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Sometime in 2018, I read a story about Jim Carrey (the actor) where he wrote himself a 10 million dollar cheque and gave himself 3 years to get to it. He then kept that in his wallet and every night, night after night, he would drive up to a fancy neighbourhood and visualise that he lived there. And yes, you guessed it, lo and behold, he did reach the 10 mil mark before that time expired! 

See him talk about it on the Oprah show here.

Of course, I take these things literally. And I believe in these. And thus, I wrote on an index card that by the end of the financial year 2018-19, I will be a dollar millionaire. And I kept that in my wallet. Here. See...

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And before you jump out of your seats, no, I am not a dollar millionaire. 

Today, the FY1819 has officially ended and I am worth a few thousand. Rupees, not dollars. Thousands, not lakhs, not millions. 

It's a sort of anti-climax. I was supposed to be rich and affluent and wealthy and impactful and valuable and an enabler and all that. And here I am. Whining about how I did not make my mil. 

But then, like I know, this too shall pass. The feeling of being the biggest loser shall pass. 

And thanks to some insane music, it has passed already. As I write this, I am listening to Robaroo. Here. Go trip. When you're done, listen to this. Meethi Boliyan. Among the most heart-warming pieces of art. 

And thanks to this, I have a new ambition. 
A new goal. 
That of 5 mil. By end of FY 2019-20. 

Yet again, I am gonna keep it in my wallet. Wish me luck :) 

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