Untitled - 29th Feb 2012

Today is 29th Feb. I dont remember when was the last time I saw a 29th of Feb. I am sure I did see it in 2008. And in 2004. And in 2000 and all the previous years. Going back to 1984. And I am not too sure if I'd see it in 2016. The world, as they are very sure (except NASA), will end in Dec this year. But then Dec is more than 8 months away and I dont really have time to worry about something that may happen that far in future.

What concers me, is now! Like right now, I am working on a presentation that should have been finished by last week and I am still working on the first section (out of 4 sections). Like right now, I should be working but I am whiling away time, writing things that in almost all probability no one would read. And if they do read this, I am not sure what value would this add to them. Value, one of the most abused words of the globalized world. Almost all business meetings, transactions, ideas and all such things hover around the concept of value. Its the greatest intangible IMHO. An intangible that defines all the tangibles. The concept of time then is also intangible. We've just defined units as per our convenience and then we use it as the lowest denominator to define things that we dont understand.

Anyways, let me cut this lesson in armchair philosophy. Coming back to the reason of writing this, I am sitting on the new chair that the office ordered for everyone and the chair and the slanted table makes for an awesome writing posture. And I am trying to use that to maximum.

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