So this is a long list of things that I hope I can achieve in life. I may or may not have the talent, skill, determination, energy, time et al for these but I would love to do these. And no, not to be confused with the bucket list.
  1. Write something as amazing as Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya. Here is a sample. And Write something as cool as Lag Ja Gale. Here. Basically write well. So well that junta wants to sing em. So well that it moves people.
  2. Get 10K followers on twitter. As of today, I have 2400 odd followers. 
  3. Travel only business class. 
  4. May be climb the Everest! (update: I aim to do this by 2025).
  5. Spot a page 3 celeb reading one of my books. 
  6. Date a supermodel.
  7. Make a Fucket List. And do things on it. Yes, with an F. 
More as I go along.

P.S.: For the uninitiated, bucket list is where I get serious about things. #lifeGoals is more about vanity. 

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