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Saurabh n Friends from BIT, MAC

Yesterday, 18th May 2004, was a very very interesting day. I was happy, sad, excited, scared, tired, enthusiastic etc. all at one time.

I deposited the first installment of the fee at MDI and withdrew my asmission at IMI.

I also went to T.G.'s place for the first time. Saw the place from where he rulez the Quake 3 Arenas. Went to U.G.'s place too. No, we did'nt play cricket this team. Dunno why but everytime I am at U.G.'s place, we end up playing cricket and more often than not, I am on the loosing side ;) Talking of places I visited there, I also went to P.P.'s room @ MDI. Its like his home there. Met few pepole there. Found them interesting. And talking to them revealed that MDI would be a fun place. Another noticable thing there was "My Cousin Vinny". The movie My Cousin Vinny which I wanted so badly. I would get it as soon as I land up @ MDI. They had everything on LAN a guy like me could dream of. Looks like I would be busy with buying and burning disks all the time.

Talking of going to MDI, I am supposed to get a DCam and a Laptop. Had a chat with kAgE and he suggested that I go for The Ferrari Acer Laptop or the Toshiba thinkpad. About the cam, I talked to A.P. and he is a great lawyer for the older regular cams. He told me about quite a few things that would make any person stop thinking about the "D"cam and go for the regular film cameras. I would have gone for the regular film cam but the thing is that I won't have time and money to get all the pics developed :(

Decisions Decisions and Decisions.

Ahh, I am supposed to talk about the meeting I had with the friends from Maharaja Agrasen College.

Ever since U.G and P.M. have landed in Delhi from their respective MBA colleges, we have been trying to co-ordinate a meeting. Finally after trying for a million times, we were able to decide on meeting yesterday. The time was fixed @ 6:30 PM and the palc... the regular Nirula's Restaurant @ NOIDA.

I went to MDI first and while returning, I got lost and somehow went to Tuglaqabad area of Delhi. It was all beautiful but the roads were full of HUGE potholes. But stil the roads were lined up with walls from some old fort. It brought me back to my thoughts and my keen interest in history and historical monuments.

To cut the story short, I reached T.G.'s place at around 6 and we left for U.G.'s place and reached there at 6.30 something. Meanwhile P.M. and N.L. called up and confirmed that they would be coming too. Pretty cool, so many good pals from past meeting up. So we reached at the Nirulas and to our surprise, a plesant one ;), found D.G. along with P.M. Wow, now we were six people all doing somethign or the other.

We talked, talked and talked. I was the person who was sacrificed when it came to footing the bills. They all said that I got thru MDI and I should be paying up and blah blah blah, so I paid up. Meanwhile N.L. had to leave. He had "chaar daanav"s visting his place and he said he would be crucified agar he is late for home. Me was happy when he haid he would leave.. one less person to treat ;) and with the kind of eating records he has, I could save me a fortune. Anyways he had to leave and we moved to CentreStage Mall. The home of Waves Multiplex in NOIDA. So we were five people, free from all the worries of this world and roaming around uselessly and we had absolutely nothing to do. Pretty relaxed.

So we ate at Taste of India. Good food, great ambiance and friends...

So as we were talkin, we were talking about cars, bikes, gizmoes when D.G. told us that her dad has all the "Boys Toys" you could ask for. We also talked about Bungee Jumping and Roler Coasters and we were told that D.G.'s dad has also done that. MY ROLE MODEL !!!!

P.M. cracked all those regular jokes of hers. U.G. was "profesional" as always, T.G. was "BOND" as always... Everything was almost the same as it used to be during the four years I spent at BIT. Only thing that chnaged was, we all were no longer together and were headed in our own directions.

We also have planned to catch up the movie which would be sponsored by P.M. :D

And we have thought about geting more people from the class to spend an evening like that. It sure is good to meet good friends and great people.

Signing Off on happy notes :)

Saurabh Garg @ Pratham.Org

I happened to goto Prathm with Nitin and Nidhi...

Here is a post which was to me made on about it. This post was written keeping in mind that Nidhi would post it and help get more volunteers.

Here is the unedited version...

About Pratham
They have divided the city into zones and then each zone has been divided into target areas. A target area generally is a colony where there are quite a few children who aren’t able to continue their studies for some reason or the other.

Once a target area has been identified, one coordinator is appointed by Pratham who reports to any one of the two managers for the zone. She (the coordinator) has to then carry out a survey in the entire target area and find about the number of students below the age of 14.

