First post MBA salary

My first ever job was when I was in 5th or 6th standard or maybe even younger. Me and a few friends brought together our comic books and started a rent shop. You as a customer could come in and rent our comic books and magazines for 50 paisa a day. I of course don’t remember now how much we made and how we spent that money. But today, I made the first purchases from my first post MBA salary.

Over the years I have worked and made quite a few things include the time I was working for HCL, Babel. I started my full time post MBA work here at my new company and today I spent my first salary. Of course I did not spend the entire amount but I did spend substantial amount. I bought R K Laxman's autobiography - The Tunnel of Time and That Man On The Road. Next on the list is Kaleidoscope.

And of course there would be more things ... This page shall be updated as and when I acquire them or think about acquiring them... !

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Pd said...

Heyyyy may be even I should put up that Disclaimer on my blog

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