The New Blogger

Blogger has come with an update! And this is my first post with the new blogger. Lets see if this new version helps me write more. Or helps the quality of posts. Or gets me new readers. What else do you expect from a blogging utility?

Thing with blogger is that while all the people in the world, read WordPress, were innovating and releasing new versions at the rate of millions releases per day, blogger was sitting idle and whiling away time. And now when Wordpress has become the defacto standard for bloggers, they are playing catchup. And with this release, they are not getting any closer to WP sometime soon. This only makes blogger closer in look and feel to the parent, Google.

Although blogger is nowhere close to Wordpress and gives me no real powers, I still like the simplicity of the entire thing and hence been using it for all these years. Anyways, this is not really a post but this is an experiment. Lets see how the new blogger treats me!

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