Tally of Yes Men

Tally of Yes Men. I have never come across such a brilliant name for a music album. Yet. Anyways, so the post is not about the album or about Mr. Khosla or about Goldspot. The post is about me. What else did you expect on my blog? huh?

I was talking to a friend and he told me that best part about me was that I never say no. To requests personal or professional. And for some time, I did bask in the glory of the uncalled shower of praises and affection. But then I got stuck by this thought. The way Hancock strikes the train or the way Sachin strikes a cricket ball, the way I stump readers with my analogies. Anyways, I realized what was wrong with me.

I never said no! To anything! Not even to strangers. Not even to bad ideas. Not even to things that I know wont help me.
  • Dude, I think its a brilliant idea. Lets do it. Ya man! why not.
  • Dude can you lend me like a 5K? Ofcourse dear stranger. Here.
  • Do you have a minute? Yes I have all the time in the world.
  • Do you want to buy this shoe that you would never wear again? Oh! it will be my pleasure.
  • Do you think I should try this? Yep, you should.
Not even once. Not a single time do I say no. Do I need to change things? Yes! See I fucking say yes to everything! No, not anymore! I no longer want to be in that tally of yes men!

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