Sholay - Title Theme

Sholay - the baap of all Hindi films opens up with a very very cool music piece. I wish I would post it here. It is an amazing piece of artistry by R.D.Burman ! I hope I could be atleast half as good.

I would try to find a few places where you could locate the song and listen to it.

There is this part in the piece where its all whistles and nothing else and probably thats the best part of this wonderful piece of art.

Keep Walking !

Keep Walking ...

Keep Walking is the tag line and brand identity for Johnie Walker and I kinda love it !

The words Keep Walking leave an indelible mark. Gives a lot of inspiration to people, at least me, to keep trying hard, keep working, keep striving, keep winning and above all KEEP LIVING.

There are lots and lots of people who would be very very good at things, great minds, excellent at thinking but would stick something stupid to their hearts and mind and drag themselves back.

Keep Walking is just a plain advertisement, but it epitomizes a way of life. People should take an example and learn. I have been collecting a few images of the Johnnie Walker advertisement campaigns and do I need to say that they were EXCELLENT.

Would be posting a few links in future... and till then KEEP WALKING !

The Best Of Me

Imperium, Delphique, Illumina and e-Blast are the MDI's window for the outside world. People know what happens at MDI, how hard we word, how harder we party, how we enjoy life through these events. Somethings are exclusive and people do miss them. Arena 2004 is one of them.

Arena is our internal sports and cultural meet organized once every year. We have competitions like races (in all flavours Dash, Relay, backward etc.), badminton, table tennis etc. I would leave the rest of the details for the lucky few when they get into MDI.

So the point here is not Arena 2004 but the matter of the fact is the competitve spirit that sports bring out of people. At Arena there were my classmates - some freshers, some with work-ex of 5+ years and everyone was striving hard to participate, to win ! There were faculty members (who anyhday would charge in lacs for consultancy assignemnts), there were FPM students (who would be the professors in some time to come), kids (the future), exchange students (who would fly off to their countries in few days). Almost all were very differnt people but had something in common. The spirit to fight, the spirit to participate and the spirit to win.

I can take myself for an example. I am one of those who HATE walking, leave alone running. So there was this race and one of the classmates were looking for someone to complete the team and I pitched in. I was'nt decided that I would be able to run and do justice to the team's confidence in me but I decided to go ahead and be a part of the team. And I left even myself surprised with the kinda effort I put in. I forgot everything, I wasnt concious of the girl I want to pataofy, I was'nt worried about my grades, future anything... All I was concerned with was running and putting in my best effort. The feeling can not be replicated. You have to do it to experience it. Sports brought out a hidden me. I always thought I can't concentrate on something, can't put in my best, would never be satisfied but when I was running, even thought I didnt win, I was happy, I could tell myself that I had put in the best effort and I knew that nesxt year, I would put in even harder effort and try to win.

It was a sort of enlightenment for me. (Wow am talking like Aasaram Bapu) :D. So the bottom line is that if someone can put in so much effort in sports and be motivated like anything, why can't people realize it themselves... Confusing thoughts I know but who said life was easy...

3000 Not Out

So my BLOG has got 3000+ unique hits !

WOW, I feel like a celebrity :D I know that I account for atleast 1000 of those visits and few other friends for other 1500 but I am happy for those few just surfed in by design or by chance.

As a very good friend's Yahoo Messenger Status says "Miles to go before I sleep ..."


Harivansh Rai Bachchan - Jo Beet Gayi

Jeevan Main Ek Sitara Tha
Maana Vah Behad Pyara Tha
Vah Doob Gaya To Doob Gaya
Ambar Kay Aanan Ko Dekho
Kitne Iskay Taare Toote
Kitne Iskay Pyare Choote
Jo Choot Gaye Fir Kahan Mile
Par Bolo Toote Taaron Par
Kab Ambar Shok Manata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

Jeevan Main Vah Tha Ek Kusum
They Us Par Nitya Nichavar Tum
Vah Sookh Gaya TO Sookh Gaya
Madhuvan Ki Chaati Ko Dekho
Sookhi Kitni Iski Kaliyan
Murjhaayi Kitni ballriyan
Jo Murjhayi Woh Fir Kahan Khili
Par Bolo Sookhe Phoolon Par
Kab Madhuban Shor Machata hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Bat Gayi

jeevan Main Madhu Ka Pyala Tha
Tumnay Tan Man De Daala Tha
Wah Toot Gaya To Toot Gaya
Madiralya Kay Aangan Ko Dekho
Kitne Pyale Hil Jaate Hain
Gir Mitti Main Mil Jaate Hain
Jo Girte Hain Kab Uthte Hain
Par Bolo Toote Pyalo Par
Kab Madiralaya Pachtata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

Mridu Mitti Kay Hain Bane Hue
Madhu Ghoot Phoota Hi Kartay Hain
Laghu Jeevan Lekar Aaye Hain
Pyale Toota Hi Karte Hain
Fir Bhi Madiralaya Kay Andar
Madhu Kay Ghat Hai Madhu Pyale Hain
Jo Madakta Kay Maare Hain
Vey Madhu Loota Hi Kartay Hain
Va Kachcha Peene Wala Hai
Jiski Mamta Ghat Pyalon Par
Jo Sachchey Madhu Sey Jala Hua
Kab Rota Hai Chillata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

I have been told that Harivansh Rai Bachchan wrote this poem when his wife expired. I am supposed to confirm this and am not sure where I can find details about this, but the fact of the matter is, this is a piece of gem and I am sure that this would be on top of my mind for a long long time to come. And since I tend to recommend very fwe things, I would say if anyone is feeling down at any point of time, PLEASE PLEASE go and read Jo Beet Gayi.

P.S.: The same thing is available in Hindi at the link

Prakash is Back !

So I went home one fine weekend and I was back on Sunday and guess whom did i spot in the corridor... It was Prakash. He was back at MDI. WOW

And yesterday only he was here and he sung me a few nice songs on guitar and now am sure my guitaring would take off !

Harivansh Rai Bachchan - MadhuShala

MadhuShala and Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi are the two of the best literary works I have ever come across.

Harivansh Rai Bachchan, father of the legendry Amitabh Bachchan is one of the best Hindi poets of all time.

More to come on Mr. Bachchan


There are loads of things to be done, including the optimisation for the Best Indian Business School Blog contest which curentt Prateek is leading, completing the paper on Dutch Auctions and updating the blog template but before all that, there is something more important to be done here. I need to talk about Prakash.

Prakash left for his home somewhere in East India. Prakash is an excellent singer, plays guitar very well, a drummer and a member of a professional rock band back home.

Before he departed he wanted a second hand mobile phone and a few songs on a disk. I wasn’t able to get him that phone, I am sure Piyush would have helped him with the disk.

I knew he was leaving on morning around 4 AM and I decided I would wake up and see him off but I could’nt do that. I met him a day before when I was running for my class, last words exchanged between me and him were good bye and all the best for your studies etc.

When I have achieved something worthwhile, I would make it a point to go find him and talk to him again and see how his world has changed over all these years.

And if you don’t really know who he is, he was one of those few people who worked in our mess and made sure that we get good food.

Malgudi Days by R.K. Narayan

Malgudi Days - The collection of short stories by R.K.Narayan. I have been reading quite a few things ever since I landed at MDI but Malgudi Days has been a revelation. ! I never thought that short stories could be so good. The use of the words is almost magical. Every story is has a characteristic touch. Each story ends with a positive note with an element of surprise in it.

Malgudi Days is about people of Malgudi, their daily experiences, and their stories narrated by the Author R.K.Narayan.

In Narayan's words himself
Malgudi was an earth-shaking discovery for me, because I had no mind for facts and things like that, which would be necessary in writing about Malgudi or any real place. I first pictured not my town but just the railway station, which was a small platform with a Banyan tree, a station master, and two trains a day, one coming and one going. On Vijayadasami I sat down and wrote the first sentence about my town: The train had just arrived in Malgudi Station. "

R.K. Narayan – brief biography
Rasipuram Krishnaswami Ayyar Naranayanaswami was born in 1906. R.K. Narayan spent his early years in Madras (Chennai) before moving to Mysore. He got his Bachelor’s Degree from University of Mysore.

R.K. Narayan started his literally career with short stories in The Hindu (N. Ram the editor at The Hindu happens to be a very good friend of R. K. Narayan).
He won the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1961, the first time an award was given to a work in English for The Guide. In 1980, R. K. Narayan was awarded the A.C. Benson award by the Royal Society of Literature and was made an Honorary Member of the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters. In 1989 he was made a member of the Rajya Sabha (the non-elective House of Parliament in India). He received the Sahitya Akademi Award for The Guide (1958).

His autobiographies are titled My Days and My Dateless Dairy.

