Moved On ...

Today was my last working day at GE Money India.

It's about time I moved on to bigger and better things and pursue other interests.

Mumbai to Pune

A friend and me suddenly decided that we need to break away from the clutter and rush Mumbai is made up of and nothing can beat a drive to Pune. We packed our bags, got speed and hit the road.

We drove down the Mumbai-Pune expressway, talked about life, people, friends, ourselves and things to come in life.

The best part about travelling, trekking is the time and emptiness it offers. You can think about yourself. You can decide the direction you want to take. You can think of excuses for lame things that you have done in life. And last but not the least, you get to see, meet, feel new places and people. You get to live a short new life!

A Mumbai-Pune highway ride is VERY highly recommended.

Few things to take care of
1. Always carry extra tyres. The road before and after the expressway is rough and uncharacteristically high number of incidents happen.
2. Food and water is not a problem. Everyone 30 odd kilometers there are "pit stops" and you get food, clean restrooms, fuel, service stations. It is still advisable to carry essentials.
3. Carry change for the toll. They are very finicky about it.

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

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