Anatomy of a bad day, Dubai 2018, Day 03

Today was Day 3 in Dubai. I dont have much to report (nothing of importance happened) but I know what to talk about. Remember yesterday's post? I said that yesterday was a good day. And why? I slept well, ate well, did some work, thought some, I even went for a run (even though it was more of a walk for 2 KMs), learn a few new things and all that.

By that metric, today was as fucked up as a day could be. I did not one of the things that I've listed above! Kid you not. Not one. And on top, I ate a wholesome Indian meal (that means carbs). And I blew money on like a million Diet Pepsis. Goodbye Keto or great teeth!

Keto reminds of that old quip that I've always had. That if I could get some pills that I could just chew on to get the nutrition that my body requires, I'd do that? With Keto, I think I've found the solution. Just that its super hard to arrange for the food. With the Food Darzee subscription, I am sorted for the time I spend in Mumbai. Its just that when I travel, I get fucked. Like last night I had egg curry and paneer parantha. In Dubai. And considering it was made here, it was delicious. And since I've been starving myself for last few days (in absence of Keto options and erratic schedule), I probably enjoyed it all the more. Brings me to another point. I am trying to listen to Geeta as I walk. Now, I am not religious per se but I find that Geeta has quite a few observations about conduct and life and Karma and other things. And for reason, I tend to agree to those. One of the observations in Geeta is about the ability to tame senses that seek pleasure. The question is, does good food merely nourish your body? Or it gives your senses that, well, sensory kick? Answers? Thoughts? 

So yeah. Back to the day.

Like I said already, it was one big giant blur because I had to help a friend and attend the Seamless conference with him. It's a great show. The kinds that I would want to create. I would love to be in the similar business! Rant for another day. For the time being, here are my raw notes from the venue (edited slightly)
  • Exhibitions actually work - how can I use these for our advantage? Not as an organiser but as a company, an individual.  
  • I have to be better dressed. FAR BETTER!
  • Need to get a new domain to send newsletters. Say or for sending out emails. 
  • I need to have a great story to tell and it has to be a story that I believe in. Because if I dont believe in it, I will not be able to sell it with conviction. And the ones that don't have conviction, often get caught! 
  • Rather than selling things that people often do not want (and thus they avoid you and all that and relegate you as a mere vendor), you need to have something that people want from you. 
  • I will get a lot of flak for this but people outside India are really dumb. They get stuck in this whole work-life balance thing and work by the clock and thus just do that one thing that they are supposed to do. And thus they dont explore things that could make them wiser and better and sharper and all. PS: by dumb I mean people are typically lost and they dont try hard enough. They are content with whatever they have! I mean they want to make money and all that but they want that effing work-life balance as well! 
  • Is there a merit in creating a business outside India? That takes advantage of the dumbness of people and yet delivers value? 
It was probably the only good thing I did this. For a change, I participated in there like an exhibitor and the business opportunities are immense. Must make it a point to visit every exhibition and talk to people. 

So yeah. That was that. 

Also, just realised that I have spent one-third of my break on doing frivolous things. I have about 10 more days to go and I am nowhere close to a decision or a movement on any of the thousand goals I had. I am not reading, I am not thinking, I am not running, I am not eating well. I dont have a life plan. I dont have any notes on what are the ethos that I want to live by. 

Heck why am I here then? I could’ve stayed back in Mumbai and used this lakh on something tangible! 

Brings me to a point. Why do we travel? Do give pleasure to our senses? Or to make the world jealous? I have a definitive thought on this (to experience new things and to run away) but its for a longish blogpost. I'll probably write it one of these days. What do you think why do we travel?

And last but not the least, what can I do to use the rest of my time well?

Saurabh Garg
April 15, 2018

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