The Gender Wars

There is this girl in my class and she can play the Nokia Snake like no one else. I think she is addicted to snake and there was this Strategy Lecture where I was not so interested in the topic being covered so I came up with this sort of poem for her ...

Once there was this lady
and then there was Nokia's Snake
She would do anything
anything in the world she could make
She had the drive to go endlessly
but the snake would put the brake
People around her would give her advice
the dear advice that she won't take
04p030 @ 98100***** won't listen
won't listen cos she was ADDICTED TO SNAKE

And as they say Tit for Tat, she came up with this ...

Here's was this guy who didn't like snake.
Who loved to chatter without any break.
On every silly thing, he has the silliest take.
Check him out on the blog he makes.

Certainly far far better than what I wrote but things din't end there. She had to say the following also...
Best/Bitter (take ur pick!)

Thats Saurabh Garg for you!!

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