi Menu on this BLOG. I would be posting stuff as it appears to a guy on Kawasaki Bajaj Caliber Croma with Disk Brakes.

The class at IMS, I reached there and found that everyone has converted the SCMHRD call except good old me. Had a GD today about relationships and contacts and did'nt speak a single thing but I got a few good reviews ;). I think that GD as a selection criteria should not be there at B-Schools. Basically your performance in a GD does not depends entirely on you. Infact it depends on a whole lot of other stuff that are beyond your control. Maybe I am saying this cos I have been unsuccesful after two attempts?

Bhaskar, the only chap to have thought about staying in touch smsed me today. Found it pretty good for two reasons. 1. He actually typed it and 2. He sent something that was special for me and for him. It was the "Cut My Life Into Pieces".

When returning, driving over ITO was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone to go on the ITO bridge and with a half face helmet on and drive on there. The experience can't be described in BLOGs. More on this could be found on the Traffic BLOG :)

And I am searching through the length and breadth of google to find the link to Bajaj Auto website. Found it at :)

Also I saw one of the BLOGs with images in it. The images were actually hosted on blogspot only. I tried to find out how to do that but I am still not sure. If anyone knows that please send me a message....


Everynight after I have played with and lost badly to kAgE, I think why the hell do I have to play again and again with him to loose yet again... I am not all that bad when it comes to First Person Shooters but kAgE, don't have words to express. I can make "any" single jump and all kinds of strafe jumps etc. but can't seem to jump longer than kAgE.

I guess me playing again n again to get better, is about persistance and practising. Failure? as it was one of the topics @ IMS class today, the thoughts are still fresh and I am trying to figure out the positives out of my matches with kAgE. The only one I see could be beating the hell outta others who are not that good players.

Today played Q3DM17 and Pro-Q3DM6 in the two matches combined, I did'nt kill him even once. He had in all two deaths and both of em suicides. He murdered me atleast 70 odd times in two 10 minute tourneys.

Q3Arena - I think all you need to be good in this game is a good rail shot and excellent machine shot. Straetegy and moves can be learnt but aim should be perfect. And it's NOT easy. I have been playing Q3 for well over two years now and still my machine accuracy is around 10% and my rail accuracy is about 40%.

Will post more stuff later as I should be studying right now cos CAT is just around the corner and I don't remember a single thing from the course.

Ok, I have been trying to figure out the design for the UBG site that would act as the website for my clan, my gaming company, my SEO company, my web-designing company and my visual components company ;)

I talked to Kunal about the colors on the webpage and he is of an opinion that we have browns and grays as the colors. I agree completely to him. According to me, White as a background color in a website sucks big time and there are too many Black websites floating around. So its time for a change. So we have decided upon the colors and all we neeed is a layout. And that I guess is not very difficult to do. I am just tryint to learn PHP and find out some free webhosts that give you free PHP support for the website. Infact as I am writing this, I realized that few of my websites don't have to be dynamic in nature and can be hosted on brinkster etc.

Still trying to figure out the theme for the websites and will try to give them a corporate look.

Another Good Song

Man Ki Lagan - Paap

I dont know after how many days I found a good song. I heard this song galti say on Radio City one evening and as soon as it ended, I ran to and downloaded it.

Lyrics are available here

I would recommened this song to "ANY" Hindi Music Lover.

FMS - Finally Done !!!!

Time at the next tip is 7 Hrs, 29 Minutes and 55 seconds,

Just came back from FMS paper. It was kinda easy for me but as they say all the papers are easy for me ;)

Finally am a Blogger :)

Ok, Finally a BLOG.

I have been thinking about it since quite some time now when one fine day Aakash's BLOG became popular.

Will try to post stuff and see what else can you use the BLOGs for except for getting famous ;)

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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