The aim of Pratham is to make the vision of basic elementary education accessible to all a reality.

After the survey is complete, they then mine the data and find out the number of children in the age group 3-5 and number of children in age group 6-14 and dive them into two sub groups. Group I is children with no knowledge of education. They cant read, cant write, cant count and even if they can, they are not hat good at it. Group II is of children who are better placed than Group I children. They would be able to either read or write or do both but not that effectively.

Then after this segregation, they make presentations and road shows in that area and coax parents to send the children to summer camps. Almost every gets ready and send the children for camps. After a child is sent to the camp, the Pratham people keep track of that child for entire 44 days (the duration of the prorgamme).

Their sub task is that after 44 days are over, the child should be able to read and write effectively. They call this a story reader level. Also they take proud in saying that if you pick any child at random from this target area and ask him to read/write/count, he or she would be able to do it.

Another major thing about it is that they make sure apart from basic reading and writing, the children know about environmental science, social science, respect, order etc. They say they are promoting education but they are doing much more than that.

Also I would say we should come out in numbers and volunteer. If you have even a slight thought about giving back to the society, you should join us as this is a well-laid path and you just have to walk on it. You would not be worrying about organizing things, routine problems, and administration. All you got to do is register with Pratham and help them reach their cause.

And just think if the volunteers there who are teaching and spend 4 hours daily there with the children and missing their own studies and house hold chores, why cant we spare just one day and that too when we are free and have nothing to do.

Anyways, today, me, Nitin and Saurabh went to the Pratham Study centre. We could see the following positives in the way they worked...

1. Enthusiasm in the students and especially teachers. Everyone there including the students, teachers, coordinators and managers were more than keen towards fulfilling their goal of helping children learn. There were small instances we could pick. A class is of 24 children and the teacher made sure that she attended to the individual child. She would give a question and tell everyone to write the answer and she would take rounds and see if every child has written it or not and would correct the basic mistakes. Also as soon as the teacher asked any question as a quiz, ALL the children would raise their hands in an orderly manner and would try to answer even if the answer was wrong. There was this guy who was their PT teacher and he RAN for almost half an hour without stopping in between in circles, trying to help them play a game. And it was no ordinary game; children were being taught counting, addition and subtraction with the help of this game.

2. The work they were doing reflected professional attitude and quality. The people working there were hand picked. They had immense interest in children and working very hard. They would repeat the same thing over and over again as many as 24 times (yes I counted it) to explain the thing. This teacher was would be say 17 years old was trying to tech Hindi and this child wasn’t able to pronounce a certain syllable, she repeated the thing 24 times and finally the child could pronounce it. Amazing level of commitment.

3. The education that they give there is complete and wholesome. Basically they teach Hindi/English and Maths but they teach them drawing, art, craft, sciences, social sciences, awareness, physical education and everything. The children in the age group 3-5 were only taught through games in a play way method. There methodology could beat even the biggest of the play way schools. The children were taught excellent etiquettes. Small things like wishing teachers, raising hand before speaking, taking permission before coming in and leaving, they were taught. You don’t expect a child who hasn’t studied to have these kinds of etiquettes and respect for authority. But they taught them. And more importantly children seemed to have learnt that.

4. They made sure that the child grows confident. They would call upon a child and ask him to speak in front of the class and even if the child would hesitate, they would call him again and again and help him talk in the group. And there were things incentives (other children clapping), punishments (didn’t see an example) there. Talking of clapping they were even taught a rhythm in which they were supposed to clap. one two ... one two three. And they were good at it.

5. They were professional about it. They know that they have 44 days and they have divided the entire program in 44 sessions and they make sure that complete the days plan. We were there as observers or auditors, we were to make sure tat they do things well and they didn’t try to act up in front of us. They went about their task in a routine manner completely ignoring us. And since we were auditors, one thing was clear that they have external auditors for better quality measure and control.

6. Once a week they hold an interactive session with the parents. Like a PTM. In this meeting they would show that how a child has grown and would perform skits etc. They would show that on day one the child was not able to read. On day 7, the child is able to at least read 10 alphabets. People know that something is being done and make sure that they send children for the entire duration. This takes care of the rate of absenteeism.

There were many other areas that we could have explored but we were only 3 people. I would request all of the Delhi people to come forward.

Till now, we have Nidhi, Nitin and Saurabh. Apart from this we have managed to get some more people who aren’t on Pagalguy and they are Nalin, Manan and Manish.

