Canon PowerShot A75 - Not Working Anymore !!!!

I happily owned a Canon PowerShot A75. I further owned SanDisk 1 GB CompactFlash Card. Like everyone guy who owns a Digicam, I always dreamt of clicking random pics of people, things and life. Life was cool, I was clicking things when I wanted to until ...

... until I filled up the memory card and I realized that I can not transfer images because my licensed Windows XP Home Edition would not recognize the camera as a device. I was in Catch 22 situation. I could not delete the images and I could not copy them anywhere.

Why did this happen to me? I am just an ordinary guy .. I ain't no macho man, I ain't no hi-fi. Ok I ripped this off Bombay Vikings song but this is the truth. I never meant to harm anyone. I am a simple guy with a white, clean heart with a sense of responsibility. I expect sun to rise in the esat every morning, like everyone else. I expect things to be right, like everyone. After all is said and done, I am left with myself and things not turning out the way they should.

Stu Nicholls| CSS PlaY

While trying to redesign my website, I stumbled upon Stu Nicholls @ CSS PlaY and needless to mention, I was impressed.

Hats Off !!!!


Nah, not the classic telvision reel F.r.i.e.n.d.s but my real life friends. For the past two days, I have caught up with a lot of friends my schools and colleges.

And now I know what they mean when they talk about the past and reliving history. Do I yearn to go back in those days ...

Sachin Tendulkar - Happy Birthday

Sachin Tendulkar just celebrated his 33rd birthday.

Many congratulations on this special day. :)

The Google AdSense website is temporarily unavailable

I thought I would check my account on adsense and here is what I found ...

The Google AdSense website is temporarily unavailable. Please try back later. We apologize for any inconvenience.



The same text was written in 20 odd languages ... !!!

On further investigation, I found this page located online here.

This post was wrecking havoc with the formatting of the blog. The text has been removed and can be found at the link.

Why do people watch movies?

Almost everyone I meet is very keen on watching movies. They don't need a reason for the movie. Exams got over? Someone has a birthday? Want to just chill out? Nothing else to do? Let's go watch a movie.

For someone like me, watching movie is a very difficult task. Apart from everything pleasant, few things make it absolutely terrible task. To start with I can not sit at one place for more than an hour. A movie would typically end in about a couple of hours. Another reason - the moollah factor. For me a movie is never worth 100 bucks even if it is about computer gaming, hackers, Pamela Anderson striping, money or anyone else. You could get atleast a couple of good books for the same price.

So if you are planning to meet and have good time, going to a place like Barista and Café Coffee day is a VERY good choice. You get to sit on good, comfortable chairs, bean bags, have some great coffee and sit in conditioned air. Why go to a movie where you can't even talk? If you want to go to a movie, you can go all alone as once in the hall, you are all by yourself.

So you want to celebrate? But why with a movie? Someone got something desired. The celebration could be spending time by cutting a cake. You could celebrate by doing some group activity, something that brings everyone closer.

And the biggest reason of all is the quality. There simply aren't any good movies left. A producer thinks about getting maximum people out to the theatres, people go to movies just because they have to (even if they suck big time) and people “act” because they ain't got anything better to do. It’s like someone has programmed it in the minds. George Orwell was correct about the world he thought would come in future. You do things you never knew you were doing. It's like someone has programmed you to do it.

In the end, movies are a waste of time, effort, money and resources. Hope people enjoy their show :)

Mines Sweeped ... in 5 Seconds .. :)

One of my favorite games is MineSweeper. About five minutes ago, I sweeped the mine area in the beginner mode in 5 seconds. Its a new record for me, the previous one being 7 seconds :)

Too bad, I could not take a screenshot...

Good Morning

Wake Up
Drink some water
Start the Comp
Login to Yahoo Msgr
Start Winamp
Login to GMail (sep@gmail)
Logout of GMail
Login to GMail (sg@gmail)
Login to
Login to
Login to (check stats on my sites)
Login to
Login to orkut (check messages)
Login to (check news)
Use the facilities (obvisouly)
Watch another episode of Simpsons
Read another chapter of any eboook (this time it was Fight Club)
Make some changes to my Homepage
Write something (this time it was this entry)

If you did'nt notice, I never log out of a website once I have logged in :)

Do you GooglePage?