R. K. Narayan – published works (copied and edited from link
· 1935: Swami and friends
· 1937: Bachelor of Arts
· 1938: The Dark Room
· 1939: Mysore
· 1945: The English Teacher
· 1947: An Astrologer's Day , and other stories
· 1949: Mr. Sampath - The Printer of Malgudi
· 1952: The Financial Expert
· 1953: Grateful to Life and Death
· 1955: Waiting for the Mahatma
· 1956: Lawley Road , and other stories
· 1958: The Guide
· 1960: Next Sunday : sketches and essays
· 1961: The Man-Eater of Malgudi
· 1964: My Dateless Diary : An American Journey
· 1965: Gods, Demons, and others
· 1967: The Vendor of Sweets
· 1970: A Horse and two Goats , stories
· 1972: The Ramayana; a shortened modern prose version
· 1974: My Days
· 1974: Reluctant Guru
· 1976: The Painter of Signs
· 1978: The Mahabharata: a shortened modern prose version
· 1980: The Emerald Route (with sketches by his brother R.K. Laxman)
· 1982: Malgudi Days
· 1983: A Tiger for Malgudi
· 1985: Under the Banyan Tree and other stories
· 1986: Talkative Man
· 1988: A Writer's Nightmare : selected essays
· 1989: A Story-Teller's World : Stories, Essays, Sketches
· 1990: The World of Nagaraj
· 1992: Malgudi Landscapes : the best of R.K. Narayan
· 1993: The Grandmother's Tale : three novellas
· 1993: Salt & sawdust : stories and table talk


Jism - Music

So time right now is 12:40 PM and Lunch would be served at after 1. I have about 20 minutes and no one to talk to online or offline, played CS already, so thought would add yet another one to the BLOG.

This is about Jism. The movie stared super model Bipasha Basu and John Abraham. No I am not talking about the movie and theme and subject here. I want to talk about the music by M.M.Kreem, excellent lyrics by dunno who, performed by Kay Kay, Shreya Ghosal, M.M. Kreem himself...

I particularly like a two songs... Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai and Aawarapan Banjarapan. Initially when I heard these songs, they didnt appeal me that much but when later on I heard them again and got the complete song, I realized that these are true masterpieces and are complete in every sense. Be it lyrics, music, performance, videos everything is so good about these songs.

Right now am listening to Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai on If anyone is interested in Jism songs and wants to listen em online, is the link. The only thing you need is RealPlayer on your comp to listen to these online. Although I want to reproduce the entire lyrics here on my BLOG to help me get higher ratings on the search engines but am deciding against it and the entire lyrics can be located online at

These songs are very very highly recommended by me. The voices are very very soothing and the songs work as magic. No matter how down you are feeling, no matter how sad you are, no matter how happy, how high you are, the songs are perfect.

And I rate some song this high very very rarely. Waise people can ask who am I to rate songs...? I would say this is my BLOG and I am the authority here ;) Please ignore this paragraph.

If any one is interested in guitar tabs and chords... here are few links that might help. These links are combination of places where you can find tabs and chords of the songs from the movie jism. (better and complete version)

Notes - Aawarapan Banjaarapan
Chords - Aawarapan Banjaarapan

And since am talking about guitar, I plan to be the greatest guitarist of all times. I would be learning guitar here at MDI. I would make sure that by the time its my farewell, I am a sexy guitarist. Sexy as in very very good and outstanding. Nothing more and nothing less.

Its 1:08 now. Food would be ready. Time to catch something. Last time I ate, it was 9 PM yesterday and I have been fasting for well over 12 hours now.

Talkin a leave ...

Ruchi Pokhriyal - my Mentor

So at MDI we have a very very flourishing Mentor-Mentee system. Each student of an incoming batch is assigned a Mentor from the senior batch who would help the new student get used to life at MDI and other stuff.

This post would be about Ruchi. Yes this is going to be one of those essays that we wrote in school and were titled My Best Friend, My Favorite Book etc. I can title this one as My Mentor. Here it goes...

And hey Ruchi before you start reading this, please note that this would be a critical evaluation and might have a few good things and a lot of bad things. So before going ahead, kindly keep a glass of cold water next to you to chill you down just in case you dont find things according to your liking.

Before talking about Ruchi, I would like to talk about BLOGing. People say BLOGing is yet another way to express yourself. As far as I am concerned, BLOGing for me is one good way to kill time. I just love typing and penning down any random thoughts I may have. Probably this is reflected in the quality of the posts I make. Yeah ! yet another lame reason to cover my ass for the shitty posts :D

Ok, getting back to Ruchi, when I entered MDI, I was supposed to make a two page report on my mentor. The rules of the game were very simple. We were to talk about all the good things on one page and all the bad things on the next page. All this info was to be collected by talking to other people. I could'nt talk to my mentor. Following are the things I can recall of that Mentor Report...
1. She is very good friends with Aarti, Geetanjali, Rasna and two more ladies from my senior batch.
2. She loves to dance. She is the first one to get on the dance floor and last to leave.
3. She loves to spend time on computer and often can be found chatting on Yahoo late at nights.
4. She is from Delhi and lives in North Delhi.
5. She would run away to home as soon as she gets a holiday for even a day.
6. She loves music.
7. She is very very hardworking.

Enough of goodies and now getting to the negatives (Yes Ruchi ! there are few)
1. She lost the Mentor Report I wrote about her.
2. She needs to do something about the way she manages her time.
3. She smiles a lot and people are sometimes suspicious of her for smiling all the time.
4. She #$% 34% 345#% #$%# $**$## (CENSORED)

That would do it. I can' t remember anything else right now but would surely update the post as soon as I rememeber more.

In that Mentor Report I found out that she did her Engineering from M.I.T. and was Jyoti and Sugandha's class mate. Recently I figured out that she also knew Deepti (I was so stupid that I didnt ask her before about Deepti. She had to know Deepti as Deepti n Jyoti were classmates). So she passed out in 2003 and cracked CAT n MDI and reached here. She is majoring in HR and Marketing. She is head of the Delphique Senior HR Panel and a member of the Alumni Committee. She recently won the HR Game at Imperium 2004 - The annual cultural festival @ MDI defeating teams from all the big B Schools. She won 6000 bucks and am waiting for a treat.

Talking of her hobbies, people say she likes to talk and indulge in general chit chat. Like Mentor, like Mentee, me too is very interested in talking about stuff. Lets see how much we have in common. She likes to spend time chattin on Yahoo, so do I; she can be found awake at any time of the day/night, sames true for me as well. She needs a crash course in time management and I cant stress more on my exploits as the worst time manager in the world.

So we have so much in common, let me highlight a few things where we are worlds apart. She is rated among one of the most hard working people of her batch. I am called the NPA (Non Performing Asset). I am the last person who would work in my group and I am so lazy that I wont even submit my resume for the summers.

Now getting on to few things I have noticed about her...
- She is very very helpful. When I was supposed to write that report about her, she helped me a lot cos she didnt want me to get into trouble. People might get curious what trouble? I cant write about it here but she saved me.
- I hate her for giving me a bag ful of notes to study. She should have understood that I am not one of those who would enjoy padhai likhai.
- She also is very good to talk to. A smile never leaves her face. She can be seen smiliing any time of the day irrespective of the mood she is in.
- I found her behaving strangely when I was being interviewed for the selection of the Alumni Committee. I wanted to be on that committee so bad and I thought I had a good chance but things turned out the other way.
- She would remember the small details. Observant. Careful. She is definately not in that category of "We see but we don't observe".

I cant think of anything else to write bout her and there are few things that I might have to ask her before I write em down.

And I need to send this link to her to make her happy :D

Stuff to be covered in next posts...
ITC Mera Gaon Mera Desh Business Plan Contest

Septemberthe22nd - Happy Birthday To Me ...

Septemberthe22nd, the day it all started in 1982 and today, 22 odd years after that fateful day I have come so far and yet I have got so much to travel. As a very good friend would say "Miles to go before I sleep".

Talking about birthdays, the best thing about the day is that you are treated like a king. Everyone is listening to you, altering their plans for you, making sure you are happy. Wow, I sometimes wish if I couls celerate my BDay around the year...

So me at MDI and my first bday away from home. Generally I would sleep when its my birthday or I would start something new and be up at 12 but ever since I have landed at MDI, life has taken an entirely new shape. Its an entirely different world out here. I cant even explain it in words. One has to experience it to feel it.

At MDI, like every other BSchool we have a tradition of giving Birthday Bumps to people. My birthday was no differnet. People gave me bumps and I was lucky enogh to get them twice. The reason being our End Term Exams. The exams started 22nd and everyone was very very frustated with the entire thing and the wanted someone or something to vent their anger out. And it was ME.

The next question that arises is how was the paper and how did I and other people fared in it, needless to say exams sucked like anything and I as expected didnt do very well. Hoping better for other exams.

If there is something called the Birthday Resolution, Yes I have a couple of em. The first one being getting serious about stuff, studies in particular and second one being starting living in the present, not in the dreamworld I am used to.

Finally in the end... shuks ending is the most difficult part of anything and I cant end a blog, relationship, paper, note, anything properly !


911 - the number Americans associate with emergency. 911 - the nuber americans assocate with tragedy.

It was 9112001 when a few men rocked the world and brought America on its feet. The WTC and the Pentagon were attacked and thousands of innocent americans lost their lives.

Today is the third anniversary of the attack and we should take a few lessons from the tragic event and try to make sure that this kinda thing never hapens in the future.

There are so many interesting facets to the September the 11th attack against America and there are so many things I would like to say here but I won't be doing it because one I don't have that much time to write about it and two some people might be offended with the stuff.

I have my deepest sympathies with the friends and families of the victims. I know its difficult but there are somethings that much be accepted and we dont have control over em.

The Game Theory

When 'The Beautiful Mind' was released, everyone saw it, loved the acting of Rusell Crowe, envied at his Oscar, admired the man John Nash and gasped at the intelligence.

