Ruchi Pokhriyal - my Mentor

So at MDI we have a very very flourishing Mentor-Mentee system. Each student of an incoming batch is assigned a Mentor from the senior batch who would help the new student get used to life at MDI and other stuff.

This post would be about Ruchi. Yes this is going to be one of those essays that we wrote in school and were titled My Best Friend, My Favorite Book etc. I can title this one as My Mentor. Here it goes...

And hey Ruchi before you start reading this, please note that this would be a critical evaluation and might have a few good things and a lot of bad things. So before going ahead, kindly keep a glass of cold water next to you to chill you down just in case you dont find things according to your liking.

Before talking about Ruchi, I would like to talk about BLOGing. People say BLOGing is yet another way to express yourself. As far as I am concerned, BLOGing for me is one good way to kill time. I just love typing and penning down any random thoughts I may have. Probably this is reflected in the quality of the posts I make. Yeah ! yet another lame reason to cover my ass for the shitty posts :D

Ok, getting back to Ruchi, when I entered MDI, I was supposed to make a two page report on my mentor. The rules of the game were very simple. We were to talk about all the good things on one page and all the bad things on the next page. All this info was to be collected by talking to other people. I could'nt talk to my mentor. Following are the things I can recall of that Mentor Report...
1. She is very good friends with Aarti, Geetanjali, Rasna and two more ladies from my senior batch.
2. She loves to dance. She is the first one to get on the dance floor and last to leave.
3. She loves to spend time on computer and often can be found chatting on Yahoo late at nights.
4. She is from Delhi and lives in North Delhi.
5. She would run away to home as soon as she gets a holiday for even a day.
6. She loves music.
7. She is very very hardworking.

Enough of goodies and now getting to the negatives (Yes Ruchi ! there are few)
1. She lost the Mentor Report I wrote about her.
2. She needs to do something about the way she manages her time.
3. She smiles a lot and people are sometimes suspicious of her for smiling all the time.
4. She #$% 34% 345#% #$%# $**$## (CENSORED)

That would do it. I can' t remember anything else right now but would surely update the post as soon as I rememeber more.

In that Mentor Report I found out that she did her Engineering from M.I.T. and was Jyoti and Sugandha's class mate. Recently I figured out that she also knew Deepti (I was so stupid that I didnt ask her before about Deepti. She had to know Deepti as Deepti n Jyoti were classmates). So she passed out in 2003 and cracked CAT n MDI and reached here. She is majoring in HR and Marketing. She is head of the Delphique Senior HR Panel and a member of the Alumni Committee. She recently won the HR Game at Imperium 2004 - The annual cultural festival @ MDI defeating teams from all the big B Schools. She won 6000 bucks and am waiting for a treat.

Talking of her hobbies, people say she likes to talk and indulge in general chit chat. Like Mentor, like Mentee, me too is very interested in talking about stuff. Lets see how much we have in common. She likes to spend time chattin on Yahoo, so do I; she can be found awake at any time of the day/night, sames true for me as well. She needs a crash course in time management and I cant stress more on my exploits as the worst time manager in the world.

So we have so much in common, let me highlight a few things where we are worlds apart. She is rated among one of the most hard working people of her batch. I am called the NPA (Non Performing Asset). I am the last person who would work in my group and I am so lazy that I wont even submit my resume for the summers.

Now getting on to few things I have noticed about her...
- She is very very helpful. When I was supposed to write that report about her, she helped me a lot cos she didnt want me to get into trouble. People might get curious what trouble? I cant write about it here but she saved me.
- I hate her for giving me a bag ful of notes to study. She should have understood that I am not one of those who would enjoy padhai likhai.
- She also is very good to talk to. A smile never leaves her face. She can be seen smiliing any time of the day irrespective of the mood she is in.
- I found her behaving strangely when I was being interviewed for the selection of the Alumni Committee. I wanted to be on that committee so bad and I thought I had a good chance but things turned out the other way.
- She would remember the small details. Observant. Careful. She is definately not in that category of "We see but we don't observe".

I cant think of anything else to write bout her and there are few things that I might have to ask her before I write em down.

And I need to send this link to her to make her happy :D

Stuff to be covered in next posts...
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