Yet Another Poem !!!!

When the class is so boring,
And everybody around is snoring,
Garg gets up to his antics,
and discusses 3M optics,
what a pity... we have to hear,
Cos its a course subject we have to bear ...

This is yet another thing that 04p030 wrote for me! I think I need to boost up my creativity and write better bigger and filthier poems on her !

Missing my DCam !!!!

I used to own a Canon A75 before my sister robbed it off me and took it to Mumbai along with her. I was promised that I would be bought another camera pretty soon but it has been about 4 months now and the pretty soon is not yet here.

Its raining like anything here and in the past half an hour I have seen about 100 different shades of yellow, purple, red and what not in the wide open sky. Apart from these beautiful colours, my campus is all green and red and gray and the combination is any photographers dream. Right now outside my window, the sky is a tint between purple and orange, there are greeen leaves, red buiding and a guy in red t-shirt and white shorts.

I want to be a photographer some day and I think clicking random pictures here would help me learn the fine art.

O I miss my camera so much...

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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