The Pianist

So an update after so long. Was kinda busy and was down for about two days. Will talk about it in the post and if you are reading this, get ready for some "constructive" criticism.

Ok let me start with today's incident at IMS. Today was the last official class of the year at IMS for my batch. That means I will miss a lot of people and lot of very good friends. I think before everything else, I would list their names. Here they are in Alphabetical Order (and if you don't follow Alphabetical Order, people would complain ki mera naam neeche kyon. Nah no one would. Had they been like complaining sorts, I wouldn’t have included their names here). Ok here goes...

- Abhinav ????
- Abhishek Mishra
- Deepti ????
- Divy Suneja
- Jyoti Sahu
- Kunal ????
- Parikshit Ranavat
- Punit Sehgal
- Pradeep ????
- Prashat ????
- Prerna ????
- Priyank Gupta
- Rajatesh Kumar
- Saurabh Khosla
- Sudipto ????

I would like to say if I miss your name here, PLEASE PLEASE let me know and I would include them. And let me tell everyone else that list is NOT complete at all. There were a lot of people whom I would like to stay in touch with.

P.S. "????" doesn’t means that they are all brothers and sisters or relatives of any sort, but I dunno their surnames.

Ok now today’s incident. It was a Maths class and a teacher from IMS NOIDA was here to take the session. He knew Aditya Takiar and Ashish Anand. Well all said and done, right after the class ended, a guy walked up to the teacher and asked if he could play the Piano lying in the corner of the hall. If you are surprised ki bhai IMS main you guys go to study and what is a piano doing there. Ok, since it was music, I was instantly curious. I wanted to know how does that chap plays and I talked to him and asked if he learnt somewhere or anything like that. He said he used to play at school. And the moment he started playing, I was AWESTUCK. He was so good at it and best part, he knew the Titan Soundtrack (the 8th or 9th symphony of Beethoven). Man I was so impressed that I wished I hadn’t stopped playing my guitar. For one moment I even thought I would go back to Mr. Johnson and ask him if he can teach me Piano. Rest assured people I would be starting my guitaring days soon. And there are people around me who have started learning Guitar so inferiority complex ;). So keep your eyes open for the next Santana or Bryan Adams.

Ok enough for time being, following are the stuff that I will be adding to this post.

Quake 3
Seats at IIMs
Teachers @ IMS
and may be anything else too.


The BLOG is due for an update for a long time now. Will soon update it.

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