Yahoo 360 Invite

I am looking for a invite to the Yahoo 360. If ANYONE can send me the same, PLEASE PLEASE do so. My email address is

Counter-Strike - Date with the Destiny

Tomorrow on 24th April 2005, my Counter Strike clan MML would be entering a competition at Reliance Web World in Gurgaon. Last time when we went there, we eaily won the tourney and walked away with the prizes. This time, its different. I have been told that there are far too many teams and the teams are far too better. Anyways challenge and risk are my way of life and I am looking forward to the event.

People who would be helping me out there and are my clan members are ...
Pawanjit Singh Wasu aka MML | hitman
RajKiran Sharma aka MML | ICEman
Sudhanshu Gupta aka MML | Anathema
Saurabh Garg aka me aka MML | Krror_Singh

two other MML mmebers that would not be able to make it due to their commitments and academic rigor. The reasons would be explained sometime later when I would be having 1000000000 xtra minutes to type in. By the way they are Bethune Velamati and Satyajeet Gandhi.

And since I am talking about gaming and on top of it I am talkin about First Person Shooters and on top of it a team game, how can I end this post without mentioning kAgE? kAgE aka Kunal Garde happens to my mentor and I hope I get to beat him someday, somewhere in ANY game !!!!

Adobe to acquire Macromedia

Adobe - the document company is all set to acquire Macromedia - the digital company ! More to some soon on this wonderful acquisition.

I thought that Macromedia would be gobbled up by Microsoft but Adobe it was !

More to come ...

Books Books Books

Although I am not one of those who would read and read and read. I read stuff when I am bored or when something is very highly recommended. I havent been able to read a lot of books but here is a complete list of books that I have read.

The list includes majorly fiction novels and some other interesting stuff.

-> Arthur Hailey - Airport

-> Buck Rodgers, Robert Shock - The IBM Way

-> Dan Brown - Angels and Deamons
-> Dan Brown - The Vinci Code

-> Eliyahu M. Goldratt, Jeff Cox - The Goal

-> Jeffery Archer - Sons of Fortune - Completed on 21st Sep 2004
-> Jeffery Archer - Honour Among Thieves

-> John Grisham - The Runaway Jury
-> John Grisham - The King of Torts
-> John Grisham - The Street Lawyer
-> John Grisham - The Testament
-> John Grisham - The Brethren
-> John Grisham - The Firm - Completed on 15th Aug 2004

-> Kim Woo-Choong - Every Street Is Paved With Gold

-> Mario Puzo - The Godfather

-> Paul Erdman - The Setup

-> Sidney Sheldon - Morning, Noon and Night

One good thing about books is that you get to learn about a few things without leaving your home. You would konw about the way things work in say the oposite end of the Globe, How people live in deep jungles in Africa, how do aeroplanes fly etc.

Also you can learn from other people's experiences. You can take clues from the events from other people's mistakes, great moves and be inspired.

As said so frequently, every coin has two faces and there are some very good reasons to read books and there are some reasons why I detested books.

The thing about books is that it makes one stick indoors. You would be spending long hous reading those huge novels etc. I have always been a person who would like to go out and staying indoors is the last thing I would ever do.

Also the books are at times biased. Well every form of information source is kinda biased. Talk about NewsPapers, Televisoin, Information Channels, I believe most of them are biased.

I want to add a brief summary about em. I just realized that I have read a lot of them and I don't remember the sequence of evetns ... Fors example, I don't know what happens in the Sons of Fortune or what was the ending of any Grisham... Blame it on my poor memory !

Edit Log:
15th Aug 2004 - Added The Firm
21st Sep 2004 - Added The Setup and Sons of Fotune
18th Apr 2005 - Added Honour Among Thieves, Angels and Deamons, The Vinci Code, The Runaway Jury and The King of Torts

Last Edited on 18th Apr 2005 @ 12:01 AM

Ego Surfing !

While EgoSurfing today, I found out that a gaming website talks about me ...

Ego Surfing sure reveals interesting things. One of the few could be searching for SAURABH GARG on YAHOO returns a page where 9 out of 10 resuts talk about me :D Can't stop grinning !

Another update ... I finished reading Honour Among Thieves by Jeffery Archer and since I have run out of material to read, I am back to the good old Godfather... I am trying to remember the sequence of events now. Another option was FountainHead but unlike a lot of people I did'nt find it that "intellectually stimulating" !

Shall We Dance !!!!

Its been long since I posted something on my BLOG ! If I go by the records it would be 9 days. Lots of things have happened... Exams got over, started with vacations, started with learning finance fundas and waiting for summer internship to start.

I was back in campus and happened to go for the latest flick - SHALL WE DANCE. Featuring Richard Gere, J Lo and Susan Sarandon ... was a nice time pass. As always when I was watching the movie, I tried to be the protagonist and apply my brain at that hard task called thinking... Throughout the movie I was trying to anticipate, guess, what would be his next move, what would be the next dialouge ... din't get that lucky today, was wrong most of the times. I know I can't dance ;).

Again talking about the movie itself, the movie was based in dunno which city but there were quite a few shots of the skyscapers... I had this funny feeling of going to the city at once. Would build the greatest sky scraper of em all. Talking of building reminds me of FountainHead by Ayn Rand. Before I read this one, I thought Ayn Rand was a male but it turned out that Ayn Rand is a female. Anyways while reading, I could connect at times with Roark, Waynand and Toohey. No no, am not trying to say am the coolest but a trying to say that at times I was thinking what they were thinking. I plan to read it once more before I write something about it.

Ever since we had vacatoins, have read two more fictions. Both by Grisham. Runaway Jury and King of Torts. As always both were amazing. However they failed to inspire me to be a lawyer like the previous ones. Probably the main character in both these was'nt someone exceptional. I can compare the chap from Runaway Jury - whats his name, with Ellsworth Monkton Toohey in the FountainHead. Both of them could persude people to do things that people would'nt have done under normal circmstances. I would certianly like to do that. Talk of evil ;)

I have started with vacations and have absolutely nothing to do at home. I plan to re-learn guitar (as if I knew it in the first place), re-bulid my website (as if I had it in first place), re-gain my position as the richest person on the planey (as if I was)... Of the three things mentioned above, I plan to achieve atleast two. They say two months is a long long time to do anything. I might even re design the BLOG if I don't find anything else to do.

And abhi I am out of ideas what to talk about and what to write etc...

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

Did you like this post? May be you want to read my first book - The Nidhi Kapoor Story.

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