What about Sid, Apurv, Sulabh, Prateek, Shweta and Ankur? You guys were there for the meet but there was no response from any of you... Please try to take at least 4 hours off your packed schedule.

Nidhi, Nitin, Saurabh.

MDI here I come

So finally I have managed to clear the MDI waitlist. I was waitlisted at serial number 30 and they cleared only 30 people from the Waitlists. I was the perfect border line case.


So I would be going to MDI and here are the following people who have helped me get there... (in alphabetical order)
1. My DAD n MY MOM
2. Aaditya Shangloo
3. Gunjan Gupta
4. IMS (The coaching class)
5. Nalin Ladiwala
6. Sonali Garg

P.S.: I am not in favour of writing the names on my blog but I have to do it here because if these people had'nt helped me, I would'nt have reached MDI.

Thanks to all of you. I just hope you read this and send me gifts ;)

I would be posting more details later on. Abhi busy calling people :)

Me + Yahoo + Friends = Gulp!

Me + Yahoo + Friends = Gulp!

Here is another incident from the deepest conversation archives of Yahoo.

I thought I was the smartest chap around and could fool anyone on the web. I have been doing it successfully since 1999. I was pretty sure nobody was greater then I am and I am the AUTHORITY on the Internet. BUT this time I had to face the music and as they “bade sey bade aadmi ka bhi baap hota hai”, I found I also has been tricked by one or may be two or may be not. I am so confused till now, dunno if it is one person or two or three or how many.

Ok here is the story…

I know this person, lets called it (could be him/her) Person A or P.A. for about 5 years now. I believe it is a very very good friend. And then there is another person, Person B or P.B. whom I happen to know for about 8 months now. It is also a very very good friend And I know that these people, P.A. and P.B. happen to know each other too.

Now it’s a long story, 8 months of sweat, tears, blood, effort etc. etc. (got this from a movie ;)) and to cut it short, I have been fooled by P.A. and P.B. in the real sense of the word. As I am writing this, I still don’t know who is who and who has the other person’s password.

Following things made be suspicious that something fishy is going on…
- Whenever P.A. is online, P.B. is not and vice versa. This could be coincidence.
- As soon as P.A. leaves, P.B. comes online and as soon as P.B. leaves, P.A. is back online. This can NOT be coincidence. Happens all the time.
- P.A. and P.B. would act in a strange manner when talked about the other person.
- They would talk EXACTLY in same manner and use EXACTLY same slangs.

I dunno if it was accident, if it was planned or what, but it happened and it has taught me a few lessons. Following is the summary of the lessons…
- Never to trust anyone on the WWW until you have met that person in real.
- Even if the person happens to be your friend and you have met him/her in real, someone else could be using their account and fooling around with you. Be real careful.

This has been done with a lot of my friends but I always used to laugh and say how an someone be so stupid to fall in the trap. But now since I have fallen, I know how does it feels.

Adding to this, I am also kinda getting myself into trap with yet another person/persons. Me trying to help this guy hack into this girl’s mailbox and find out everything about his girl and since what has happened with P.A. and P.B., I am getting kind of suspicious now.

Lagta hai thode din kay liye Yahoo ko aaram dena paedga.

Finally I think I am making an issue outta very small thing. They were together, came, fooled me, and went away. I don’t have to cry about it. Would be more careful in future.

The only reason of me being angry is if I don’t lie to people, don’t act up, why do people have to lie to me? Act up in front of me? Conceal something from me. Human Nature prolly, would never understand it. Since I am always truthful (ALMOST), I expect people not to lie to me and … arghh

I initially thought I would dig up the entire thing and try to see whats going on but again I don’t have to do it. I just have to accept defeat and get ready for the next battle on Yahoo. It’s a classic case of a girl trying to prove that she is good looking and has great acads and lying all the way about it. Would publish her story as soon as a result is achieved.

That’s about it I guess.

Test Post

So is now a NEW I like the new look and the
new features. This post is to test if I can post via EMail on my BLOG.
Lets see what happens.


Yet Another Fight on Yahoo

I guess, I have acquired an uncanny knack of pissing people off Yahoo... Here is a recent conversation with a VERY VERY good friend who happens to belong to Andhra Pradesh, where Chandrababu Naidu, the CEO of Hydrabad lost badly.