When I saw the movie for the first time, I liked a few things... One on those is a sequence where John Nash is standing in the lawn of the campus in winter afternoon and he visualizes a wine glass matching with a neck tie. I don't recall the seqence properly but it was truely an exceptonal art of photography and/or animation. Another good sequence was when he loses the game of checkers to the bullies and says that the game of checkers is flawed. And finally the last one I can recall right now is the sequence where in John Nash and his friends try to patao a girl in the local pub and he applies the Game Theory on them. A brief Autobiography of John Nash can be reached at

So Game Theory is relaly Economics or Mathematics, I don't have a clue, may be they are related or may be not but I would like to know about it some day and may be become one of those few who have understood it. Economics classes in a BSchool can be real tough, especially for por souls like me who dont have a lena dena with commerce subjects. I know its very very important and probably he most important but I have to admit I suck at it and by the way things are going, I dont think I would ever be able to improve. So comng back to Economics, we have a fwe Eco studs here. The first n foremost would be Samidha aka *****-Wali. The stars can not be revealed as I am not supposed to call her that name. She is a Eco Hons graduate from LSR (Yes ! Lady Shri Ram - Heaven) and by the way she talks about Eco, one can tell she has spent all her life studying Eco. Next would be Neha Agarwal. She did her Eco Hons from Calcutta (prolly St. Xavires). And now coming on to the BAAP of Economics, we have a professor called Dr. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay. He is GOD when it comes to Economics. I wish I get to be as good as he is... Before I end this short intro about Eco @ MDI, Samidha deserves a special mention once again, shes helped me pass a few quizes and mid-terms and she is one of those few people who would never refuse you for anything.

Getting back to the Game Theory, here is a very simple straight forward example of the Game Theory given by Prof. Bappaditya in one of the lectures. The game goes like... There is a room full of people and they all are asked one question with only two possible answers. The sample queston can be "Bill Gates is the Richest Man on the planet. True or False?". The question is asked to everyone in the open forum and everyone is told that one by one they would walk out of the room and the person walking out of the room would have to give the answer. The game would be stopped AND I DONT REMEMBER THE REST OF THE GAME !

Tomorrow we are having a special class on Game Theory and it should be interesting. I am looking forward to it and I hope I get some undersanding out of it. I would try not to sleep in the class and try to grasp everything. After all Game Theory can help you make friends ;)

Would edit the post later as soon as find out Prof. Bappas' Game.

Broken !

It was one of those times when I actually promised someone something. I promised Ridhima that I would complete the stuff in PhotoShop before 6 in the morning and I would mail her the thing.

I could'nt complete it :(


links to all the previous posts !

Walk Down The Memory Lanes

That day among one of those lectures me and Saurabh Gupta were talking about stuff we did when we were kids (when Gupta was a kid, am still a kid). Somehow we stated talking about Comic Series and I found out that Gupta also was passionate by them. We discussed about Super Commando Dhruv, BankeLal, Nagraj, Chacha Chaudhary and what not. We even talked about few comics that we were able to recall. That was one awesome hour.

I used to be so passionate about Super Commando Dhruv that I had almost decided to be a con detective when I grow up. Waise I still have an option. I am yet to grow up and as an when, if ever, I DO grow up, I would love to exercise the option.

I have decided that I would tr and get the issues of the comics and see where they have reaced in the Internet Age. That time, when I was a regular reader, there were'nt many other sources of entertainment and kids would loan comics and play games. Now we have everything from computers to pool to go carting to kill time on.

Another one would be that once I actually tried my hands at writing a comic series. I don't remember what exactly it was about but yes it was an action adventure thing and the hero was called 'The Meteor Man'. WOW. Although I never got to complete the thing but yes I planned and I started.

And the last thing to write about today would be the reason why we call them comics. As far as my pea-sized brain says, comics = cpomic+s and comic is supposed to be funny and with adventure stories like that of Dhruv and his sis Natasha and Nagraj, they were far from funny. They were interesting for sure and funny at times. Probably we just called them comics because the publishers called themselves comics, eg beng Diamond Comics with famous cartoonist Pran who created Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Pinki, Raman etc and then there was Raj Comics with whole array of stars like Dhruv, Nagraj, Bankelal etc. etc.

Those days were good and I miss them like hell. It also reminds me of time I spent with Monu in his house perfecting the art of VideoGaming and Cricet Fielding and Cycling.

Phew !

Take Me Home ...

When I heard the song by John Denver, I didnt realize that it would applicable to me someday. Applicable in the sense that I would long to get back home to my friends, to my family, to my home, to the place I was brought up and lived virtually all my life.

After the fun time spent at hostel, I do miss the time I spent at home. Although the friends have drifted apart, they have found new accomplices, new crushes, they still wait for me, miss me and so do I.

Someone rightly said that yourealize the true value of something when you don't have it. I never relished the home cooked food, the time wasted walking on that market road, the biking, the game of cricket until I was far from it.

I am sure after two years at my hostel, I would be feeling the same way. I would be leaving my hostel, my friends, my college, my home. Damn it why do we have to be seperated from things we like to be with. Probably that's life. Change.

I know this post is not making any sense and am not getting anywhere by posting this but today probably for the first time, I am really really expressing myself on the BLOG.

Independence Day

Sabhi Bharat Vaasiyon Ko Swatantra Diwas Ki Hardik Shubh Kaamnaain.

British rule officially ended on 15th August 1947 and India became an independent state.

British traders, looking for expanding their trade and raking in money, travelled to far off palces and discovered India. The Golden Bird. With all the money and prosperity, they targeted us and slowly they imposed their rule over us. People did not object to the rule as long as they were just and fair. But they soon started exploiting and filling up the queens banks and lockers. Huge taxes were imposed, fine and duties were levied. People had to sleep hungry to pay in the taxes. Then they started physical abuse and the worst form of abuse - descrimination. They would not let any Indian enter their parks, clubs which were built on the Indian soil and they somehow contended that it was theirs. It was real bad. The britishers looted the country and left us in shackles and when they were leaving, they sowed the seed of racial disharmony.

If the Bristish Rule was bad, there were a few positives out of it too. People actually were united and fought for one cause. The cause of freedom. We developed an identity as fighters and as people who won't give in to any pressure. Even if we have to make the supreme sacrifice of laying down our lives, we won't move. We would go ahead and do anything for our country.

From a humble beginning in 1947, we have came a long way in 2004 and still there is a long road ahead. Today on 15th August, lets all unite and pledge to take our country even further and make it even stronger. We have lessons to learn from the history and we have to make sure that we don't commit the mistakes we did in the past. Let the pas serve as an example and let's move forward with another year of independence behind us.

Vande Mataram

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th. People say that Friday the 13th happens to be a very unlucky date. As far as am concerned, Friday the 13th has been real good for me.

To start with, I was in my class on time. Although I had to skip my breakfast as usual and I couldn’t take a bath but the still I was in the class and was on time. Secondly today was probably the first day at MDI when I wasn’t sleepy. I actually attended the class and I was attentive. YAY. I understood almost everything taught in the class and I am beginning to believe that speaking less and being serious about stuff is the way to it.

Anyways after the class I hanged around with friends. Although it was freaking hot but I still enjoyed the good company. I had lunch outside. It was a welcome break from the messy mess food. After the lunch, yet another long time wish came true and I was so happy.

Then it was time to remember a few old friends. Called up people in Chandigarh and Chennai. It cost me 80 odd bucks but they were well spent and worth every since paisa I spent.

To wrap things up and end the day, am sitting at home with my family as am writing this entry.

Oh and did I mention that I started my day dancing on the dome terrace in my hostel. I danced till about 3 and then I along with a few friends went out for a ride. So the day started well and is ending very well.

Friday The 13th! Who says Fridays are unlucky and I would like to copy a copyrighted thing here … Thanks God It’s Friday!


50th post and 04P050 happens to be my Roll # at MDI.

Anyways this post is about 5 of my friends who lost their jobs yesterday/day before. AB, SB, HG, RS and SY worked in the same office and were working there for more than a year now. They were among the very best in terms of interpersonal skills, technical skills, dedication, motivation for the job, repect for the authorty. They made the perfect employees.

As everyone knows it, World Cyber Games are here. These people entered into WCG as a Clan, called themseves TOL and had to leave their office for two days without prior information. This made the management so furious that they decided to sack all five. Of these five, one was a senior in hierarchy and reponsibility.

As far as I know, AB should not have an issue in moving ahead and getting a new job. SY would be joining his dream course in August, HG has to join some college and complete the education, RS and SB I am not sure about them but they are not among those who would break down. I am sure they would be doing good.

Losing your job is one of the worst social and personal traumas for a person. Who would knw it better than me; I also had to leave the same company for no reason what-so-ever.

Is there anything wrong with the way the employee thinks and the way the management thinks. Right now I have almost started my management career and I certainly don't see any major differences. I don't kno the reasons, I don't want to know but what I know is that whatever happpened should not have hapened in the first place and its not good. Not good for both the company and  the employees.

Talking of employees, those 5 who were fired have almost no concrete option ahead of them in terms of a job. Those who are left behind in the office, although they have been given a raise of almost 40%, would not be feeling very secure about their own jobs. If an employee is insecure about his job, how can we expect tem to perform to the optimum level?

And company, well the first and the foremost thing, they loose people. Valuable People. Some has rigtly said people is the best assest for any organization. I have worked with these 5 people ans I think they represented the cream of the company. Another thing they loose on is productivity and employee trust.

I don't want to write any further and I hope something like this never happens again and these guys find some or the other alternative.

