60 kph - Romancing the Roads

If something has come close to defininf my love for travelling, the way I want to travel and things I want to really really do, its 60 KpH - The Motorcycle Travel Club.

60 KpH is about people who get together on their bikes and go for long journeys across the length and the breadth of the country. It combines the two of the best experiences one can have - Travelling and Biking. I always wanted to travel, see what all happens around the world, how people live, what makes them diferent from us and I wanted to travel extensively on bike, have long rides, feel the pulse on the bike and finally as one the old songs goes - cool wind in my head ... !

Travelling, I recently started with it. My firt ever experience was at ChandraTaal when I went there this November. It was a 3 Day trek and as soon as I embarked on the journey, I knew I had found my destiny.

People might give arguments and tell me whats the glory in going to a remote place in mountains and coming back after spending a night, I have only one response - Go for once and then ask the questions again.

I am a Drunkard ...

After completing a couple of events at MDI, there was yet another party with free booze and an entertaining DJ.

As usual people were having fun and time of their lives. And guess what, I was forced to have some alcohol. It tasted like hell and the throat still burns from the mere thought of it. I wow not to have it again.

I am surpised why people take it in first place when the outcomes can only be negative...

The Fuel

Fuel Vodka Bottle, a Candle and my Canon A75
2005 November: Seagram's Fuel

This is on Sudhanshu's BDay. Bottle was consumed by all those present (excluding me) in about 15 minutes. Candle was lifted from the birthday cake.

Alt + Tab

I am a huge proponent of Microsoft Office Powerpoint. I love it and use it all the time to make presentations but I hate it for one thing ... Alt + Tab would NOT work with it.

They should add the Alt+Tab thingy !!!!!

My Clan T-Shirt

My Counter Strike Clan TShirt
2005 November: TShirt

I conceptualized this t-shirt long time back and we are finally getting it printed...

Class Project: General Motors India

Print Ads for General Motors India
2005 November: Class Assignment on Corporate Campaigns

We were supposed to make this Corporate Campaign for General Motors India. Me and my group came up with "Selcet One" theme and above posted three print advertisements.

My team included Anindito Guha, Ankit Mahajan, Nilanjan Roy Chowdhary and Shweta Vij.

Added Later: We were "awarded" lowest marks for this effort and the faculty thought we did not put effort and time !

Advent 2005 - Advertising and Marketing Event @ MDI

Poster for Advent 2005, MDI Gurgaon.
2005 November: Advent Poster

The idea was Divya's, the conceptualization and implmentation was mine.

Image Credits: brokenarts a.k.a Davide Guglielmo and

Delhi Police

In a Haryana Roadways bus
2005 November: Going from Delhi to Gurgaon

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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