How to spot a bachelor pad?

Day 39 of the lockdown.
Day 45 otherwise.

You know what this lockdown's doing to me? Making me take note of tiny little things that I have chosen to live with. And yet never realized that I was living with them. You know those things that are all around you. Visible. In plain sight. And you've been ignoring those. 

Of course, most of these things are things that have no inherent meaning but once they get added to your life, they start becoming valuable. And with time the value starts to grow. Linearly at first. Exponentially from thereon. And then suddenly, the object that is inherently penniless becomes the most important possession that you have! Like there is this Ganesh figurine I have. KG gave it to me on one of my birthdays. Not that I am religious but I tend to keep it close. And while it was used a paper-weight initially, now it has become this object that I can NOT lose! 

I am sure you have many such things. At your home. And around you. 

And why am I talking about this? 

Well, while I was getting ready in the morning today, I took note of the curtains in the room. There are three curtains and all three are different. One is a plain yellow sheath. The other has a pinkish flowery pattern on it. The third one is a plastic kind of thing with dolphins on it. And while I was seeing that, I was wondering, for someone like me who likes the idea of symmetry and pattern and has an opinion on design, how is that these curtains are so badly mismatched. And then it dawned on me - these were collected over the years. The yellow one is from a time when my sis and I lived together. The pink one I bought for this house - though I don't know how it ended next to the yellow on. And the dolphins - I don't even know where it came from. 

When I got looking, I realized most things at my house are such a ragtag bunch of things. I don't have furniture apart from a table and a bookshelf. Both were acquired at different times and different houses. Have stayed with me. I have two chairs, both different. Again, got at different times. All wardrobes are rented - each looks different from other. The bedsheets and pillow covers are the only upholstery that I have, apart from curtains, and no, these do not match either. 

Everywhere I look in the house, each thing is different from everything else. These don't fit. Even the best art director in Bollywood could think that a man my age and my taste could have a collection like the one I have. Well, how everyone in the world wants to be unique. Lol! 

Oh, I made a checklist that you can run through mentally to see if a house is a bachelor pad. 
  1. Are the pieces of furniture mismatching? The ones that look as if they've been gathered over the years in various stages of life. 
  2. Is the upholstery an assorted collection of colors, patterns, heights et at? Again, they could've been acquired over time, at various places that you have lived at.
  3. Is the cutlery in the kitchen not from one set per se? But a collection of souvenirs from places that you've traveled to, gifts from friends, and from various events you've been to! At my place, out of 7 mugs I have, 5 are from Starbucks, one is from an event that I attended and the last one is I think an ex-girlfriend left behind. 
  4. The electronics (except the TV) would be hand-me-downs and would be in dilapidated condition. After all, these things are not really required. 
  5. The phone charging cable and the adapter would be a mismatch. 
  6. If you get access to wardrobes, the hangars, on which clothes rest would again be an assorted mix. 
  7. There would always be a key with the building security guard if the building has a guard. 
  8. The place may or may not be clean depending on the person occupying the place.
These are the ones that I can think of. What about you? What do you often see at bachelor pads? Pray, tell me, and help me make this sheet exhaustive.

That's about it for the day! 

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