John Smith

Finally a post after almost a year. So amny things have happened, so much to talk about and yet not time to log them on the BLOG. Things are looking good and I believe I would be able to post on a regular basis from now on (I have my fingers crossed when I say this.. ;))
Today I had an oppurtunity to interact with Mr. Sanjay Verma, JMD @ Cushman and Wakefield India. He is an MDI alumunus and he was invited today for a session on the Real Estate Industry. He specifically asked us (the students at a B School) to read more and more magazines like everyone else. Inspired I went in to library and thought about reading a few magazines.  I happened to get my hands on one issue of the Fortune Magazine.
In one of the articles, they talked about a guy called John "Winter" Smith who is 32 years old and is a computer programmer by profession. He is like every other software professional in US of A. Only thing that makes him different and Fortune having a article on him is his love for StarBucks. The article is located here.
Starbucks, the name won't sound very familiar to lot of Indians but as I found out, happens to be a chain of Coffee Bars (if I may take the liberty of calling it a bar). So our hero for the post, Mr. Winter is a huge fan of Starbucks and is on a mission to visit every Starbucks outlet in the World. According to the last update on 19th July made on his website, Winter had visited 4064 North American stores, 114 British stores, and 53 Japanese stores, making it a total of 4231 stores (please ignore the addition errors if any). So this man is really really passionate to Starbucks and hats off to the creative genius.
There are'nt many people around who do something different and are creative, Winter sure is one of them. I would recommend a visit to the website at and find out more about the man.
Now getting to the Business aspects of the story (since I am a Busniess Student now), the amount of money that Starbucks makes would be huge, a detailed company analysis would be done as and when I get time ;)
I would also want to do something like that some day ... (The Day Dreamer) ;)

Navjot Singh Sidhu - WOW

If someone asks me who is the best speaker right now, I would say it is Navjot Singh Sidhu. Actually its a tie bewtween Sidhu and Ashutosh Rana ;)

Navjot Singh Sidhu - The man has done it all. Just 41 years old. Born on 20 October 1963. Has been topper all his academic life. Has been a lawyer. Married the girl he loved. Played Cricket for India. Won the World Cup, Now a MP (Member of Parliament) from Amritsar, Punjab on a BJP Ticket. WOW.

Would love to talk about him in detail but am kinda short of time right now. Just saw him on Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai on ZEE TV.

Biography of Navjot Singh Sidhu
Father's Name: Sardar Bhagwant Singh
Birthdate: 20 October 1963
Cricketing History: Sidhu first represented the country in England with the under-19 Indian team led by Ravi Shasti. His performance was satisfactory. But Navjot Sidhu showed his real class during the West Indies tour of India. Playing for the North Zone Sidhu first cricket a century against the West Indies. Later he was included in the Board President's XI when he scored 70 odd runs. This ensured him a place in the Indian team. Thus Sidhu made his Test debut against the West Indies led by Clive Llyod in 1983.

Test Debut: India v West Indies at Ahmedabad, 3rd Test, 1983/84
ODI Debut: India v Australia at Madras, World Cup, 1987/88

Ever since the StrokeLess Wonder starting Cricket Commentating, he has transformed the ART of commentating in something enjoyable and as exciting as the game itself.

Few of his selected Sidhusims include...
In the midst of a verbal duel with Martin Crowe: "Wickets are like wives - you never know which way they will turn! "

Commenting on Ganguly after he was out for a low score in the 2nd Test against Zimbabwe: "..Looks like a brooding hen over a china egg"

In the midst of a verbal duel with Tony Greig: "If ifs and buts were pots and pans, there would be no tinkers!"

When Ganguly took a catch that had gone very high in the air: "That ball went so high it could have got an air hostess down with it !!"

"Statistics are like miniskirts, they reveal more than what they hide."

In India's last match against New Zealand: "New Zealanders are like bicycles in a cycle stand - one falls down and the complete row will be down!

"Sri Lankan score is running like an Indian taxi meter."

"Taking the cake with a red cherry on top. "

For Sri Lankan batsman Kaluwitharna, when he was wasting many balls: "He is like Indian three-wheeler which will suck a lot of diesel but cannot go beyond 30! "

To Martin Crowe: "The Indians are going to beat the Kiwis! Let me tell you, my friend, that the Kiwi is the only bird in the whole world which does not have wings!"

Muralitharan bowling to the last Indian pair: "The wily fox is back. Its an ill omen when a fox licks its lambs."

Applauding Reetinder Singh Sodhi's fighting spirit: "Young Ricky will fight a rattlesnake and give him the first two bites! "

"The gap between bat and pad is so much that I would have driven a car through it... !! "
More can be found online at

More details to come sooon.

To Be Contd... (Last edited on 21st June 2004, 1246 Hrs IST)

Keywords for Search Engines: Navjot Singh Sidhu, Sidhuisms, Cricketer, India, Indian Cricketer, Amritsar MP, BJP, Congress, Saurabh.

RediffMail, Yet Another 1 GB Free EMail

Ever since Google annoucned they would give 1 GB space for free EMails, there have been n number of service providers trying to tackle GMail.

Latest in the foray is Rediff,, They are offering 1GB inbox for free and allthe existing users have been upgraded to new 1 GB mail space.

Competition is a very neat thing. Helps us sustomers get most out of procviders :)

Till next time...

To Be Contd... (Last edited on 18th June 2004, 1543 Hrs IST)

Keywords for Search Engines: Rediff, GMail, Google Mail, Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, 1000 MB Storgae, 1 GB Storage, 100 MB Storage, Saurabh.

Yahoo vs GMail

And Finally Yahoo is offering 100 MB spae for EMails - FREE.

Looks like a BETA service in the market has led to the beginning of the end of the GIANT.

The most striking of all has been a SEARCH button on top of the Yahoo Mail.

Another interesting thing to note would be absence of image based advertisements on the top and left side. These have been replaced with TEXT BASED adverts.

Basically they ar trying to counter The USPs of GMail. GMail was built as a Search Based EMail service and Text Ads. Yahoo is trying to implement Search and they have already replaced the adverts with Text Ads.

The new interface looks good. Let me test the service for few more days and I would be writing a detailed report on it :)

To Be Contd... (Last edited on 15th June 2004, 2000 Hrs IST)

Keywords for Search Engines: GMail, Google Mail, Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, 1000 MB Storgae, 1 GB Storage, 100 MB Storage, Saurabh.

Lucky Ali - Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai

Lucky Ali has just finished a new album Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai and it will be releasing soon on T-Series. The songs in the album have been sung and composed by Lucky Ali the song that is currently on air is titled Kabhi Aisa Lagta hai.

The lyrics has have been penned down by Sameer. The album is composed by Lucky Ali himself. The video has been shot by Rahul L. Sood at Epitome.

Incomplete Lyrics go like
kya aisa hi hota hai pyar

mere kuda mujhe itna bata
kya aisa hi hota hai pyar

ek pal to mil jaaye dil ko, chala jaaye door kahin
is duniya main is dil kay jaisa koi mazboor nahin

aisa ehsaas hai koi to pass hai

mehki lage saari fiza kya aisa hi hota hai pyar

kabhi aisa lagta dil main ek raaz hai
jise kehna chaoon par main kah paaon na

aakahnohi aakhnon main kah jaye jo
kahmoshi ki yeh kaise zubana

maine suna jo na usne kaha kya
aisa hi hota hai pyar

mere khuda mujhe itna bata
kya aisa hi hota hai pyar

ek pal jo mil ko chal jaaye door kahin
duniya main eis dil kay jaise koi mazboor nahin
The music for the album is set to release on 16th June 2004. There is no website dedicated to the song as yet and you can not download the song right now from the internet but I have'nt tried file sharing tools like kazza, emule, edonkey and win mx etc. Lyircs would be available here on the Saurabh Garg weBLOG as soon as I get the album.

Lately a lot of visitors have been coming to the weBLOG through the search engines and searching about the new album. I hope I have presented everything one would want to know about Lucky Ali and his new album. If Lucky Ali fans find this insufficient, they can check out for more details about him.

Lucky Ali - Ixsui: Lucky Ali is currently working on his new album called Ixsui - ONE DIRECTION.

There are also reports that Lucky Ali is planning to direct his own film. Details are not available right now :( According to ClickLucky, he has worked with Shyam Benegal before and direction thus comes naturally to him. That film should be one to look out for.

Singing, Composing, Acting, Directing... The man's done it all.

Previous Post...
Lucky Ali the king of pop is back with his new album. The name of the album... I am not sure, the title track, I am not sure.

EDIT: The new latest Lucky Ali album is called Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai. The new latest Lucky Ali song is also called Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai. The song is about a boy falling in love with a Girl, usual mushy romantic story with soothing voice and guitaring of Lucky Ali. The song lyrics, song audio and song video are not available for free download anywhere on the internet.

EDIT: The song is titled "Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai" and the new Lucky Ali album is also called Kabhie Aisa Lagta Hai.

I havent heard the song as yet, saw his face for the last three seconds on MTV when the song ends.

An "intelligent" google search on the Internet does not shows any results :((

Can someone please DONATE me his new album or link...

YIPEEEE Lucky is back :)

The new video came as a surprise to me. For the first time, he is not "in" the video. The video is about a girl and a boy and Lucky is in the backdrop. All his previous videos, HE was the hero of the video. But who is complaining as long as he is out with great music.

Hmmm this post is about Lucky Ali, posting a link to the website won't do any harm. I would be updating the website and updating this post as soon as I get more informtion. I made this website about three fours years back when I was even more crazy about him. Lets hope this album is as good as his previous ones.

