Size Does Matter

The entire city of Delhi is on sale. And I wait for this time for long months. So that I may actually go and shop. So last week, lured by the crazy discounts, I made my way to the shopping malls. I was hoping to buy brands that I could have never bought on a non-sale day. The first store I stepped into, I realized that I was at the wrong place.

I have the most weird size that a man could have. I am not young, not old. I am not thin and I am not fit. I am not L and I am not XL. As a result, most things that I buy are either too tight or too lose. No wonder people look down at me, even when I am dressed in my best. In fact there have been times when I have been denied entry to places (clubs, restaurants etc), not because I could not spend money that these guys would have charged, but because I look scary.

All this while, while I was growing up, things dint matter at all. But now, when I am old (and alone), these things do. Time to take charge and get into some size. Any size.


$ia said...

I am sure you are exaggerating. :-)

Spidyrocks said...

I am also in that weird size club..:D..I have long given up hopes of wearing a good tshirt with jeans (I can may be pull it off with shorts )..


septemberthe22nd said...

Nopes, I am not exaggerating. And sadly, I cant even pull it off with shorts. #fail!

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