Happy Republic Day

Today is 26th January 2004. India's 55th Republic Day. This day is very very important for all of us as this was day in 1950 when our constitution was framed. More about Indian constitution can be found here.

EDITED later: Fixed the link after I saw it and shub001 pointed out.

Yesterday was the SIMCAT 9 for me and I did very very poorly. When I was doing it, I thought this time I would be among the top 100 of IMS but as soon as I checked the results, I came back to ground. I got only 33.25 when every Tom, Dick n Harry I know is getting way over 60 marks. Anyways would start preparing for CAT as we have only 20 odd days left for it and it is going to be one of the most important tests of my life so far.

I started reading FrontLine. Many people say it is the best political magazine in India. Let's hope I get to know stuff from that. I right now intend to read it regularly and I am searching for a Economic Magazine also. I just found out that you can read the entire magazine online too. Good.

Sir Bill Gates? UK decieded to crown Bill Gates with KnightHood but as far as I know he won't be able to use "SIR" as the American Govt. won't allow that. I think he should be allowed to use SIR. He deserves it.

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