Day 80 of Lockdown

713. Necks hurting. I need to stop using the pillows. There's some soreness in my back. This could either be all the sitting I do throughout the day or may be because I've just woken up. The eyes are tad blurry - I am yet to wash my face. The legs are stiff, as you'd expect an old man's after he's just woken up from fitful sleep. I font know if fitful is the right expression. I do remember that I saw some dream, no, I don't recall that. But I did have a dream. And that means I was in REM and that means I was rested. 

All these would fade away without me even noticing as I start waking up. I'll wash my face, down a liter of water, take a cold shower and like I said, I will stop noticing these bodily signs! The signs that I am growing old. I am getting weary. That I am not what I used to be. I mean I don't really recall how I was as a kid when I'd wake up back then. Now, I do remember there are days when I'd wake up feeling like a million dollars, and then there are days when I wake up with this cold dark cloud (the kinds they talked about when they talk about knocking on heaven's doors) hanging over me. 

The point, these little things that you take for granted, things that you often miss and ignore once you get into the humdrum of the day? Well, these things matter. For that fleeting instant of time, if not in the large scheme of things. And that's the point of this short post. I wanted to capture this feeling. This thought. This soreness in my back and the stiffness in my legs and blurriness in my eyes. 

With this, over and out. See you guys on the other side. Oh, it's 728. Took me 15 minutes to come up with these 100-odd words. Slowest I would've ever written! Old age ;)

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