Conversations at 11:30 PM

SG23Nov: Is money the solution to happiness?
SG22Sep: It may be. I dont have it, never had it. So dont know. And i think it might not be the only thing but it does take you close to happiness.
SG23Nov: How do you define happiness?
SG22Sep: Toughie. Happiness is when you look forward to things. You are excited. You are flying. When you are high. Without the dope!
SG23Nov: You know you are more fucked that I am
SG22Sep: I always did!
SG23Nov: A more apt reply wudve been 'how do you define fucked'
SG22Sep: Nah, i have stopped questioning things. I have now started trusting my judgement and answers
SG23Nov: Well to be honest I'm not too sure whether that's a good move or a bad move ... Only time will time I guess ... Anyways .. Goodnight bitch
SG22Sep: Who cares. Its one fucking life. If i dont trip here AND now, i am just twaddling n inching closer t oblivion. Lemme have my shot at greatness. Chal you tc too

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