There are loads of things to be done, including the optimisation for the Best Indian Business School Blog contest which curentt Prateek is leading, completing the paper on Dutch Auctions and updating the blog template but before all that, there is something more important to be done here. I need to talk about Prakash.

Prakash left for his home somewhere in East India. Prakash is an excellent singer, plays guitar very well, a drummer and a member of a professional rock band back home.

Before he departed he wanted a second hand mobile phone and a few songs on a disk. I wasn’t able to get him that phone, I am sure Piyush would have helped him with the disk.

I knew he was leaving on morning around 4 AM and I decided I would wake up and see him off but I could’nt do that. I met him a day before when I was running for my class, last words exchanged between me and him were good bye and all the best for your studies etc.

When I have achieved something worthwhile, I would make it a point to go find him and talk to him again and see how his world has changed over all these years.

And if you don’t really know who he is, he was one of those few people who worked in our mess and made sure that we get good food.

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