Thank you, Ashima

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Thank you, Ashima!
I went to MDI with Ashima. Among all the 150 odd people that were in the batch, Ashima was one of those that ignored my ignorance and tolerated me. And continues to tolerate me after all these years. And even though it's been almost 14 years, she remains my shrink, my doctor, my advisor, my bounding board and my fitness consultant. Every time I have a thing that requires me to goto a doc, I just call Ashi (that's what I call her) and get help. And it works every time. I think, in one line, I can say that she's an integral part of my support system! 

What makes Ashi amazing is that she is one of those few people that had the guts to take the tougher path (I wish I could write more about this - this is a public platform) and choose her fitness, her life over everything else. 

I don't really have too many words (I wish I could write more) but I do have mad respect for what she stands for and what she does for me. Ashima has taught me what amounts to being friends. She has been like a rock that has stood by me through thick and thin. And for that, and for more that I cant write about here, Thank you, Ashi. 

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