#in2017, I will

#in2017, I will do the following. In no order,

  • Make C4E amongst the best live entertainment businesses in the country. And subsequently, in the world. More about C4E is at https://medium.com/c4-entertainment.
  • Evolve AWSL into a brand consulting business. The website is not up yet but will be. 
  • Create a third revenue stream. When I say third, the first two are C4E and AWSL. In that order. 

  • Be 32" in girth. I am 36" as we speak. 
  • Finish a half marathon. 

  • Get back to drinking Diet Coke. Last I had a coke was in 2015. I wrote about it here. Update. I had 3 today itself.
  • Compete in an amateur pool tournament. Right now, I don't even know if we have Am tourneys in India. Know of some? Point me to them. 
  • Final table a poker tourney that has more than 50 entrants. 
  • Create a piece of public art. As of now, it looks like a coffee table book with Jayati. May or may not happen. 
  • Get a third passport booklet. There are 7 pages left in the second booklet. And there is one trip planned so far. Need to do 6 more. Got it in Sep. 
  • Buy a car. 

  • Complete #book2 and get it ready for publishing. 
  • Make onWriting.in a key player in the Indian publishing business. 

Dont know what categories to put this in. These are good to have, not MUST have. And this implies, others are MUST have. 
  • Attend a 10-day Vipassana session (I did one way back in 2009)
  • Teach
  • Fall in love

[Moon Shots]
  • Work towards The Everest
  • Find out ways to impact a billion lives.
  • Get to Rs. 1 crore in bank. Its still not a million but its almost 1/6th of that. A start. As of today, I have Rs. 11,942.73. Thats like 100x.
  • Read 50 books. The list of books I want to read is here. Tell me the ones I must read. Preferably non-fiction. 
  • Make tunnels ;P 

Thats all. Look a lot but it aint not too much if I remain focused. 'If' is the key operative here. 

You know a funny thing? The list looks ALMOST similar to the one I had made in 2015. So, in two years, I havent changed. Or grown up. Damn, Mr. Garg! Just that this time, with age, I seemed to have mellowed down. Most of these goals look realistic now. Except the moonshots. But thats what moonshots are for. No?

And for the record, here are similar posts from 20142013 and 2012.

What are your goals? Do you have a list? Share it with me? Lets work together and make this the best years of our lives? 

Saurabh Garg
1 Jan 2017

P.S. Apart from this tangible goals, I sent this letter to a few friends, colleagues and mentors. May be you will find this useful. In the letter I talk about 7 things that could help life get better. They are making the most of time we have left, finding the muse, reading, paying it forward, living a mindful life, getting a goal and start saying thank you. Most of my goals echo these 7 themes and I will keep reiterating these as I go along!

P.P.S.: #note2self, I must do a hits and misses post. Like I did in 2016.

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