One thing good about Lucky is that he comes out with the music after a while. That is the beauty of it. The music is so good that you listen to it again and again and in about two years you start craving for more and there he is, with his new album.

Another thing of note would be that even after he sang for, acted in, produced music for movies, he is back to creating his own work. And there are very very few people who get back to what they were doing before they entered movies. Three Cheers !

If you have any information about it with you, PLEASE let me know about it ASAP. You know how to contact me :D

Am I too excited? :)

End (Last edited on 15th June 2004, 1500 Hrs IST)

Keywords for Search Engines: Lucky Ali, Mehmood Ali, New Album, Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai, Ixsui, Sauarbh.

Lost on the Internet, Found on Search Engines

They say that once a website has ben launched, its lost forever in the cyber space. Its like a blackhole that sucks your page in, never allowing it to come out. The only ray of light in the dark lost world is links through differnt websites and Search Engines like Google etc.

For the past 30-31 days (11 May 2004 - 11 June 2004), I have monitored and kept record of people using Search Engines and coming to the weBLOG. Following is the list of Keywords used to find my weBLOG on the Internet...

Google: ben_mario_piano
Google: jyoti sahu
Google: scmhrd
Google: chinkis
Google: manmohan+singh+press+conference+thursday+transcript
Google: 1000+mb+mailbox
Google: blogspot+sg
Google: IIM+Waitlist
Google: blogs+fms+delhi
Google: sonali+garg
Rediff: SCMHRD
Google: uff+kay+jadoo+mohabbat+hai
Google: Saurabh+Garg+IIM+A
Google: Saurabh+Garg
Google: saurabh+gmail
Google: sandeep+dixit
Rediff: SCMHRD
Google: scmhrd+blog
Google: shweta+garg
Google: IIM+topper+2004
Google: blog+interview+ISB+MBA
Google: waves+noida+hum+tum
Google: waves+multiplex+noida
Google: nitin+pachauri+yahoo
Google: website+of+waves+multiplex+in+noida
Google: ims+simcat
Google: noida+multiplex
Google: waves+multiplex+east+delhi
Google: friendship+quatos
Google: The+Taste+of+India+at+Waves+Noida
Google: download+kya+aap+closeup+karte
Google: India+Congress++young+foreign-educated
Google: centrestage+mall+noida
Google: priyanka+mehta+MDI
Google: sandeep+dixit
Google: Sonali+garg
Google: dollor+against+rupee
Feedster: gmail
Google: sex+in+nirulas
Feedster: gmail+trade
Google: kya+aap+closeup
Google: kabhi+aisa+lagta+hai
Google: kabhi+aisa+lagta+hai%22%2B%22lucky+ali%22%2Bdownload
Google: kabhi+aisa+lagta+hai+lucky+ali
Google: abhishek+mishra+IMS
Dogpile: kabhi%2Baisa%2Blagta%2Bhai
Google: man+ki+lagan+lyrics+by
Google: nidhi+garg
Google: saurabh+ganguly+fan+club
Google: lucky+ali+new+song+kabhi+aisa+lagta+hai

These do not include visitors from websites like PagalGuy and BuildtoLearn and Blogger and Blogger Profiles and Orkut, Blogwise, HaloScan etc.

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GMail - The new face of EMail

GMAil has given the POWER to invite three other people to EVERY current GMail user. What are you waiting for? Catch hold of a friend with GMail soon !

Here are few things good about GMail :)

1000 MB Storage Space :)
The biggest thing associated with GMail would be the amount of space they offer. Easily 100 times more than the 99.9% of free EMail Service Providers. You could go on and on and on and never fill up those 1000 MBs.

No need to delete any message. Helps in maintaining records and contacts. You don't have to open up huge archives of backup fromn outlook and look at them when everything is available on a clikc of mouse anywhere in the world. It would also eliminate the need of exporting all EMails to a outlook file and burning them on a disk and carrying it along.

Search Based EMail
Gmail is differnt from other EMail Providers in yet another way. GMail is Search based EMail system. You don't have to make stupid folders and sort your mail according to the when you can use the excellent Google Search Algorithm on your own EMail Inbox !

Text Advertisement
As they nothing in the world is for free, neither is GMail. They would scan your EMail for certain keywords and then display related advertisements. And please mind it this is NOT an invasion on your privacy. No human ever reads your EMail. And infact as far as my computing knowledge goes, they wont take the hassles of reading/scannign through the entire EMail. They would just look for certain keywords like Travel, Shopping etc. and deliver advertisements. These advertisements are inded at times benefecial and might just help you apart from generating revenue for GMail.

Another point in favour of text based advertisement would be the small time it takes to load. An Image file would be very heavy and might take ages to load on slow internet connections, where as text isas light and as fast as it gets.

Social Status
Since GMail is still by invitation and very few people have access to it, you could brag about how good GMail is and its features and people would give you the stage and let you do all the talking as if you are an expert on rocket science.

Ever since I had the power to invite people for GMail and I have told about this to friends, all my long lost friends have strated to come back to me. Every now and then someone would pop up on Yahoo or MSN and say "Hello, do you remember we studied together in the First grade in Rochester?" And I havent steeped out of Delhi, India ever in my life.

Thumbs Down :( Few things against GMail...

1. You need to have the latest Web Browers. But again to deploy the new age technology behind GMail they need to use the best and the latest available browsers available.

2. I get a error message regularly. The frequency of this REGULAR message is about three or four times in an hour.

But again... this is not a big deal and could happen and infact does happens all the time on other EMail service Providers.

The original version of the image file posted above can be seen at

And just in case someone wants to contact me, I can be reached at :). I still have 5 (yes FIVE)invites left :) Although I have decided that three people to get it would be Gaurav, Shubham and Uday. What about other two? May be the person who wants to trade it for something good...? Like a DigiCam? Let's see...

To Be Contd... (Last edited on 12th June 2004, 2200 Hrs IST)

Keywords for Search Engines: GMail, Google Mail, Gmail Invite, Invite for GMail, 1000 MB Storgae, 1 GB Storage, Invititation for GMail, GMail Swap, Trade GMail, Exchange GMail, Saurabh.

The Times of India - Comedy of Errors

The Times of India has done it yet again. They are so used to publishing errors in their paper that one tends to believe that it is edited and copy proofed by a bald monkey.

The latest in the series of errors, The Times of India has written in a report about Bachelor's of Information Technology (BIT). I happened to be one of the few lucky ones to have passed out of BIT and I thus know the hard facts and figures :-)

Following is clipping from The Times Of India, Delhi Edition, published on Monday 7th June 2004...
[QUOTE] DU wears down students, BIT by techno BIT


New Delhi: Delhi University (DU), in the last few years, seems to be on a roll for introducing new courses. One such course was the four-year Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) that the University introduced with much fanfare and then scrapped. The last batch of the ‘ill-fated’ course passes out this year. The ride wasn’t easy for these 400-odd students, to say the least.

Firstly, the students have actually studied a course that does not have the approval of the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). As such, they are not qualified engineers, despite having studied to be software engineers. Moreover, due to the same glitch these students cannot study any engineering course of the post-graduate level.

Their only option, in terms of higher education, is to pursue an MSc in Computer Science. This, however, does not inspire these students much. ‘‘What after an MSc in Computer Science? We aren’t sure if it’s even close to the next logical step,’’ said a disillusioned student of the BIT course from DCAC.

The BIT course was introduced in about 25 colleges as a self-financing course. The fee ranged between Rs 18,000 to 25,000 per year depending on the college. In 2000, an entrance test was held for the BIT course batch that is now passing out. The other three batches that have passed out under the BIT banner were actually students of BSc (Computer Science) who had been upgraded to BIT. In 2000 itself the controversy over the course began, resulting ultimately in the course being discontinued.

The UGC gave its approval only for the three batches that had already been upgraded and for the one batch that had been admitted on basis of the entrance test. AICTE refused to give even these four batches its endorsement. [ENDQUOTE]
Now the article is here, how about an explanation from me, Saurabh Garg, a BIT alumnus from Maharaja Agrasen College, Delhi University. I joined the course in 1999 and passed out in 2003.

TOI: ...Moreover, due to the same glitch these students cannot study any engineering course of the post-graduate level...
Saurabh: I would beg to differ here. I am in contact with students from BIT/BIS doing their M.Techs from places as big as IIT-Kanpur and MS from places like USC, Sony and what not in the US. There are people who are studying in Australia and UK and are pursuing their majors in Engineering. If an M.Tech in Computer Science is not any engineering course of the post-graduate level, would someone please tell me what category those courses fall into? Or may be MS from an American University does not sounds like any Engineering Course of the Post-Graduate level because The Great Times of India somehow has turned desi?

TOI: ...Their only option, in terms of higher education, is to pursue an MSc in Computer Science...
Saurabh: Nopes, as stated above this paragraph, people are pursuing M.Techs and MSs and other Engineering courses. Another thing to mention here would be students who are into BIG Management Schools like IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C and other smaller schools like FMS, IIFT, MDI, XLRI. I believe according to The GREAT Times of India, MBA (or PGPM) is not considered higher education. Oh, by the way, I would be joining MDI Gurgaon this year and its higher education as far as my knowledge goes. I would like tomention here that YES, BIT students were denied admission to MBA programme of IIT Kanpur but thats the only IIT in India and infact one of the very very few educational institues to have denied admission to BIT students. But again somehow they accept BIT/BIS students for their M.Tech program but not for MBA.