GooglePage is yet another free service from Google. This is a clone of webhosting, you can create, save, share your stuff with the world.

GooglePage gives you 100 MBs to store pics, audio files, video files, HTML documents and what not. The entire thing is ad free and runs as fast as a rocket in orbit around good old Earth. The best part is no limitation on file types. I tried uploading an exe and it went in a jiffy. I am not sure about the size and hosting bandwith but would test in some time and post here.

Saurabh Garg @ GooglePage :)

I just wish that someday someone at Google would spot a bright young talent and ask the talent to join google make web a better place to hang out :)

Pepsi TV - The most dissappointing ad ever

Pepsi TV - The most disappointing ad ever

Pepsi came up with the concept called Pepsi TV. Interesting concept I must say. People speculated that Pepsi are coming with an entertainment channel. Speculations were about “K”Ekta Kapoor tying up with Pepsi to start shows for Pepsi TV. Stars like SRK, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were signed up to work on Pepsi TV promos. I was personally looking forward to Pepsi TV.

What did they come up with? "If you drink Pepsi with TV, it becomes Pepsi TV". Wow.

They say, the power is in simplicity. They tried to get the maximum power and make it over-simple. What happened to those who thought Indian advertising is growing leaps and bounds with new, better ideas springing up from everywhere? What about some creativity?

I don't know who (didn't) had the brains behind Pepsi TV, but I am sure they were either trying to create the worst concept of the year or did not get their paycheck from Pepsi. After concepts as good as Bholu PocketMaar for SBI, Pepsi is a real dampener.

Sand in the Hand :)

I think my english is deteriorating day by day. For example the title of this post ... "Sand in the Hand". I know the reason. My thought process is in Hindi and my vocabulary is very limited. When I get down to translating my thoughts in English, something really funny comes out. I think I need a course in English Hons ;)

And why Sand in the Hand? Some time back, there was a movie titled Dil Chahta Hai. It was an amazing movie about lives of three friends. In the move, there is a side character (lets call her Amy) who was deeply in love with one of the main characters (lets call him Jack). But as usual for Jack, Amy doesnt even exit. Amy tries everything in the world to woo Jack and impress him. But Jack, being the hero hardly gives a sweat about her.

Anyways this is not about Jack or Amy but this about all those people who care about someone and the other person ignores them like anything. I certainly am one of those. And I know there are people for whom I am the world and for me they are like any of the 1 billion people in the world.

But Why?
Becuase, for Amy, Jack is like a handful of sand. She can see Jack within her reach all the time. She can extend her hand and get hold of Jack anytime she wants. But for a moment. And since Jack is like sand, the moment Amy opens her hand, Jack will slip away. Drift apart. Amy can see a lot of Jack but she cannot contain him. She cannot have him for life.

So what can Amy do? I serisouly have no clue. I dont really know. I think I would ever know...

Running low on social fuel ...

Hi Blog (trying to imitate the way people use Hi Diary)

Today I realized that I am running low on fuel. Not the $70 a barrel one, but social fuel. Ever since I have left MDI, I have had minimal contact with the outside world. I have forgotten what did it felt like having a coffee with a friend.

I have been largely constrained in my home, reading books ranging from Three Musketeers to India Unbound to Byomkesh Bakshi to Grisham. When I am not reading my books, I am working on my website. My website is working on the good old funda where work expandes to fill time.

Talking of the social fuel, I have been sitting in front of my computer trying to use all the social networking websites (read Orkut) to find out long lost friends and trying to fix meetings (without any success). I have been talking to few people who are gracious enough not to reprimand me, boring them to death. I am sure I am standing with all of my 85+ KGs on their nerves and I will be booted out of Yahoo anyday.

