Hastags for Feb 2013

Here is a long list of things that I'd do in Feb 2013.

#running - because I will take this up as a serious hobby. Thanks to @GurgaonCynic and Raj Sharma for inspiration. And thanks to Mrs. Neo and the bglsr team for the push.

#bridge - I shall try and learn a new card game apart from poker. Thanks to Arpit for the invite. While I talk about Bridge, I may goto Goa to participate in some poker tournament as well. After all poker remains a long term objective 

#writing - I will finish Ghanta Ghar. If I do, I'd blame it on @Anaggh for the idea. And @Suds for inspiration. 

#gravity - work. Would you know of someone who may need a vendor for marketing support services? 

Thats about it. Four things. In this new year (#sg2013) I shall try and do small things, rather than plan for grandiose mansions and then not even put a brick in place.

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