Last I published something on this blog was on 1 Aug 2018.
And before that I had taken a pledge to write 1000 words EVERY day for the rest of my life.
Well, I failed.
I can get into a that endless rant about why I could not.
I'd rather not.
No, dont want to berate myself.

Lemme write about all that has happened in the last few days month or so.

PS: As I edit this, I realise that this is more of a conversation with self than anything else. So, read it with that intention. 

1. Welcome Mira! 
Remember that scene from Ram Lakhan where a young Ram runs around the village telling everyone that his Lakhan is here? That! I want to run around the world and tell that Mira is here. My Mira is here! If only I were little more fit!

Apart from anything else, now that she is here, I have lot more responsibility on my shoulders. Need to up the game.

2. Work 
a, A lot is happening at work. The most noteworthy thing is that I delayed the salary for my team by a few days. This is the first time since I started C4E that I havent paid on time. And because I did not have enough in the bank. Need to work harder on the cash flow.

b, I restarted the C4E newsletter.

c, I was at Chennai doing an event and I realised for the first time that apart from being the most stressful job in the world, the work of an event manager is probably the loneliest of them all! Its more lonesome than a job of a solider posted on the watchtower or a Captain's mate atop the Crow's Nest or even that of a tennis player in a singles match at the centre court at the finals of a Grand Slam!

In fact while I am at it, apart from being an event manager, am also an individual-founder that knows where he wants to go but hasn't quite figured out the path yet. That makes the journey even tougher. I wish I had a someone that I could sit with jam on things. I wonder how does a Steve Jobs or a Jeff Bezoes or an Elon Musk operate?

3. Health
Last few weeks have been hectic. In the sense that there's been travel and stress and odd hours and hard, physical and mental labour. I need to get back. Started doing lo-carb today. Will get onto Keto by end of the week. Will also start running.

4. Break
This is the birthday month and that means that I need to escape again. I am one of those weird ones that get depressed around their birthdays and when that happens, am not the best person to know. So, rather than pass on the grief to others, I go into hiding.

5. Other inane things
a, I bought myself an Agatha Christie omnibus. To get that kick that makes me write. When I wrote #tnks, I was tripping on Jack Reacher. This time, I think it will be Poirot. This also means that I have finally decided to end the hiatus and start working on book2. Yeah, I have made this claim a thousand times in the last 5 years. And each time I have promised and all that. But to no avail.

b, I went to a #tweetup after almost 5 years, if not more. Thanks to AD for organising. Felt good to connect with new people and new ideas. Felt great to be among other doers. The big takeaway was that I like meeting new people. I ought to do more of these. Last few years I had put myself into a shell and I need to get out of it. Especially now that I need more work, I need to go out and know whats happening in the real world!

c, Time to move houses has come up. Dont think I can continue living at a lavish place. While my sis was around, it worked out well. But as someone who lives along, dont think it adds up. This time I need to find a cheaper place so that I can invest on various ideas that I am cooking. Lets see where I end up!

In the end... 
Thats about it for today. Good to be back to posting. Will try and post one tomorrow as well. And then more.

Over n out. 

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