Walk Down The Memory Lanes

That day among one of those lectures me and Saurabh Gupta were talking about stuff we did when we were kids (when Gupta was a kid, am still a kid). Somehow we stated talking about Comic Series and I found out that Gupta also was passionate by them. We discussed about Super Commando Dhruv, BankeLal, Nagraj, Chacha Chaudhary and what not. We even talked about few comics that we were able to recall. That was one awesome hour.

I used to be so passionate about Super Commando Dhruv that I had almost decided to be a con detective when I grow up. Waise I still have an option. I am yet to grow up and as an when, if ever, I DO grow up, I would love to exercise the option.

I have decided that I would tr and get the issues of the comics and see where they have reaced in the Internet Age. That time, when I was a regular reader, there were'nt many other sources of entertainment and kids would loan comics and play games. Now we have everything from computers to pool to go carting to kill time on.

Another one would be that once I actually tried my hands at writing a comic series. I don't remember what exactly it was about but yes it was an action adventure thing and the hero was called 'The Meteor Man'. WOW. Although I never got to complete the thing but yes I planned and I started.

And the last thing to write about today would be the reason why we call them comics. As far as my pea-sized brain says, comics = cpomic+s and comic is supposed to be funny and with adventure stories like that of Dhruv and his sis Natasha and Nagraj, they were far from funny. They were interesting for sure and funny at times. Probably we just called them comics because the publishers called themselves comics, eg beng Diamond Comics with famous cartoonist Pran who created Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Pinki, Raman etc and then there was Raj Comics with whole array of stars like Dhruv, Nagraj, Bankelal etc. etc.

Those days were good and I miss them like hell. It also reminds me of time I spent with Monu in his house perfecting the art of VideoGaming and Cricet Fielding and Cycling.

Phew !

Take Me Home ...

When I heard the song by John Denver, I didnt realize that it would applicable to me someday. Applicable in the sense that I would long to get back home to my friends, to my family, to my home, to the place I was brought up and lived virtually all my life.

After the fun time spent at hostel, I do miss the time I spent at home. Although the friends have drifted apart, they have found new accomplices, new crushes, they still wait for me, miss me and so do I.

Someone rightly said that yourealize the true value of something when you don't have it. I never relished the home cooked food, the time wasted walking on that market road, the biking, the game of cricket until I was far from it.

I am sure after two years at my hostel, I would be feeling the same way. I would be leaving my hostel, my friends, my college, my home. Damn it why do we have to be seperated from things we like to be with. Probably that's life. Change.

I know this post is not making any sense and am not getting anywhere by posting this but today probably for the first time, I am really really expressing myself on the BLOG.

Independence Day

Sabhi Bharat Vaasiyon Ko Swatantra Diwas Ki Hardik Shubh Kaamnaain.

British rule officially ended on 15th August 1947 and India became an independent state.

British traders, looking for expanding their trade and raking in money, travelled to far off palces and discovered India. The Golden Bird. With all the money and prosperity, they targeted us and slowly they imposed their rule over us. People did not object to the rule as long as they were just and fair. But they soon started exploiting and filling up the queens banks and lockers. Huge taxes were imposed, fine and duties were levied. People had to sleep hungry to pay in the taxes. Then they started physical abuse and the worst form of abuse - descrimination. They would not let any Indian enter their parks, clubs which were built on the Indian soil and they somehow contended that it was theirs. It was real bad. The britishers looted the country and left us in shackles and when they were leaving, they sowed the seed of racial disharmony.

If the Bristish Rule was bad, there were a few positives out of it too. People actually were united and fought for one cause. The cause of freedom. We developed an identity as fighters and as people who won't give in to any pressure. Even if we have to make the supreme sacrifice of laying down our lives, we won't move. We would go ahead and do anything for our country.

From a humble beginning in 1947, we have came a long way in 2004 and still there is a long road ahead. Today on 15th August, lets all unite and pledge to take our country even further and make it even stronger. We have lessons to learn from the history and we have to make sure that we don't commit the mistakes we did in the past. Let the pas serve as an example and let's move forward with another year of independence behind us.

Vande Mataram

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th. People say that Friday the 13th happens to be a very unlucky date. As far as am concerned, Friday the 13th has been real good for me.

To start with, I was in my class on time. Although I had to skip my breakfast as usual and I couldn’t take a bath but the still I was in the class and was on time. Secondly today was probably the first day at MDI when I wasn’t sleepy. I actually attended the class and I was attentive. YAY. I understood almost everything taught in the class and I am beginning to believe that speaking less and being serious about stuff is the way to it.

Anyways after the class I hanged around with friends. Although it was freaking hot but I still enjoyed the good company. I had lunch outside. It was a welcome break from the messy mess food. After the lunch, yet another long time wish came true and I was so happy.

Then it was time to remember a few old friends. Called up people in Chandigarh and Chennai. It cost me 80 odd bucks but they were well spent and worth every since paisa I spent.

To wrap things up and end the day, am sitting at home with my family as am writing this entry.

Oh and did I mention that I started my day dancing on the dome terrace in my hostel. I danced till about 3 and then I along with a few friends went out for a ride. So the day started well and is ending very well.

Friday The 13th! Who says Fridays are unlucky and I would like to copy a copyrighted thing here … Thanks God It’s Friday!

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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