Happy Birthday Vivek Gawri

Happy Birthday Gawri aka Vivek Gawri aka Neo aka Jokey.

I hate him from bottom of my heart. I hate him for everything he is. I dislike him for all the useless things he says. I really do.

Having said all that, if I have a best friend, its him. If I can count on someone, its him. If I would ever do something for, its him. When I was in Mumbai, Gawri and RamPyari were the only two outlets I had. I couldnt wait for the weekend to begin so that I may fuckoff to Vikhroli and take refuge in Rampyari's lap. Three of us made numerous trips to all parts of Maharastra and we loved to escape.

Thanks for being there :) Have a wonderful life ahead.

P.S.: He blogs here. Please ignore his photography skills ;P

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