Longer than the longest day of my life

Today, whoever is reading, ladies and gentlemen, for the records, was the longest day of my life. No wait, longer than the longest day of my life. One of those days when you spend one entire day, about 12 hours of your life doing something and yet there is no output to show for it. Not show it to the world but show it to yourself. Like when you are lying awake in bed late at night and you are talking to yourself, about things your did during the day. Those things. That output. And the worse part, its not even a step in the general direction of output. More so, now, when I am apparently the master of my own destiny, days like this suck even more. I should be on my way to greatness, riches, pursuit of vain hobbies, wild parties, world travels and other such things. But here I am! Stuck and confused and dazed likes its nobody's business. Or as Siddhu would say, as a child in a topless bar.


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