TOI: ...said a disillusioned student of the BIT course from DCAC...
Saurabh: I would love to know the name of the disillusioned student. He clearly is out of touch with his seniors and peers.

TOI: ...In 2000, an entrance test was held for the BIT course batch that is now passing out. The other three batches that have passed out under the BIT banner were actually students of BSc (Computer Science) who had been upgraded to BIT...
Saurabh: YES (finally they seem to be correct on something), the 2000-2004 batch was admitted after the Entrance Test for admission to fours year BIT/BIS. BUT the previous three batches starting from 1998 were ALSO admitted on the basis of tests. The only difference is that the test for the previous three batches was conducted for admission to BCA and BSc (Hons.)Computer Science and after admission (on the basis of the test) they were upgraded to BIT and BIS respectively. I have got the hall ticket of the admission test (that never took place according to some Newspaper). And just for the information students of BSc Computer Science were upgraded to BIS not to BIT (as someone has mentioned in a report). May be in the dictionary of The Great Times of India, BIT and BIS are equal and are synonyms?

The link BIT Recognition should clarify a few things.

I am not questioning the source of data and their integrity and knowledge but I am trying to question why can't they verify the data before they publish anything? Doesn’t being a newspaper more responsible thing?

If they keep going at this rate, I believe they would soon publish something like "Bush is actually a Muslim like Osama and Saddam'.

Or is it that I am missing the entire purpose of The Times of India? May be the paper is not meant to be taken seriously, or may be they want to help people start their day with laughter, or may be they want the paper to the unofficial handbook of the ignorant or may be News for Dummies?

Enuf of Times Bashing I guess. In the coming times, I would be digging up more bloopers and the history behind The Times of India.

END (Last edited on 8th June 2004, 1000 Hrs IST)

Keywords for Search Engines: The Times of India, Newspaper, India, BIT, BIS, Delhi University, Bloopers, Media, Sauarbh.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Today, along with a Maggi Super Saver pack, there was this Popeye Jigsaw Puzzle. It was pretty cool. It reminded me of the times when I was in Primary School and how I wanted to have a huge Jigsaw Puzzle and how I wanted to be the fastest puzzle solver.

Ths jigsaw puzzles are believed to have been invented in Eurpoe in early part of the 16th century. People say that the map makers in Europe would paste the maps on card baord and cut them into pieces to help children learn about maps. What started as an educational tool soon developed into a famous past time.

A detailed discussion on the history can be found at

Few websites that allow you to register for free and play with Jigsaw Puzzles
online are,,,
and These were the top 5 results returned when searched for "Jigsaw Puzzles" on

So what is it about Jigsaw Puzzles that keeps people fixed to them? I know of a lot of pass time activities, they sound very sound to start with and as time progresses, people seem to loose interest in them. But Jigsaw Puzzles? NO,people don’t just leave the puzzles without completing them.

How would Jigsaw Puzzles help someone?
Eye for Detail: I would say that if someone were solving the puzzles for a long time, he would have excellent eye for detail. All the time spent in selecting a piece from a heap of other mixed pieces and trying to put it in a right place, A person would indeed develop the eye for detail. People would, by habit, be very attentive and would look for everything before they make a move.

Team Play: Jigsaw Puzzles can be lot of fun to solve when done in groups. Although I haven’t had an opportunity to do it but I would definitely love to do it sometime. I just need to find a few like-minded people. When you are solving a puzzle, you are in a team trying to reach a common goal. A well-defined common goal wherein you try to help your team mates to find a particular piece, a particular part of the picture and gradually the complete picture.


Its been so many days now and I havent addded a post. A lot of things have happened and I have been busy with nothing ;)

Following should exaplin in nutshell...

- Went to watch the movie Hum Tum at Waves Kaushambi. Found it boring. There were few good songs. The Rishi Rich song, U n I, "mere dil vich hum tum" is very good. Went there with all my BIT classmates and had a nice time.

- MDI sent out their Pre Session Assignment and by the looks of it, its going to be a major pain :(( They want me to visit a NGO, a company, a Kirana Stroe and read a Business book and write summary etc. I would be picking up The Goal by Ali GoldRatt.

- New Blog, I have launched a new blog lacated at It is going to be a personal blog with all the personal posts there and yes, it is going to be password protected :)

- New friends - found a couple of new friends. Hope we continue to be friends.

- New Cellphone - would be getting a new cellphone. In all probablity it would be Nokia 6820 or a Sony Ericson T610. I havent decided yet.

- A new group for all the MBA 2006 people. More on this later.

- A new post planned on GMail, now that I know better about it having used it for sometime.

Blog Chalking...

When I post the following code, it is supposed to help me get higher ratings with Search Engines...

"This is my new blogchalk:
India, Delhi, New Delhi, Hindi, English, Saurabh, Male, 21-25, Adverts, Bikes, Books, Cars, CAT, Cinema, Computer Games, Cricket, Delhi, Gaming, Guitar, Hindi, Hockey, India, Indian IT Industry, MBA, me, Music, Photography, Quizzing, Sports, Technolgoy, Television, WWW. :)"

Found this on

Lets see if this works.

Saurabh n Friends from BIT, MAC

Yesterday, 18th May 2004, was a very very interesting day. I was happy, sad, excited, scared, tired, enthusiastic etc. all at one time.

I deposited the first installment of the fee at MDI and withdrew my asmission at IMI.

I also went to T.G.'s place for the first time. Saw the place from where he rulez the Quake 3 Arenas. Went to U.G.'s place too. No, we did'nt play cricket this team. Dunno why but everytime I am at U.G.'s place, we end up playing cricket and more often than not, I am on the loosing side ;) Talking of places I visited there, I also went to P.P.'s room @ MDI. Its like his home there. Met few pepole there. Found them interesting. And talking to them revealed that MDI would be a fun place. Another noticable thing there was "My Cousin Vinny". The movie My Cousin Vinny which I wanted so badly. I would get it as soon as I land up @ MDI. They had everything on LAN a guy like me could dream of. Looks like I would be busy with buying and burning disks all the time.

Talking of going to MDI, I am supposed to get a DCam and a Laptop. Had a chat with kAgE and he suggested that I go for The Ferrari Acer Laptop or the Toshiba thinkpad. About the cam, I talked to A.P. and he is a great lawyer for the older regular cams. He told me about quite a few things that would make any person stop thinking about the "D"cam and go for the regular film cameras. I would have gone for the regular film cam but the thing is that I won't have time and money to get all the pics developed :(

Decisions Decisions and Decisions.

Ahh, I am supposed to talk about the meeting I had with the friends from Maharaja Agrasen College.

Ever since U.G and P.M. have landed in Delhi from their respective MBA colleges, we have been trying to co-ordinate a meeting. Finally after trying for a million times, we were able to decide on meeting yesterday. The time was fixed @ 6:30 PM and the palc... the regular Nirula's Restaurant @ NOIDA.

I went to MDI first and while returning, I got lost and somehow went to Tuglaqabad area of Delhi. It was all beautiful but the roads were full of HUGE potholes. But stil the roads were lined up with walls from some old fort. It brought me back to my thoughts and my keen interest in history and historical monuments.

To cut the story short, I reached T.G.'s place at around 6 and we left for U.G.'s place and reached there at 6.30 something. Meanwhile P.M. and N.L. called up and confirmed that they would be coming too. Pretty cool, so many good pals from past meeting up. So we reached at the Nirulas and to our surprise, a plesant one ;), found D.G. along with P.M. Wow, now we were six people all doing somethign or the other.

We talked, talked and talked. I was the person who was sacrificed when it came to footing the bills. They all said that I got thru MDI and I should be paying up and blah blah blah, so I paid up. Meanwhile N.L. had to leave. He had "chaar daanav"s visting his place and he said he would be crucified agar he is late for home. Me was happy when he haid he would leave.. one less person to treat ;) and with the kind of eating records he has, I could save me a fortune. Anyways he had to leave and we moved to CentreStage Mall. The home of Waves Multiplex in NOIDA. So we were five people, free from all the worries of this world and roaming around uselessly and we had absolutely nothing to do. Pretty relaxed.

So we ate at Taste of India. Good food, great ambiance and friends...

So as we were talkin, we were talking about cars, bikes, gizmoes when D.G. told us that her dad has all the "Boys Toys" you could ask for. We also talked about Bungee Jumping and Roler Coasters and we were told that D.G.'s dad has also done that. MY ROLE MODEL !!!!

P.M. cracked all those regular jokes of hers. U.G. was "profesional" as always, T.G. was "BOND" as always... Everything was almost the same as it used to be during the four years I spent at BIT. Only thing that chnaged was, we all were no longer together and were headed in our own directions.

We also have planned to catch up the movie which would be sponsored by P.M. :D

And we have thought about geting more people from the class to spend an evening like that. It sure is good to meet good friends and great people.

Signing Off on happy notes :)

Saurabh Garg @ Pratham.Org

I happened to goto Prathm with Nitin and Nidhi...

Here is a post which was to me made on about it. This post was written keeping in mind that Nidhi would post it and help get more volunteers.

Here is the unedited version...

About Pratham
They have divided the city into zones and then each zone has been divided into target areas. A target area generally is a colony where there are quite a few children who aren’t able to continue their studies for some reason or the other.

