The Itchy and Scratchy Show !

The Itchy and Scratchy Show is very famous among Bart, Lisa and friends and they are very famous among me and few friends and I want to be famous some day...

Coming to the point, if people have been reading my BLOG regularly, they would have noticed that I have a piece of IBM ThinkPad KQ1 R51. I even talked about it here. The issue is that its just 3 months old and I already have a broken key. The latest accident or should I say certificate of excellence would be the four scratches that I have put on the display of the computer !

Yes four BIG scratches on the LCD. Somehow it has to happen that I want to keep my things in perfect order and I end up messing them.

Anyways the scratches are so fine that only a few lucky people (who have been gifted with a far stretched vision) would be able to notice it.

1 comment:

workhard said...

Oh thats too bad, especially for if its a new one, well, the four scratches could be a treat to the Simpsons

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