50th post and 04P050 happens to be my Roll # at MDI.

Anyways this post is about 5 of my friends who lost their jobs yesterday/day before. AB, SB, HG, RS and SY worked in the same office and were working there for more than a year now. They were among the very best in terms of interpersonal skills, technical skills, dedication, motivation for the job, repect for the authorty. They made the perfect employees.

As everyone knows it, World Cyber Games are here. These people entered into WCG as a Clan, called themseves TOL and had to leave their office for two days without prior information. This made the management so furious that they decided to sack all five. Of these five, one was a senior in hierarchy and reponsibility.

As far as I know, AB should not have an issue in moving ahead and getting a new job. SY would be joining his dream course in August, HG has to join some college and complete the education, RS and SB I am not sure about them but they are not among those who would break down. I am sure they would be doing good.

Losing your job is one of the worst social and personal traumas for a person. Who would knw it better than me; I also had to leave the same company for no reason what-so-ever.

Is there anything wrong with the way the employee thinks and the way the management thinks. Right now I have almost started my management career and I certainly don't see any major differences. I don't kno the reasons, I don't want to know but what I know is that whatever happpened should not have hapened in the first place and its not good. Not good for both the company and  the employees.

Talking of employees, those 5 who were fired have almost no concrete option ahead of them in terms of a job. Those who are left behind in the office, although they have been given a raise of almost 40%, would not be feeling very secure about their own jobs. If an employee is insecure about his job, how can we expect tem to perform to the optimum level?

And company, well the first and the foremost thing, they loose people. Valuable People. Some has rigtly said people is the best assest for any organization. I have worked with these 5 people ans I think they represented the cream of the company. Another thing they loose on is productivity and employee trust.

I don't want to write any further and I hope something like this never happens again and these guys find some or the other alternative.

John Smith

Finally a post after almost a year. So amny things have happened, so much to talk about and yet not time to log them on the BLOG. Things are looking good and I believe I would be able to post on a regular basis from now on (I have my fingers crossed when I say this.. ;))
Today I had an oppurtunity to interact with Mr. Sanjay Verma, JMD @ Cushman and Wakefield India. He is an MDI alumunus and he was invited today for a session on the Real Estate Industry. He specifically asked us (the students at a B School) to read more and more magazines like everyone else. Inspired I went in to library and thought about reading a few magazines.  I happened to get my hands on one issue of the Fortune Magazine.
In one of the articles, they talked about a guy called John "Winter" Smith who is 32 years old and is a computer programmer by profession. He is like every other software professional in US of A. Only thing that makes him different and Fortune having a article on him is his love for StarBucks. The article is located here.
Starbucks, the name won't sound very familiar to lot of Indians but as I found out, happens to be a chain of Coffee Bars (if I may take the liberty of calling it a bar). So our hero for the post, Mr. Winter is a huge fan of Starbucks and is on a mission to visit every Starbucks outlet in the World. According to the last update on 19th July made on his website, Winter had visited 4064 North American stores, 114 British stores, and 53 Japanese stores, making it a total of 4231 stores (please ignore the addition errors if any). So this man is really really passionate to Starbucks and hats off to the creative genius.
There are'nt many people around who do something different and are creative, Winter sure is one of them. I would recommend a visit to the website at http://starbuckseverywhere.net and find out more about the man.
Now getting to the Business aspects of the story (since I am a Busniess Student now), the amount of money that Starbucks makes would be huge, a detailed company analysis would be done as and when I get time ;)
I would also want to do something like that some day ... (The Day Dreamer) ;)

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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