Once a target area has been identified, one coordinator is appointed by Pratham who reports to any one of the two managers for the zone. She (the coordinator) has to then carry out a survey in the entire target area and find about the number of students below the age of 14.

The aim of Pratham is to make the vision of basic elementary education accessible to all a reality.

After the survey is complete, they then mine the data and find out the number of children in the age group 3-5 and number of children in age group 6-14 and dive them into two sub groups. Group I is children with no knowledge of education. They cant read, cant write, cant count and even if they can, they are not hat good at it. Group II is of children who are better placed than Group I children. They would be able to either read or write or do both but not that effectively.

Then after this segregation, they make presentations and road shows in that area and coax parents to send the children to summer camps. Almost every gets ready and send the children for camps. After a child is sent to the camp, the Pratham people keep track of that child for entire 44 days (the duration of the prorgamme).

Their sub task is that after 44 days are over, the child should be able to read and write effectively. They call this a story reader level. Also they take proud in saying that if you pick any child at random from this target area and ask him to read/write/count, he or she would be able to do it.

Another major thing about it is that they make sure apart from basic reading and writing, the children know about environmental science, social science, respect, order etc. They say they are promoting education but they are doing much more than that.

Also I would say we should come out in numbers and volunteer. If you have even a slight thought about giving back to the society, you should join us as this is a well-laid path and you just have to walk on it. You would not be worrying about organizing things, routine problems, and administration. All you got to do is register with Pratham and help them reach their cause.

And just think if the volunteers there who are teaching and spend 4 hours daily there with the children and missing their own studies and house hold chores, why cant we spare just one day and that too when we are free and have nothing to do.

Anyways, today, me, Nitin and Saurabh went to the Pratham Study centre. We could see the following positives in the way they worked...

1. Enthusiasm in the students and especially teachers. Everyone there including the students, teachers, coordinators and managers were more than keen towards fulfilling their goal of helping children learn. There were small instances we could pick. A class is of 24 children and the teacher made sure that she attended to the individual child. She would give a question and tell everyone to write the answer and she would take rounds and see if every child has written it or not and would correct the basic mistakes. Also as soon as the teacher asked any question as a quiz, ALL the children would raise their hands in an orderly manner and would try to answer even if the answer was wrong. There was this guy who was their PT teacher and he RAN for almost half an hour without stopping in between in circles, trying to help them play a game. And it was no ordinary game; children were being taught counting, addition and subtraction with the help of this game.

2. The work they were doing reflected professional attitude and quality. The people working there were hand picked. They had immense interest in children and working very hard. They would repeat the same thing over and over again as many as 24 times (yes I counted it) to explain the thing. This teacher was would be say 17 years old was trying to tech Hindi and this child wasn’t able to pronounce a certain syllable, she repeated the thing 24 times and finally the child could pronounce it. Amazing level of commitment.

3. The education that they give there is complete and wholesome. Basically they teach Hindi/English and Maths but they teach them drawing, art, craft, sciences, social sciences, awareness, physical education and everything. The children in the age group 3-5 were only taught through games in a play way method. There methodology could beat even the biggest of the play way schools. The children were taught excellent etiquettes. Small things like wishing teachers, raising hand before speaking, taking permission before coming in and leaving, they were taught. You don’t expect a child who hasn’t studied to have these kinds of etiquettes and respect for authority. But they taught them. And more importantly children seemed to have learnt that.

4. They made sure that the child grows confident. They would call upon a child and ask him to speak in front of the class and even if the child would hesitate, they would call him again and again and help him talk in the group. And there were things incentives (other children clapping), punishments (didn’t see an example) there. Talking of clapping they were even taught a rhythm in which they were supposed to clap. one two ... one two three. And they were good at it.

5. They were professional about it. They know that they have 44 days and they have divided the entire program in 44 sessions and they make sure that complete the days plan. We were there as observers or auditors, we were to make sure tat they do things well and they didn’t try to act up in front of us. They went about their task in a routine manner completely ignoring us. And since we were auditors, one thing was clear that they have external auditors for better quality measure and control.

6. Once a week they hold an interactive session with the parents. Like a PTM. In this meeting they would show that how a child has grown and would perform skits etc. They would show that on day one the child was not able to read. On day 7, the child is able to at least read 10 alphabets. People know that something is being done and make sure that they send children for the entire duration. This takes care of the rate of absenteeism.

There were many other areas that we could have explored but we were only 3 people. I would request all of the Delhi people to come forward.

Till now, we have Nidhi, Nitin and Saurabh. Apart from this we have managed to get some more people who aren’t on Pagalguy and they are Nalin, Manan and Manish.

What about Sid, Apurv, Sulabh, Prateek, Shweta and Ankur? You guys were there for the meet but there was no response from any of you... Please try to take at least 4 hours off your packed schedule.

Nidhi, Nitin, Saurabh.

MDI here I come

So finally I have managed to clear the MDI waitlist. I was waitlisted at serial number 30 and they cleared only 30 people from the Waitlists. I was the perfect border line case.


So I would be going to MDI and here are the following people who have helped me get there... (in alphabetical order)
1. My DAD n MY MOM
2. Aaditya Shangloo
3. Gunjan Gupta
4. IMS (The coaching class)
5. Nalin Ladiwala
6. Sonali Garg

P.S.: I am not in favour of writing the names on my blog but I have to do it here because if these people had'nt helped me, I would'nt have reached MDI.

Thanks to all of you. I just hope you read this and send me gifts ;)

I would be posting more details later on. Abhi busy calling people :)

Me + Yahoo + Friends = Gulp!

Me + Yahoo + Friends = Gulp!

Here is another incident from the deepest conversation archives of Yahoo.

I thought I was the smartest chap around and could fool anyone on the web. I have been doing it successfully since 1999. I was pretty sure nobody was greater then I am and I am the AUTHORITY on the Internet. BUT this time I had to face the music and as they “bade sey bade aadmi ka bhi baap hota hai”, I found I also has been tricked by one or may be two or may be not. I am so confused till now, dunno if it is one person or two or three or how many.

Ok here is the story…

I know this person, lets called it (could be him/her) Person A or P.A. for about 5 years now. I believe it is a very very good friend. And then there is another person, Person B or P.B. whom I happen to know for about 8 months now. It is also a very very good friend And I know that these people, P.A. and P.B. happen to know each other too.

Now it’s a long story, 8 months of sweat, tears, blood, effort etc. etc. (got this from a movie ;)) and to cut it short, I have been fooled by P.A. and P.B. in the real sense of the word. As I am writing this, I still don’t know who is who and who has the other person’s password.

Following things made be suspicious that something fishy is going on…
- Whenever P.A. is online, P.B. is not and vice versa. This could be coincidence.
- As soon as P.A. leaves, P.B. comes online and as soon as P.B. leaves, P.A. is back online. This can NOT be coincidence. Happens all the time.
- P.A. and P.B. would act in a strange manner when talked about the other person.
- They would talk EXACTLY in same manner and use EXACTLY same slangs.

I dunno if it was accident, if it was planned or what, but it happened and it has taught me a few lessons. Following is the summary of the lessons…
- Never to trust anyone on the WWW until you have met that person in real.
- Even if the person happens to be your friend and you have met him/her in real, someone else could be using their account and fooling around with you. Be real careful.

This has been done with a lot of my friends but I always used to laugh and say how an someone be so stupid to fall in the trap. But now since I have fallen, I know how does it feels.

Adding to this, I am also kinda getting myself into trap with yet another person/persons. Me trying to help this guy hack into this girl’s mailbox and find out everything about his girl and since what has happened with P.A. and P.B., I am getting kind of suspicious now.

Lagta hai thode din kay liye Yahoo ko aaram dena paedga.

Finally I think I am making an issue outta very small thing. They were together, came, fooled me, and went away. I don’t have to cry about it. Would be more careful in future.

The only reason of me being angry is if I don’t lie to people, don’t act up, why do people have to lie to me? Act up in front of me? Conceal something from me. Human Nature prolly, would never understand it. Since I am always truthful (ALMOST), I expect people not to lie to me and … arghh

I initially thought I would dig up the entire thing and try to see whats going on but again I don’t have to do it. I just have to accept defeat and get ready for the next battle on Yahoo. It’s a classic case of a girl trying to prove that she is good looking and has great acads and lying all the way about it. Would publish her story as soon as a result is achieved.

That’s about it I guess.

Test Post

So is now a NEW I like the new look and the
new features. This post is to test if I can post via EMail on my BLOG.
Lets see what happens.


Yet Another Fight on Yahoo

I guess, I have acquired an uncanny knack of pissing people off Yahoo... Here is a recent conversation with a VERY VERY good friend who happens to belong to Andhra Pradesh, where Chandrababu Naidu, the CEO of Hydrabad lost badly.

