Happy Birthday Priyadarshini

Happy Birthday ;P:D.

Tum jiyo hazaron saal, saal kay din ho pachaas hazar :)

Why I did what I did?

So why did I do what I did? Multiple reasons. Here are a few that come to my mind immediately.

I realized that I was writing for the world. I was hoping for appreciation and rave reviews post every blog post. I was trying to please an audience that I was hoping to get with my blog. I started expecting fanmail. I was refreshing my mailbox every minute. I was on the lookout for a literary agent already. I was losing myself.

Apart from that I was wasting a lot of time on cooking up stories/posts that would get me more hits and more readers. I was becoming a publicity whore. I would deliberately post things that people would search for. I wanted to be on the top page of digg and delicious. I wanted to be famous. And while I was doing all this, I was losing focus of the bigger picture. That I am supposed to be myself when I am writing. That I should be talking to friends rather than strangers. That I should be writing for the pleasure of writing rather than for fame.

With my blog in restricted mode, I know that every post counts. I know that I am talking to a select few. I am talking to friends. I know I will be talking about things that are important to me.

Hope the experiment works well. Hope I stick on. Hope I keep writing.

P.S.: Having said all this, I do want to meet new people. I do want to engage in debates and discussions with people that are better than I. I do want to be famous. Am sure, Inshallah, some day I shall cook up some other blog for that ;P

Post # 1, Post Invite Only

Finally after 7 years of blogging, I finally took my blog private. Now I can use real names, real incidents and write for real friends. I am no longer scared of the peeps and moral policing of random strangers. I am no longer

I know I will miss all the fayadas of a pseudo-popular blog (read fayadas as book writing invitations, corporate launch invitations, all the ego boosts, chance encounters with strangers and at times with cute women etc).

Coming onto other things, last few months have been crazy to say the least. I am expected to travel to Gurgaon everyday. Gurgaon is fine but it take me two hour each side and that leaves me with no time to think about Cyntax. I hate every bit of this but I have no clue what to do. On one side I have my family and they wnat me to work. On other I have my dreams that I want to chase. I have been chasing them but then I lose direction and focus mid way and I end up with things that I dont want.

I just realized that I have used the word I at least a million times in last para. Tells me something about myself?

Onto other things, I am reading The Fountainhead allover again. More I read it, more I realize how screwed I am in my mind. At times I relate to Roark. At times I think hes dumb. At times I hate him. I times I want to be him.

Anyways coming back to real life, let me end this one here with a promise to keep updating the blog.

Till next time, (abcdt)ata.

War of Words to go Invite Only

After about 7 years of publishing pushing my uncalled for and often biased opinions on the Internet, I have decided to take War of Words private.

Please request/demand/coerce/threaten/bribe for your invite here.

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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