Who I am!

I have said on countless occasions that Hugh of the GapingVoid fame is God. He proved it yet again by sketching this masterpiece.

This is the closet anyone has been able to define who I am and what I stand for. I have the intent but I do not have what it takes to create magic. Hats off Hugh.

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A Reason to Start Over New!

From that wonderfully brilliant song ....

I'm sorry that I hurt you
It's something I must live with everyday
And all the pain I put you through
I wish that I could take it all away
And be the one who catches all your tears
Thats why I need you to hear

I've found a reason for me
To change who I used to be
A reason to start over new
and the reason is You

I mean it all btw!

Notes from Paris and Amsterdm

Just came back from Paris and Amsterdam. Made some notes and will be putting them on soon.

And no, I did not go up the Eiffel Tower this time. And no, I did not bicycle at Ams. I want to buy one here in Delhi. And T3 is fab. More coming soon.

Random Productivity Idea

I have been using todoist.com for about a week now and I am very impressed. The website has actually helped me get things done. And fast. I have used lot of todo list software in the past and for some reason or the other, discontinued the use after a while. Either the interface was tardy, or the thing was too complex to use or it was not ubiquitous.

Imperative for anyone who suffers from Indianness - Procrastination, Lethargy, Laziness etc. I would have loved to post a screenshot but then I guess am too lazy to post it!

Go, give it a shot!

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

Did you like this post? May be you want to read my first book - The Nidhi Kapoor Story.

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