I. Inspire.

This is a part of the April A to Z Challenge. My theme is my Bucket List. Read more about the project here. The other things on my bucket list are Ancient RuinsBookCoffee ShopDate a SupermodelEntrepreneurship(Be a) FinisherGive Away my Wealth and Handle a Baby.

Next up is I. I is for Inspire. I picked Inspire over India, Individuality and Identity. And over I.

So, before I die, I want to do something that inspires people. Far and wide. I dont want to be just a superdad that is like the default hero for his kids (not taking anything away from superdads here) but I want to be someone that a lot of people look up to. Someone like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sachin Tedulkar, Warren Buffet etc?

Steve Jobs. One of the many greats who inspire me.
Why, you may ask. Because, the world as we know it (political, divided into boundaries, ruled by a few, stuck into hierarchical etc) is fucked up and its coming to an end. Soon. I dont know when. I cant predict but it would. Its logical.

And it would be replaced by a world where individuals will have more power than the collective, boundaries would be intellectual than political, extremists will be in a minority and a new class would emerge. And emerge not to rule but to live their lives the way they want to and do things they want to. Without worrying about society, norms and other such things that drag us down.

I want to live in a world like that. I want to create a world like that. I inspire people to do embrace it. Actually this may be too esoteric. Let me make it simple.

I want to be someone that inspires others to do more, do better, push themselves and become the best they could be. Simple enough?

So the reason why I am so so fixated on inspiring others is because I think that's a brilliant way to give back. I am not really great by any stretch of imagination but I have learnt from a lot of great people. I have talked about this a million times. The thing about standing on the shoulders of the giants. So one of the ways I could give back, is by inspiring people.

I dont know if I am the right person to inspire but I know that if I did not, I would be disappointed.

I dont know what I would end my life as. If I do some future gazing (because I dont know what I want to do with my life) I'd end up as either a writer or a teacher. I wont be a businessman (I plan to create a huge business and then give it all away). I wont either be a cog in the wheel or another brick in the wall (I plan to not work the day I start making enough from writing, about five more years if JA is to be believed). I hope so atleast. Inshallah.

So I'd be someone who's honed a talent (of writing) so well that it started making money. Or I would become a majestic failure. Either ways, it would be amazing. I would have glorious story to tell. And arent these stories that inspire other people? Remember the story when Steve Jobs was fired from Apple and he came back? Remember when Warren Buffet talks about his days as a newspaper salesman? Sachin's story about how his coach would place a coin on his stumps? And arent these stories interesting? Arent these stories inspirational?

Do see E. Entrepreneurship as well. And these two videos.

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