Billboards on Virtual Earth !!!

Its been a long time since I have been thinking about a career in advertising ... I know I wont be any good but I want one shot at it. Was reading things related to advertisements when I came across yet another new concept in advertising ... Billboards on Virtual Earth. They place virtual billboards on Google Earth and Virtual Earth.

We have seen ads everywhere ..

In the movies ... starting with Forrest Gump to Cast Away to The Truman Show
In homes ... Hangars, Carry Bags
In shops ... well loads of them
On roads ... billboards, traffic lights etc
On products ... logos, punch lines
On internet ... banner ads, pop ups, minisites
On email ... like this one
On software ... DAP, Web Accelerators etc
On blogs ... :)

Its everywhere. Add to the list Google Earth.

BrightGIS is offering spaces on Google Earth, ofcourse for a fee. Awesome concept .. !!!!

P.S.: Got this story from This is a very good resource for people interested in adverts.

Connectivity in 2007

I had to contact my friend for something urgent.

I tried talking to him ... he dint give me an answer.
I tried calling him on his cell ... he dint pick it up.

I tried emailing him ... he REPLIED.

Now its about mailing. Real contacts happen on emails !!!!

My Top 5 Books !

1. Fooled by Randomness - Amazon
2. The Count of Monte Cristo - Amazon
3. The Godfather - Amazon
4. Poor Charlie's Almanac - Amazon
5. Influence - Amazon

Apart from these 5 books, I read quite a few things and LibraryThing has a list of some books I have.I have some of my books on Library Thing.

Blogger = Me .. ?

Got this from

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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