To increase my levels of social fuel, I registered on a few forums ProjectW, GMAT club, PagalGuy etc. to meet new people and recharge my batteries. I could not think of any other method to do it ...

I am in serious need of some contact with the real world of people made with bones and skins...

Close Eyes, Click, Open Eyes, Guess

There is no end to what people can do. There are so many people with gifts of thought and expression. Everyone remembers the Red Paper Clip guy and the Million $$$$ Home Page. This one is up there along with those two.

So the concept is, you load the page, close your eyes, move the mouse around, open your eyes, and guess which one of the million little mouse images is yours. I tried a few times and I was unable to locate my pointer even once. May be you will get lucky?

Close Eyes, Click, Open Eyes, Guess

And for all those lazy ones, who do not want to visit the page, here is a sample ...

Ofcourse it wont work if your pointer is customized and you are using something other than the default mouse pointer (which I did when I was unable to guess my pointer after a few shots).

An Experiment - for the Wisdom of the Crowds

I sent out this email to about 200 people...


You are recieving this email because you have added me as a friend.

I am conducting an experiment. I request a simple favour from all you guys.

If you were told to guess the number of characters in my password (am giving a hint that my password for all webservices is same), what would it be? Please send in your answers to because it would be difficult to compile data in here. It would also be helpful if you could give a reasoning for the same.

For example a sample reply could be 8 and why 8? becuase all the websites ask for atleast 8 characters in the password)

Thanks a lot.

Saurabh Garg

Once I recieve the replies, I would give out more details on the nature of the experiment, result and the further details about it.

Silk Route - Boondein

Artist: Silk Route
Track: Boondein

Koi Ho, Yaadon Mein,
Palko Pe Boondein Liye,
Aaeina Bani, Yeh Aankhen Teri

Dheemi Se, Khusbu Hai,
Haawao Ke Jhokon Ne Jo,
Chuke Tujhe, Churaaayeee

Saanson Ki, Raahon Mein,
Kya Mile Sakenge Kabhi,
Dhoonde Tujhe, Nigahe Meri,

Saathi They, Janmo Se,
Rahon Mein Kyu Kho Gaye,
Manzil Humne, Bulane Lagi,

Nagma Ho, Bhiga Sa,
Ya Tum Ho Koi Gazal,
Har Pal Jise, Gungunata Rahu,

Hoton Se, Hole Se,
Sargam Jo Bahne Lagi,
Aane Lagi, Chahe Meri

Yet another meaningful song with absolutely great lyrics and music. Performed by Silk Route with soothing voice of Mohit Chauhan.

Google Pack, A Message from GMail and some Attitude

I really love people behind GMail. Here is a screenshot of a message from them. Amazingly cool attitude !

And I just got the link for Google Pack!. It has everything from a web browser to an antivirus to an image management tool to an instant messenger client to a popup blocker to anything else. Basically you install Google Pack on a newly formatted PC and you can do all the work in the world ! Infact the line on their homepage says "Free! Download the essentials to make your PC just work: Google Pack"

I am waiting for an application like Open Office to be included in the pack. My other favorite company is going to have a very tough time in the future. I guess all they need is an operating system and an office suite to lock horns with the Big M. Lets Us C !!!!

Dear Spam Sender ...

Got this in email. Found it funny and here it is.

Bug with GMail

I am very proud to announce that I have found a bug with Gmail. Yes ... a bug.

When two different people send an email to only you and the subject line is exactly the same, GMail treats it as same conversation and clubs them together.
This document on GMail Help says that "Gmail groups all replies with their original message, creating a conversation."

I think a conversatin is only identifiable with the recepiants and the subject line. The subject line can have standard modifications (such as Re:, FW: etc.) which are ignored by GMail when creating conversations. So if two entirely different people send in their mails to same group of recepiants with the same subject line, GMail would treat it as same conversation and club the two. The email contents could be different. In effect the entire point behind having a conversation is lost. We are not clubbing related information but clubbing unrelated information !

Time for some fixes... !

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

Did you like this post? May be you want to read my first book - The Nidhi Kapoor Story.

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