The End. Of The New New Thing.

The New New Thing - my other blog on businesses comes to an end. This is what I posted while announcing it.

After about 11 months of putting time and energy behind the New New Thing, I have decided to shut it down. I was thinking about it till last week and now I am clear on what I want from my online presence.

Before what I would be, let me talk about what I would not be.

1. I would not be a blog/website that pimps brands, businesses or people.
2. I would not publish “exclusive” or “you read it here first”.
3. I would not indulge in link baiting (except when I am specifically working on a project).

I rather want to

1. create and contribute to original knowledge.
2. meet, talk to, work with bright minds. There is one and only one way to get them. Be one.
3. come up with ideas. More importantly execute them and see them to fruition.

What has changed?
Over the last one year, I read about the Internet, tried to understand the basics, talked to tons of people, made few very good friends, obviously blogged about all this and everything else, under the guise of New New Thing. I has been an awesome journey and a very rich learning experience.

Also, I have realized that I am not one of those superhumans who can juggle work, blog, life all at the same time and excel at it. Focus on one thing for me, means loss of focus on others. I have limited time and a peanut sized brain and thus there is only so much I can do. I will have to let go of few things and move on. Blogging on New New Thing is one such dispensable thing.

I now shall focus on doing. Rather than brainstorming about it. I would continue to share thoughts and lessons as and when I create things.May be I will do a new blog. Or a wiki. Or a mailing list. Lets see. One things for sure. The focus would shift from being a blogger to a doer. Please stay tuned for updates and announcements. Although I havent said anything about the nature of things I will indulge in, you still might want to contact me (here).
And as with everything else, new shall replace the old. Lets see how things shape up.


Rampyari: spelt as 'ra-m-pee-ar-i'
Definition: literally speaking denotes a car which is white in colour, is a 2000 make Wagon R with registration number of RJ145C 1491. on a metaphorical level, it is our getaway from the world on the weekends, where we become incommunicado with the usual trappings, especially the ones originating from office. The significance of Rampyari is so much that a highway and Rampyari matter more than the destination. All she needs is petrol and little care.

Of Orbs and World Dominion

All of us are stuck in our respective orbs (time, state of mind, location, cubicles etc) and without having an iota of control over thoughts or even movements of anything of significance, we somehow are trying to justify to ourselves that we are gods and about two steps away from world dominion.

Ok, we can be replaced by me ... to start with.

So, carrying on with the rant, here we are, 20 25 somethings, in pursuit of happyness creative orgasm, working at middle management level (really? or these levels have been created just to make us happy?), suffering from QLC, constantly comparing ourselves with our peers, trying to justify our careers and fat paychecks and in a constant state of denial. "We" are characterized by over-inflated egos, dreams that run nothing short of world dominion (again) and ideas that would put Malcolm Gladwells and Seth Godins of the world to shame.

To be continued ...

Swades - Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera

Last time I blogged about this song, I wrote,
Quite a few lessons and one of the best patriotic songs of all times in my humble opinion.
Coming back to the song, I stumbled upon the video on youtube I realized how much I love the song.

Delhi 6 Disappoints

I was really looking forward to seeing Delhi 6. A R Rahman's music, as always is really good. Prasoon Joshi's lyrics are meaningful and impeccable. The tralior looked wonderful. The on screen chemistry between Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor seemed interesting. The plot promised to be similar to Rang De Basanti. And beneath these tons of expectations, I went to see Delhi 6.

I came out disappointed.

I could go on ranting why its a bad movie and why you shouldn't bother even discussing it, why the story is week, why the characters are lost, why is it not about home-coming of a desi and all that.

In one line, dont bother wasting time and money on it. Just get the music and enjoy Dilli 6, Genda Phool and Masakali.

MacBook. Fixed.

After I spilled water on my MACBook, I was told of 1000 things to do (a complete list follows) but here are few things that you MUST do.
  1. Switch it off. Water will act as a conductor and will burn the circuits. Do not, I repeat, do not switch on your laptop (or any other electric device) until its completely dry. You will have to resist the temptation to see if its working after you spill water. Please resist it and let the water dry.
  2. Remove battery. For obvious reasons.
  3. Somehow, remove water. Use a hair dryer, put it under the sunlight, usea lamp, a fan, even bury the laptop in a sack of rice.
And, yes my macbook works fine now.

Spilled Water. On the Macbook.


My legendary Macbook - the home of my ideas and thoughts for last more than 18 months. I hope it get backs to shape soon :(

Futility of the Blip on Radar.

One fine day, when Mother Earth is going about its revolutions and rotations, the birds are trying to hunt for birdseed, millions of men and women would be running around doing meaningless work, trying to justify their jobs and existence, someone on the radar, a blip would flash brilliantly. And then it will fade away. To oblivion.

All the meaningless things (read cribbing, working, blogging, traveling, sleeping, walking, talking, writing, reading, justifying, even thinking) that we humans engage in, trying to follow the crowd, in hopes of leading the pack someday are futile. We are just trying to while away time. And mind, the machine needs constant motion. It needs some cranks, something or the other keep itself occupied. We oil it by indulging in mental masturbation. It takes different shapes for different people. Some people play cricket, some create companies, some donate their money, some are left in oblivion, some think they think what they are thinking and the things that they think and not really worth thinking, some travel, some sleep and many dream. Most work. Without realizing the futility. Of being just a blip on radar.

Google Ads on Youtube

Google Ads on Youtube are Live. About time Google made money with Youtube.

Luck By Chance

Saw Luck By Chance today. Amongst other things, Farhan Akhtar continues to impress with his performances. Konkana Sen Sharma looks gorgeous as ever. Isha Sharvani added the glitz to the movie. And then there were assorted stars, semi-stars, starlets, yester-stars, almost-stars etc.

Few things that I can recall from the movie
  • luck, fate, destiny are all words coined by weak to justify their failure to reach their goals
  • if someone is content in life, nothing would happen
  • confidence is nice, over-confidence is not
  • people who know you when you were growing up, they tell you the truth and you need them more than the new friends that you way. (reminds me of that quote, "people you meet on the way up, remember them, you will meet them on the way down")
All in all its a nice movie. If done differently, this could very well have been one of those "chicken soup for soul", "entrepreneurship 101" kind of movies - depending on the way the director would have taken the call.

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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