S.G. (3:04:51 PM): oye
V.R. (3:04:56 PM): oye
S.G. (3:05:01 PM): tera CN aar gaya kutte ki maut
V.R. (3:05:14 PM): tuh ***** mara le saale.
V.R. (3:05:41 PM): toshiba wale iss saal socrates ko officially toshiba ka R&d center declare karne wale the
V.R. (3:05:58 PM): par political glamour ko dekh ke woh picche hat rahe hain
S.G. (3:06:22 PM): :))
V.R. (3:06:27 PM): **** ** **** ***** ****, agar congress aa gaye toh most of the foriegn compnaies peche hat jayenga
V.R. (3:06:37 PM): **** ** **** had mat teri ***** bhi lagu hue hai
V.R. (3:06:50 PM): tuh jause ***** ke karan hum bhi marte hain
V.R. (3:07:04 PM): nassom ka article pad
S.G. (3:07:11 PM): Mera Haath Congress Kay Saath
V.R. (3:07:25 PM): apne ap ko MBA ki top samajhta hain...***** mein apne hath ko
S.G. (3:07:39 PM): :))
S.G. (3:07:48 PM): naidu ka rape
S.G. (3:07:52 PM): 48 seats

V.R. (3:09:04 PM): sale tum logon ke karan apni ***** lagti hai
V.R. (3:09:59 PM): bhuke rahoge , nange rahoge lekin apni akal nahin ladaoge
V.R. (3:10:14 PM): saale sensex ka haal dekh.....baat karta hai
S.G. (3:10:20 PM): :))
S.G. (3:10:34 PM): you sure sound ood when you are pissed off
V.R. (3:11:36 PM): am not pissed off by any ****ing political party, but the ****ing poilcy congress hold for foreign ompanies
S.G. (3:11:43 PM): abey cool down
S.G. (3:11:44 PM): chillak
S.G. (3:11:56 PM): ycr should be a good leader
V.R. (3:13:15 PM): any ****er will do, wouldn't mind even if VP singh who increase SC quatos, but thier poicy regarding foreign companies shld be good
V.R. (3:13:50 PM): not like congressian who need bribe a lots even to set up a single centre in india..
V.R. (3:14:20 PM): thats the reason most of the forieghn R&D centers were not there till 1997

V.R. (4:03:21 PM): ******* go through
V.R. (4:03:56 PM): i will send u shortly toshiba's press conference held in japan regarding my company
S.G. (4:05:44 PM): If Naidu has been guilty of a pro-urban outlook while ignoring the interest of farmers that led to a spate of suicides, Krishna has been found blameworthy for the same reason.

V.R. (4:06:47 PM): **** ** ****...pehle apna not telling any pro of naidu...see the future, if congress don't their ******* poilcy , we aare gone for..
S.G. (4:06:56 PM): i dont care
S.G. (4:07:00 PM): as simple as dat
S.G. (4:07:10 PM): Naidu deserved too looose and he lost. Period
V.R. (4:08:00 PM): **** ke ****...shyaad hi kabhi tune farners ke bare socha hoga, if u are so sympathetic to farmers then please vote for deve gowda's party at least they have some sympathy for farmers....baat karta hai
S.G. (4:08:20 PM): :))

Phew... It took me atleast 30 minutes to replaces KEYwords with stars.

Most posts coming soon...

P.S.: I just hope these things don't spoil my friendship with my friends. I don't do this on purpose but it happens. This is election time I guess, so everyone is very passionate.

The one positive thing hat comes out of this is that people are passinate about some party and they unknowingly are passionate about INDIA. What else could I ask for?

The Great Congress v BJP

This is a Yahoo conversation between me and a very good friend P.A. We both had our view poits and we both had opinions. This is the transcript...

me (1:12:07 PM): vote dala?
P.A. (1:12:25 PM): yeah
P.A. (1:12:28 PM): u?
me (1:12:29 PM): kisko?
me (1:12:36 PM): Me yes to congress !