S.G. (3:04:51 PM): oye
V.R. (3:04:56 PM): oye
S.G. (3:05:01 PM): tera CN aar gaya kutte ki maut
V.R. (3:05:14 PM): tuh ***** mara le saale.
V.R. (3:05:41 PM): toshiba wale iss saal socrates ko officially toshiba ka R&d center declare karne wale the
V.R. (3:05:58 PM): par political glamour ko dekh ke woh picche hat rahe hain
S.G. (3:06:22 PM): :))
V.R. (3:06:27 PM): **** ** **** ***** ****, agar congress aa gaye toh most of the foriegn compnaies peche hat jayenga
V.R. (3:06:37 PM): **** ** **** had mat teri ***** bhi lagu hue hai
V.R. (3:06:50 PM): tuh jause ***** ke karan hum bhi marte hain
V.R. (3:07:04 PM): nassom ka article pad
S.G. (3:07:11 PM): Mera Haath Congress Kay Saath
V.R. (3:07:25 PM): apne ap ko MBA ki top samajhta hain...***** mein apne hath ko
S.G. (3:07:39 PM): :))
S.G. (3:07:48 PM): naidu ka rape
S.G. (3:07:52 PM): 48 seats

V.R. (3:09:04 PM): sale tum logon ke karan apni ***** lagti hai
V.R. (3:09:59 PM): bhuke rahoge , nange rahoge lekin apni akal nahin ladaoge
V.R. (3:10:14 PM): saale sensex ka haal dekh.....baat karta hai
S.G. (3:10:20 PM): :))
S.G. (3:10:34 PM): you sure sound ood when you are pissed off
V.R. (3:11:36 PM): am not pissed off by any ****ing political party, but the ****ing poilcy congress hold for foreign ompanies
S.G. (3:11:43 PM): abey cool down
S.G. (3:11:44 PM): chillak
S.G. (3:11:56 PM): ycr should be a good leader
V.R. (3:13:15 PM): any ****er will do, wouldn't mind even if VP singh who increase SC quatos, but thier poicy regarding foreign companies shld be good
V.R. (3:13:50 PM): not like congressian who need bribe a lots even to set up a single centre in india..
V.R. (3:14:20 PM): thats the reason most of the forieghn R&D centers were not there till 1997

V.R. (4:03:21 PM): ******* go through
V.R. (4:03:56 PM): i will send u shortly toshiba's press conference held in japan regarding my company
S.G. (4:05:44 PM): If Naidu has been guilty of a pro-urban outlook while ignoring the interest of farmers that led to a spate of suicides, Krishna has been found blameworthy for the same reason.

V.R. (4:06:47 PM): **** ** ****...pehle apna not telling any pro of naidu...see the future, if congress don't their ******* poilcy , we aare gone for..
S.G. (4:06:56 PM): i dont care
S.G. (4:07:00 PM): as simple as dat
S.G. (4:07:10 PM): Naidu deserved too looose and he lost. Period
V.R. (4:08:00 PM): **** ke ****...shyaad hi kabhi tune farners ke bare socha hoga, if u are so sympathetic to farmers then please vote for deve gowda's party at least they have some sympathy for farmers....baat karta hai
S.G. (4:08:20 PM): :))

Phew... It took me atleast 30 minutes to replaces KEYwords with stars.

Most posts coming soon...

P.S.: I just hope these things don't spoil my friendship with my friends. I don't do this on purpose but it happens. This is election time I guess, so everyone is very passionate.

The one positive thing hat comes out of this is that people are passinate about some party and they unknowingly are passionate about INDIA. What else could I ask for?

The Great Congress v BJP

This is a Yahoo conversation between me and a very good friend P.A. We both had our view poits and we both had opinions. This is the transcript...

me (1:12:07 PM): vote dala?
P.A. (1:12:25 PM): yeah
P.A. (1:12:28 PM): u?
me (1:12:29 PM): kisko?
me (1:12:36 PM): Me yes to congress !

P.A. (1:13:26 PM): khatam aadmi ...... khatam party
P.A. (1:13:32 PM): ur gonna lose
P.A. (1:13:34 PM): B-)
me (1:13:36 PM): this is what YOU think
me (1:13:45 PM): I hve already won it. I casted the vote for the right person
me (1:13:49 PM): the results are immaterial
P.A. (1:13:57 PM): i Know whos is gonna win
P.A. (1:14:00 PM): thats what matters
me (1:14:10 PM): ha
me (1:14:30 PM): one side you have got 8th pass/fail candidate and one side youve got PGDRM...
me (1:14:34 PM): chal me not gonna fight
P.A. (1:14:34 PM): =P~
me (1:14:49 PM): I made my decision and thought about it, had reasons
me (1:14:57 PM): you made your decisionyou had your reasons
P.A. (1:15:02 PM): exactly................... education is no substitute 4 good governance n policies
P.A. (1:15:23 PM): else all those Foreign educated netas wwud have nt been involved in scams
P.A. (1:15:38 PM): what a dud reason to vote 4 a candidate
me (1:16:07 PM): huh?
me (1:16:17 PM): and why did you vote for BJP?
me (1:16:28 PM): you know the candidate? his history? his past?
P.A. (1:16:40 PM): I know the candidate
P.A. (1:16:49 PM): cause he's been to my nanaji's house
P.A. (1:16:53 PM): plus
P.A. (1:16:59 PM): he is known to a be decent chap
P.A. (1:17:04 PM): humble guy
P.A. (1:17:09 PM): nt very famous
P.A. (1:17:15 PM): LAl bihari tiwari
P.A. (1:17:22 PM): listens to ppl
me (1:17:27 PM): humble? :O? my ass
me (1:17:36 PM): you were at the marriage of his daughter?
me (1:17:41 PM): you shoudl have scene there
P.A. (1:18:02 PM): n obviously
P.A. (1:18:03 PM): its more abt the party n policies 4 me n less 4 the candidate
P.A. (1:18:03 PM): bhaiya paisa hai kharch to karna padega
P.A. (1:18:14 PM): aur ladki ki shadi pe to farz banta hai
P.A. (1:18:25 PM): neta ki ladki hai aakhir
P.A. (1:18:30 PM): whats wrong with that
me (1:18:36 PM): am not talking about the way he spent
me (1:18:44 PM): chal chod, would tell ya whenwe meet
me (1:18:49 PM): and you voted for the party?
me (1:19:26 PM): WOW... Had VajpayeeJi been 5 years younger I would have voted for him but not anymore when he is ready to pass his bastion to that son of a botch

P.A. (1:19:31 PM): yes
P.A. (1:19:31 PM): NDA
me (1:19:37 PM): NDA :))
me (1:19:51 PM): the same NDA who one days says they want alliances andother day they say they are tired of em?
me (1:20:06 PM): the same NDA whihc was thrown outta poewr by jayalalitha and they are backwith her now?
me (1:20:17 PM): the same who threw chautala out and they want him back now/
P.A. (1:20:17 PM): Still better than ................congressssssss any dayyyyyyyyyy
me (1:20:27 PM): the same nda where mulayam singh is in and out
P.A. (1:20:34 PM): they to sold everything to get votes
me (1:20:38 PM): where mayawati one day is friend and other day is foe?
P.A. (1:20:40 PM): all this allinace n horse trading etc
P.A. (1:20:45 PM): is a legacy of congress
P.A. (1:21:06 PM): what abt NCp
P.A. (1:21:08 PM): n sharad pawar
P.A. (1:21:19 PM): :-))
me (1:21:29 PM): bhaiya sharda pawar was always the part of congress
me (1:21:39 PM): he spil;t from congress on some local issue pertaining to maharastha
P.A. (1:21:42 PM): atleast .BJP is a more younger n better run party
me (1:21:48 PM): younger?
P.A. (1:21:48 PM): it has organisational sense
me (1:21:52 PM): YOUNGER?
me (1:21:59 PM): where do you see young pople in BJP?
me (1:22:04 PM): in Bahu Irani?
me (1:22:14 PM): in VajpayeeJi/
me (1:22:21 PM): yeah infatc Vajpayee Ji is younger at 80
me (1:22:40 PM): and I have no clue about the organiational sense :( so cant beat you on it
P.A. (1:23:09 PM): not justa coalition of kings n patriachs
P.A. (1:23:09 PM): B-)
P.A. (1:23:09 PM): andar lele
me (1:23:37 PM): NDA is not coalition?
me (1:23:51 PM): :O its NAME is "alliance"...
P.A. (1:23:56 PM): bhaiya ....... in fighting is famous in cong
me (1:24:12 PM): yeah its not beacuse Vajpayee Ji is still here
P.A. (1:24:12 PM): aapas main hi ladte rehate hai...
me (1:24:22 PM): the day Vajpayee Ji exits, you see
P.A. (1:24:23 PM): kaam kya karenge
P.A. (1:24:23 PM): ek woh pagal sonia
me (1:24:34 PM): that SOB MM Joshi is abhi sey saying hes the number 3 man in BJP
P.A. (1:24:35 PM): tell me ..............WHO IS THE CONGRESS CANDIATE $ PM
me (1:24:38 PM): yep !
P.A. (1:24:39 PM): can u tell.....................????
P.A. (1:24:42 PM): can u?????
me (1:24:47 PM): AREE SONIA is not to be the PM, she is not qualified
me (1:24:57 PM): but there are lots of others
me (1:25:08 PM): I would say if I had the decision to make, I would havechosed Dr. Singh anyday
P.A. (1:25:32 PM): bhaiya kisi ko nahi pata
P.A. (1:25:39 PM): congress ke worker ko nahi pata
me (1:25:39 PM): but again the ENTIRE alliance would sit and plan about and decide, not like the other party where they say they already have a sucessor to Vajpayee Ji and they dont name it

After this he suddenly left and our BIG FIGHT :D which I thought was winnig was over :(

Anywys the priminary results for Andhra Pradesh Assembly Election 2004 are out and in the first round Congress is winning 200 odd of 294 seats. Last time around Congress just had 100 seats. ChanrdraBabu Naidu has been removed from the throne and his great dream of getting everything for Andhra and eventually himself is over.

Cheers to Congress !!!!

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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