IBM Thinkpad R51 - KQ1

IBM Thinkpad R51 - KQ1, I finally got a laptop. I had been waiting for about 6 months now and I guess by the looks of things, the wait was worth it. I bought laptop on 31st Dec and I am taking it as a new year gift. So this is the first post off the laptop.

Another important thing about this post would be the New Year Wishes and Greetings. I am one of those people who would make resolutions and then try to keeep them. I don't know how many times I have been able to actually keep them. So this year following are the resolutions...
- Drive Safely
- Spend yet another year without drinking and smoking
- Try to be good to everyone

Plain, simple three resolutions. I hope I am able to keep em going throughout this year and througout my entire life.

That would be it for the time being.

Oh yes and I would like to add that I saw a Suzuki 1300 R on the Delhi roads on 2nd Jan. WOW. I can still feel the excitement inside me when I saw that bike !

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