Post Travel Post-Mortem

Hello! So, I was traveling the day before and yesterday. And while that is a good thing (travel always is), what sucked was that this entire thing about Deep Work that am trying to implement in life? It took a back seat. I could not spend time on thinking, I could not write, I could not fill in my trackers, I had no clue what was happening with work. The worst was that the momentum that I had going for last 4-5 days is gone.

As I started the day, I DID check social media while I was on the pot. I did not meditate. I had no clue what I was supposed to do during the day. And I did things that were not allocated on the calendar. And of course, I am distracted AF. In fact, as I write this, I started at 0900 but its 0936 and I've done a million other things but wrote here.

I need to find a way to not slot things when I am traveling. And I need to find a way to get back to work once I am back.

Plus, I think this philosophy of Deep Work that requires you to take regular breaks to recuperate, I don't that would work with me. I have this need to keep busy and be all over the place. And because I know the importance of taking breaks, I will probably do 2-3 days of digital detox. In the sense, I will not work at all on a computer at all. And I will use that time to read, think, eat well, sleep, meditate and generally do nothing.

Of course, the challenge will be to get back to work after that break. Let's see how I do that.

Oh, and I write this, I am listening to Wakhra Swag on loop. Try it. It is addictive AF.

With that, it's over and out. See you guys soon.

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