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So time for the blogpost of the day update of the day. The theme for the day is removing the words "trying to" from life. 

Lemme give context.

So all my life I've played on the backfoot - you know, the kinds to apologise before I even start talking? And like they say, old habits die hard. And thus, when I talk, especially about myself, I tend to use words that make me sound a little, you know, humble. So that when I make mistakes, I could hide behind the facade of apology that I issued even before I started.

It worked well when I was in my early 20s and growing up. But now that I am in my late 30s, it probably doesnt.

Heck, it doesnt.

A friend who's in her early 20s pointed out to me to stop playing on the backfoot and drop the "trying to." Thank you, PM for this. So, today on, "trying to" is out. 

The other thing that happened today was that I saw this video by Robin Sharma where he talks about how age and longevity could be a potent weapon and as you get older, you can impact larger things. In the same thread, he talks about the importance of health. Health has to become the focus area. Like Karl once told me, "if it doesnt add to your life, do not put it in your mouth."

That's the other thing that starts from today on. I am not eating anything that does not make me better.

Staying with this video, Robin talks about this idea of Golden hour. Which to me means the first and the last hours of each day. First hour of the day, you plan for the day ahead. And the last hour, you unwind as you end the day.

Both hours, you are by yourself and with no one else and you are reflecting, meditating, reading, thinking, doing, creating and all that. PS: I am writing this post at 952 PM and right after this I will go and sleep. And yeah! I use the blog as a tool to help me reflect. 

Apart from this, I moved the needle on TRS (hope to talk more about it soon), played my first ever poker tourney where buy-in was more than a 1000 bucks (2500 buyin and I lasted about an hour before I bailed out), met Sandesh (amongst the wisest people that I know of) and then I got some work done.

Finally, I am going to track how I am doing. I've been tracking my day everyday since 23 May 2017) on a private document. But now that I have made a public commitment to write everyday and get better and all that, here is a smaller version that is in public domain. Please do see it and tell me how to improve it.

Thats about it I guess for the day. May not be a 1000 words. But a post nonetheless. That counts.

In the end, reaffirming, today on this moment on, I am stopping (not merely trying to, but actually stopping) things that dont addup to my life.

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