Seeking Contributors for Offbeat Mag

I dont think if I have ever posted something like this in the past but here it goes. 

I have started working on a side project (not to make money to be honest) where I would write, feature and highlight stories, anecdotes, people, incidents and things that are offbeat. I call the project Offbeat Magazine. It would be a web based community blog and it may eventually evolve into something great or may fizzle down into yet another piece of junk on the web. I am not sure. But I will give it an honest attempt.

For the same, I am seeking contributors, people who can help me identify offbeatness and other such quirks that I can feature on the magazine. And designers and photographers and writers and handymen. I am looking for anyone and everyone who can help me pull it off. And once upon a time, someone said something about standing on the shoulders of giants, I want to invite such giants and hope that they help me see further.

Would you want to be that giant?

To give you an idea, the first few set of articles that I am working on for OffbeatMag are...
  • How life has changed for a mango wo/man after s/he became a twitter celeb (I define twitter celeb with someone who's got more than 9999 followers). For the same I want to interview these guys and write an article. 
  • How poker is changing the way kids in engineering colleges are re-evaluating their career options. If you are tuned in the poker scene in India, you'd know what I mean. 
  • How people are re-defining the way they travel by hacking their way into premium lounges, getting free tickets and how international holidays is no longer a big deal.
Ocourse, all these articles have come from my understanding of the world around me. With more contributors, we can look at a broader horizon and hopefully cover more things. 

Thats it for the time being. Do you want to help? Get involved? Its easy! Just leave a comment on this post. Or write into me here.


Jai said...

1: Is not Off Beat
2: Probably not true, I don't believe Many kids in India start playing poker at age of 16.(which would give them 2 years for poker to influence they decision)
3:I am all up for free tickets gimme that..:D

s4ur4bh said...

Hi Jai,

1. is offBeat. Never before an aam aadmi had a medium to get famous, without any apparent talents.

2. you'd be surprised at the kind of people you find at Goa casinos!

3. tickets are up for grabs. Come earn em ;P

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