Confused? Clear?

I want more hair on my head but I do not want any facial hair
I want to live at my home and yet I want to be alone
I want roads to be empty and still be able to make people jealous
I want to get settled and yet I don’t want to commit
I want more money than I can ever spend and yet more time to do things
I want followers and yet I want to be left alone
I want to live on a mountain and yet not far from the beach
I want to have more wants and cant really think of more
I am confused and yet I am so clear

The 5 Cs of Swimming

Swimming is a wonderful thing to do. I have been going for last three weeks and thoroughly enjoy the outing. Worst come worst, I get up every day at 6:30. I am trying level hard to get some discipline in life. Anyways, I dint start writing this to rave about it. Being an eternal cribber that I am, I had to talk about all the things that are bad about it.

For beginners, you start hating water. You need to take a shower before you get in the pool. You are surrounded by water when you are, well, in the water. You need to take a shower after you are out of water. And then when you reach home, you need to take yet another shower before leave for work. And if you are my kinds, who has had showers in the evening all his life, post work, then that’s yet another shower before you end the day. So there is water, water and still more water. I must be consuming enough water, on showers, to solve Yamuna’s maladies.

Then there are all the other swimmers. Most of them were struggling till about two days back and today they seem to be doing great. You, on the other hand, are still tottering and trying to stay afloat. You can’t hold your breadth for seven seconds under water and everyone else spend so much time under water that would put Houdini to shame. And not to mention all the generous exposure of cracks (butt cracks), cleavages, crotches, curves and curls (the 5 Cs). Not that these things make you uncomfortable, but they do make you jealous.

And then there is the agonizing length of the pool. You think you are a rockstar and you learn things fast and you tell yourself that you would swim the length by the fifth day. But when you actually get in water, the length seems small and yet unconquerable. You try hard, harder and hardest and yet you don’t get past the first ten feet.

I guess these three things top the list for me. Apart from these, I have other things to talk about as well. But then, they are stories that I shall share later.

Guess that’s it for now.

P.S.: I have not yet learnt the art of ending stories. Need to work on it.

P.P.S.: Sennheiser headphones. iTunes. Brilliance of Amit Trivedi on Sham from Aisha. Fingers flying on Acer keypad. Millions of thoughts running amok.

Restarting Bloggin

After a hiatus of xxx months (insert a number here later), I have restarted blogging. I am not talking about this blog. This was always on. Just that the readership was changed to invite only. Hopefully, some people do read this (stats say, no one reads this).

I am starting two new ones. (?), to talk about serious things. Business, money, poker, life, India, travel etc. And Armchair Activist, to talk about all frivolous things.

And this one, War of Words stays. Private. This is where I shall talk about things that make me sad, happy, excited etc. Basically personal stuff. Things that I dont want the world to know. Things that I want to only share with few friends.

Spread the word :)

How to loose 20000 in an hour

I think I have mastered the art of losing money. The latest gaffe is how to loose 20K in a hour. Its a two step process. Here it is ...
  1. Bang someone's car and pay 5000 for the repair. Even when the other person hadnt asked for it.
  2. Order a gaming console for a friend. Assuming that its 8000. And you actually end up paying 15000.
P.S.: Love the fact that I can pay this money without thinking too much.

5 in 2

So next up in my life is this thing that I call 5 in 2. The idea is simple enough to post it on the blog. And like every other idea, complex enough that I shall fail. No matter how hard I try. And this is the fun bit.

Coming to it, right now, at 28, I look 30, talk 15, think 15 and feel 35. The goal is, that in next 2 years, I need to be younger by 5 years. I need to look 25, talk 25, think 50 and feel 25.

This time, for a change I have put realistic goals. I know that two years is a long enough time to regain fitness, live my love for sports, master new crafts and get younger. And for a change (once again), I have an agenda. I am going to do it in phases. I am starting with swimming. Then I shall move onto bicycling. Followed by weight training. And finally combination of two, or even all three.

And just to reiterate the seriousness, I have already started learning swimming. So far I have been able to go 4 times a week. 30 mins per session. I dont know if I am going to burn calories but it sure tires me and gives me that kick (achievement wali) when I do those mini-goals that I set for myself. And more than anything else, since right now I am learning, the curve is steep and every day there is a new goal to challenge me. Like yesterday was the first time when I did half the breadth of the pool. Its not more than 20 feets but its an achievement for me. The lucky/sad part is that the pool closes by end of September. So I need to find an alternative after that. Welcome bicycling.

In October, it starts getting colder in the mornings. And what could be a better way than bicycling to feel the chill. As a kid, I use to love riding a bicycle. Last I rode, I think I was in my school! I have already started a hunt for the right bike. I plan to gift myself one on my birthday. Infact, day before, I saw this all terrain bike, made of aluminum frame, had three shock absorbers and two disk brakes (the salesman said so). Its worth a mini fortune. But then, like someone once said, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do ;P. And then someone else (or may be the same guy) said, boys dont grow older, just that their toys get fancier and more expensive.

And post that, the part of brain that is responsible for planning things is beginning to revolt. There are tons of health clubs around where I live. I shall figure out the one that fits my budget and go for it. I need to finish this, lest I leave it mid-way. The way I leave most things.

Anyways, in other news, I saw Inception. Understood some bits of it. Tried to revive a public blog at (?). Cajoled SG26Jul into working on BP. Going to Mumbai tomorrow In Mumbai today and hope to have a good time amidst all the chaos that I know I am going to be in. Stayed the night at VG's place. Talked, had Maggi, saw TV, read a book. Had an enlightenment last night on the plane (that I want to play Poker professionally. And I can).

Gotta go. But please please remind me of 5 in 2 next time you see me hogging at a McD's or Haldiram's.

P.S.: Wrote a long post after a while. Feels good to be back.
P.P.S.: Starting a new set of tags. Now that this blog is private, I can be lot more lucid with things.

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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