Septemberthe22nd - Happy Birthday To Me ...

Septemberthe22nd, the day it all started in 1982 and today, 22 odd years after that fateful day I have come so far and yet I have got so much to travel. As a very good friend would say "Miles to go before I sleep".

Talking about birthdays, the best thing about the day is that you are treated like a king. Everyone is listening to you, altering their plans for you, making sure you are happy. Wow, I sometimes wish if I couls celerate my BDay around the year...

So me at MDI and my first bday away from home. Generally I would sleep when its my birthday or I would start something new and be up at 12 but ever since I have landed at MDI, life has taken an entirely new shape. Its an entirely different world out here. I cant even explain it in words. One has to experience it to feel it.

At MDI, like every other BSchool we have a tradition of giving Birthday Bumps to people. My birthday was no differnet. People gave me bumps and I was lucky enogh to get them twice. The reason being our End Term Exams. The exams started 22nd and everyone was very very frustated with the entire thing and the wanted someone or something to vent their anger out. And it was ME.

The next question that arises is how was the paper and how did I and other people fared in it, needless to say exams sucked like anything and I as expected didnt do very well. Hoping better for other exams.

If there is something called the Birthday Resolution, Yes I have a couple of em. The first one being getting serious about stuff, studies in particular and second one being starting living in the present, not in the dreamworld I am used to.

Finally in the end... shuks ending is the most difficult part of anything and I cant end a blog, relationship, paper, note, anything properly !


911 - the number Americans associate with emergency. 911 - the nuber americans assocate with tragedy.

It was 9112001 when a few men rocked the world and brought America on its feet. The WTC and the Pentagon were attacked and thousands of innocent americans lost their lives.

Today is the third anniversary of the attack and we should take a few lessons from the tragic event and try to make sure that this kinda thing never hapens in the future.

There are so many interesting facets to the September the 11th attack against America and there are so many things I would like to say here but I won't be doing it because one I don't have that much time to write about it and two some people might be offended with the stuff.

I have my deepest sympathies with the friends and families of the victims. I know its difficult but there are somethings that much be accepted and we dont have control over em.

The Game Theory

When 'The Beautiful Mind' was released, everyone saw it, loved the acting of Rusell Crowe, envied at his Oscar, admired the man John Nash and gasped at the intelligence.

When I saw the movie for the first time, I liked a few things... One on those is a sequence where John Nash is standing in the lawn of the campus in winter afternoon and he visualizes a wine glass matching with a neck tie. I don't recall the seqence properly but it was truely an exceptonal art of photography and/or animation. Another good sequence was when he loses the game of checkers to the bullies and says that the game of checkers is flawed. And finally the last one I can recall right now is the sequence where in John Nash and his friends try to patao a girl in the local pub and he applies the Game Theory on them. A brief Autobiography of John Nash can be reached at

So Game Theory is relaly Economics or Mathematics, I don't have a clue, may be they are related or may be not but I would like to know about it some day and may be become one of those few who have understood it. Economics classes in a BSchool can be real tough, especially for por souls like me who dont have a lena dena with commerce subjects. I know its very very important and probably he most important but I have to admit I suck at it and by the way things are going, I dont think I would ever be able to improve. So comng back to Economics, we have a fwe Eco studs here. The first n foremost would be Samidha aka *****-Wali. The stars can not be revealed as I am not supposed to call her that name. She is a Eco Hons graduate from LSR (Yes ! Lady Shri Ram - Heaven) and by the way she talks about Eco, one can tell she has spent all her life studying Eco. Next would be Neha Agarwal. She did her Eco Hons from Calcutta (prolly St. Xavires). And now coming on to the BAAP of Economics, we have a professor called Dr. Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay. He is GOD when it comes to Economics. I wish I get to be as good as he is... Before I end this short intro about Eco @ MDI, Samidha deserves a special mention once again, shes helped me pass a few quizes and mid-terms and she is one of those few people who would never refuse you for anything.

Getting back to the Game Theory, here is a very simple straight forward example of the Game Theory given by Prof. Bappaditya in one of the lectures. The game goes like... There is a room full of people and they all are asked one question with only two possible answers. The sample queston can be "Bill Gates is the Richest Man on the planet. True or False?". The question is asked to everyone in the open forum and everyone is told that one by one they would walk out of the room and the person walking out of the room would have to give the answer. The game would be stopped AND I DONT REMEMBER THE REST OF THE GAME !

Tomorrow we are having a special class on Game Theory and it should be interesting. I am looking forward to it and I hope I get some undersanding out of it. I would try not to sleep in the class and try to grasp everything. After all Game Theory can help you make friends ;)

Would edit the post later as soon as find out Prof. Bappas' Game.

Broken !

It was one of those times when I actually promised someone something. I promised Ridhima that I would complete the stuff in PhotoShop before 6 in the morning and I would mail her the thing.

I could'nt complete it :(


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