Happy Republic Day

26th January 1950, India adopted the constitution and we became a republic country.

http://septemberthe22nd.blogspot.com/2004/01/happy-republic-day.html is a post that I made exactly a year ago on the last republic day. Things have changed since then and I also realize the fact that its been more than a year since I am blogging. WOW !

I wanted to get up early today and be there when the flag would be hoisted at the compus but I woke up only at 1:30 and missed the entire thing. Aastha tried to wake me up she gave about three missed calls but I was so lazy to get outta bed :(

Anyways Happy Republic Day :)

P.S. here is the image that I posted a year back ...
Ok I tried posting the image but could'nt post it. Actually I could'nt find a way to post it :D


I almost never had a wallpaper on my desktop or the laptop but then during one of the boring Corporate Finance lectures, I used a Bart Simpson Wallpaper and I found it kinda cool. After Bart Simpson, it was a map of springfield. Next I thought I would put in a Harley Davidson wallpaper. Since I din't have any Harley wallpapers, I logged on to my favorite Google Image search and keyed in Harley Wallpapers.

I found quite a few there and one of them was from the website http://www.metalmodels.hu and believe me they were sexy. I would recommend every one to go to the site and admire the art. I have'nt come across anything like that ever in my five+ years of internet career.

Here is a banner from their website...

I was so impressed that I almost thought I would also start working on metal models. I was also thinking of places from where I can procure stuff, but then I thought, let the experts make the beauties and I backed out.

If anyone ever comes across this post, I would urge them to please visit the website and have a look.

Signin Off ...

People @ Blogging

Recently I realized that there are lots and lots of people on the Blogging Bandwagon. Some expected, some totally unexpected.

And BLOGs are BIGTIME into Media. Recently ABC rated Bloggers as the People of the Year and then was this article in the Times of India about Bloggers. Wow we guys are going great guns and getting accolades for it.

Lee me try to figure out why people BLOG.

May be there are people who don't have anything special to do and just to kill time they BLOG. Example could be ME. Yes ME. I BLOG whenever I have spare time. This post is a good example. I don't have anything else to do right now and thought posting this post would be a nice idea. Its 2:46 in the morning/night and I could'nt find anything special to do at this time. Coming back to the question - Why people BLOG...

Apart from killing time, next best reason would be to get famous. BLOGs are treated as regular websites by the search engines and hence are indexed by them. People would search for keywords and land up at the BLOG. These BLOGs can be identified by the hit counters and heavy use of keywords. Example - ME ! Try searhing "ben_mario_piano" on your favorite search engine and you would know what I am talking about.

Another thing would be ...mmmmm... to express may be? I BLOG when I feel that I need to go out there, yell and tell people about it. BLOGging makes it easy. I can rant as much as I want and no one would ever try to stop me. After all its my space and I get to talk about my opinions, my prejudices. No one can question what I am saying. Ok I don't want to sound as a self-obsessed person here but serisouly there are times when you want to vent out watever is inside you. Blogging comes in handy.

More reasons... Dunno, people say they want to make world a better place to live in. They want to add value and dunno wat else.

The matter of fact is people BLOG and that too in huge numbers.

And I am kinda bored with this post now and would like to end this before I delete the post.

Mansi Balwani

Nishant asked me if I had Yahoo id of Mansi Balwani and I realized I din't have it. I tried searching on Yahoo People Search but could not find anything on her. Then out of curiosity, I tried Googling her and there was only one return and that too from a competition that she participated in.

Crux on the entire thing is that my friends don't have a e-identity ! I try hard day and night to be among the top few results at every search engine for Saurabh and/or Garg and some of the very good friends are absent from the internet. So here is the post, mentioning all the names...

Mansi Balwani - did BFIA from CBS and worked with McKinsey Knowledge Centre for a year
Nishant Nigam - Chemical Engineer from IIT Roorkee and two years with TCS
Surbhi Gupta - Mechanical Engineer from IGIT
Shubhi Sood - BIS from Delhi University (yes same as mine)
Siddharth Sinha - Electronics Engineer and two years with Baan
Satyajeet Gandhi - Computer Engineer from Indore and six months with Syntel
Jeetendra Bhojwani - Computer Engineer
Aastha Gupta - BIT from KMC (again Delhi University) :D

And in the end a disclaimer - These are the names of the people who are going out on Surbhi's birthday. The list of friends at MDI is huge and in due course of time, I would post the details here.

IBM Thinkpad R51 - KQ1

IBM Thinkpad R51 - KQ1, I finally got a laptop. I had been waiting for about 6 months now and I guess by the looks of things, the wait was worth it. I bought laptop on 31st Dec and I am taking it as a new year gift. So this is the first post off the laptop.

Another important thing about this post would be the New Year Wishes and Greetings. I am one of those people who would make resolutions and then try to keeep them. I don't know how many times I have been able to actually keep them. So this year following are the resolutions...
- Drive Safely
- Spend yet another year without drinking and smoking
- Try to be good to everyone

Plain, simple three resolutions. I hope I am able to keep em going throughout this year and througout my entire life.

That would be it for the time being.

Oh yes and I would like to add that I saw a Suzuki 1300 R on the Delhi roads on 2nd Jan. WOW. I can still feel the excitement inside me when I saw that bike !

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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