P.A. (1:13:26 PM): khatam aadmi ...... khatam party
P.A. (1:13:32 PM): ur gonna lose
P.A. (1:13:34 PM): B-)
me (1:13:36 PM): this is what YOU think
me (1:13:45 PM): I hve already won it. I casted the vote for the right person
me (1:13:49 PM): the results are immaterial
P.A. (1:13:57 PM): i Know whos is gonna win
P.A. (1:14:00 PM): thats what matters
me (1:14:10 PM): ha
me (1:14:30 PM): one side you have got 8th pass/fail candidate and one side youve got PGDRM...
me (1:14:34 PM): chal me not gonna fight
P.A. (1:14:34 PM): =P~
me (1:14:49 PM): I made my decision and thought about it, had reasons
me (1:14:57 PM): you made your decisionyou had your reasons
P.A. (1:15:02 PM): exactly................... education is no substitute 4 good governance n policies
P.A. (1:15:23 PM): else all those Foreign educated netas wwud have nt been involved in scams
P.A. (1:15:38 PM): what a dud reason to vote 4 a candidate
me (1:16:07 PM): huh?
me (1:16:17 PM): and why did you vote for BJP?
me (1:16:28 PM): you know the candidate? his history? his past?
P.A. (1:16:40 PM): I know the candidate
P.A. (1:16:49 PM): cause he's been to my nanaji's house
P.A. (1:16:53 PM): plus
P.A. (1:16:59 PM): he is known to a be decent chap
P.A. (1:17:04 PM): humble guy
P.A. (1:17:09 PM): nt very famous
P.A. (1:17:15 PM): LAl bihari tiwari
P.A. (1:17:22 PM): listens to ppl
me (1:17:27 PM): humble? :O? my ass
me (1:17:36 PM): you were at the marriage of his daughter?
me (1:17:41 PM): you shoudl have scene there
P.A. (1:18:02 PM): n obviously
P.A. (1:18:03 PM): its more abt the party n policies 4 me n less 4 the candidate
P.A. (1:18:03 PM): bhaiya paisa hai kharch to karna padega
P.A. (1:18:14 PM): aur ladki ki shadi pe to farz banta hai
P.A. (1:18:25 PM): neta ki ladki hai aakhir
P.A. (1:18:30 PM): whats wrong with that
me (1:18:36 PM): am not talking about the way he spent
me (1:18:44 PM): chal chod, would tell ya whenwe meet
me (1:18:49 PM): and you voted for the party?
me (1:19:26 PM): WOW... Had VajpayeeJi been 5 years younger I would have voted for him but not anymore when he is ready to pass his bastion to that son of a botch

P.A. (1:19:31 PM): yes
P.A. (1:19:31 PM): NDA
me (1:19:37 PM): NDA :))
me (1:19:51 PM): the same NDA who one days says they want alliances andother day they say they are tired of em?
me (1:20:06 PM): the same NDA whihc was thrown outta poewr by jayalalitha and they are backwith her now?
me (1:20:17 PM): the same who threw chautala out and they want him back now/
P.A. (1:20:17 PM): Still better than ................congressssssss any dayyyyyyyyyy
me (1:20:27 PM): the same nda where mulayam singh is in and out
P.A. (1:20:34 PM): they to sold everything to get votes
me (1:20:38 PM): where mayawati one day is friend and other day is foe?
P.A. (1:20:40 PM): all this allinace n horse trading etc
P.A. (1:20:45 PM): is a legacy of congress
P.A. (1:21:06 PM): what abt NCp
P.A. (1:21:08 PM): n sharad pawar
P.A. (1:21:19 PM): :-))
me (1:21:29 PM): bhaiya sharda pawar was always the part of congress
me (1:21:39 PM): he spil;t from congress on some local issue pertaining to maharastha
P.A. (1:21:42 PM): atleast .BJP is a more younger n better run party
me (1:21:48 PM): younger?
P.A. (1:21:48 PM): it has organisational sense
me (1:21:52 PM): YOUNGER?
me (1:21:59 PM): where do you see young pople in BJP?
me (1:22:04 PM): in Bahu Irani?
me (1:22:14 PM): in VajpayeeJi/
me (1:22:21 PM): yeah infatc Vajpayee Ji is younger at 80
me (1:22:40 PM): and I have no clue about the organiational sense :( so cant beat you on it
P.A. (1:23:09 PM): not justa coalition of kings n patriachs
P.A. (1:23:09 PM): B-)
P.A. (1:23:09 PM): andar lele
me (1:23:37 PM): NDA is not coalition?
me (1:23:51 PM): :O its NAME is "alliance"...
P.A. (1:23:56 PM): bhaiya ....... in fighting is famous in cong
me (1:24:12 PM): yeah its not beacuse Vajpayee Ji is still here
P.A. (1:24:12 PM): aapas main hi ladte rehate hai...
me (1:24:22 PM): the day Vajpayee Ji exits, you see
P.A. (1:24:23 PM): kaam kya karenge
P.A. (1:24:23 PM): ek woh pagal sonia
me (1:24:34 PM): that SOB MM Joshi is abhi sey saying hes the number 3 man in BJP
P.A. (1:24:35 PM): tell me ..............WHO IS THE CONGRESS CANDIATE $ PM
me (1:24:38 PM): yep !
P.A. (1:24:39 PM): can u tell.....................????
P.A. (1:24:42 PM): can u?????
me (1:24:47 PM): AREE SONIA is not to be the PM, she is not qualified
me (1:24:57 PM): but there are lots of others
me (1:25:08 PM): I would say if I had the decision to make, I would havechosed Dr. Singh anyday
P.A. (1:25:32 PM): bhaiya kisi ko nahi pata
P.A. (1:25:39 PM): congress ke worker ko nahi pata
me (1:25:39 PM): but again the ENTIRE alliance would sit and plan about and decide, not like the other party where they say they already have a sucessor to Vajpayee Ji and they dont name it

After this he suddenly left and our BIG FIGHT :D which I thought was winnig was over :(

Anywys the priminary results for Andhra Pradesh Assembly Election 2004 are out and in the first round Congress is winning 200 odd of 294 seats. Last time around Congress just had 100 seats. ChanrdraBabu Naidu has been removed from the throne and his great dream of getting everything for Andhra and eventually himself is over.

Cheers to Congress !!!!

Lazy Me

So its been long since I updated my BLOG. Have'nt even updated the template.

A lot of things have happened recently... A.S. not getting anywhere, Exams for K.G n A.T., my new website coming up, me taking admission to IMI, waiting for MDI, new friends, new crushes and lots more.

Starting with my admission @ IMI. I deposited the fee at IMI and I would now be studying for being a manager. I never understand why I need to study for being a manager, I strongly believe managers are not made but they are born managers. My entire fight about taking a MBA degree would be because I was fired from my last job and I didnt get any after that. Or may be I want to earn a lot of money. The crux of the entire thing is that I am being the part of the rat race. Everyones running in the same direction, trying to outrun one another. I am of the opinion that if I get a job TODAY thats pays me well, I would not join IMI.

I am cribbling for me not getting into a good BSchool, someone is cribbling cos he aint has no GF, someones crying for something and I see all the people crying and complaining. Me on the other hand, I am very very worried but yes I am optimistic and I know I would be the richest person some day.

Talking of the great Indian MBA dream, a very good and a deserving friend A.S. ddint get through a single place. He had interview calls from IIM-K but he did'nt convert it. I can not really know what kind of people are the B Schools looking for. He has it all. He has been academic topper all his life. He knows EVERYTHING there is to knoa about ANYTHING. Be it politics, sports, economics and etc etc, he reads lots of stuff and is very informed person. He is absolutely fabulous in GDs and no one can have a better PI than him. He had almost perfect 99.4 CAT %ile and he still didnt make it. I have no idea what are the B Schools looking for in a candidate.

Another major event is that Viper is organizing a gaming tourney in Jaipur and the games are Quake 3 Arena and Counter Strike. I have the clan ready and we are preparing for the event BUT the DU does the suXor yet again. Their exams are startin on 12th, right after the elections. All the best to K.G. and A.T. for their exams. I know we would have fun after the exams.

And since I ahve started writing about the elections, INDIA goes for elections and the as per the opinion and exit polls, we are headed towards a hung Parliament. No single party or coalition is headed towards a clear majority. I anyways would support the Congress I candidate Sandeep Dixit from my East Delhi constituency. He is PGPM and MA from reputed places like IRMA and St. Stephans and has been working with NGOs for long time. He is young energetic and has all the qualities for which you have to vote. Although I don't want Ms. Sonia Gandhi as the Prime Minister of India, I am confident that Sandeep Dixit would do well here. Also when it comes to Prime Minister of India, Mr. Vajpayee would retire in another year or so and there is no other leader in BJP whom I trust and whom I respect. As far as the Congress goes, we have S Manmohan Singh to take the post.

Enough about the elections I guess... Another major thing to talk would be my new website. After getting bored, I decided to make a new website and I would be making this a bit bright. I am bored of using that same old color scheme of grays and whites again and again. I would be making it bright and colorful and would try to make it attractive. It would also add to my companys clientele list which right now has two clients. One is my uncle and another is my friend ;)

so what else .....
Dunno would update as soon as I find another masala news. yes last thing, the lady in the lead in the movie Uff Kya Jadoo Mohabbat Hai, she is SO CUTE.

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