The pursuit of frivolous things. And #no!

So today, on this blog, personal blog, Id talk about a friend. A really good friend. Without getting into specifics, lets call him SS. Damn! another friend that has a name that starts with S! So this SS is an awesome guy. As good as a guy could get. Better than me. Really. He has everything going for him. Except that he cant seem to find his way in this big wild world. Pretty much like me. Lost. If I had any more hair, I would be him. Or even if I had more money, I'd be him. But then he's got a job and a girl as well. So that makes him three times better than me. Or may be 333 times. Who knows.

So the point is, that this guy is on a mission. Arent we all? The mission to make a dent. Where have I heard the dent word? And unlike me, he knows what his dents gonna be like. And I know what it is. And its pretty awesome. But then like VK says, everyone has some or the other shit happening all the time. And this guy is no different. He has his own set of demons that he needs to fight. Who doesnt? But then unlike me and others, SS knows those demons. He can see those in the face. How I wish I could see mine.

And here is the fuck up. Despite knowing his demons, he refuses to do anything about em. I can see my reflection in him. We could be twins if at all. He excels are procrastination and is lazy beyond comparison. He has a tough time saying no. He cant prioritize. He knows what he is supposed to work on but often that takes the back seat. No, no I am not talking about myself here. I am far worse. I dont even know what I am supposed to work on. 

Fuck up is that I think it would be a great loss to mankind if he continues to waste his time in pursuit of frivolous things and misses the important ones that he ought to work on. But then, who am I to decide what is important and what is frivolous for him? Damn the dude has left me confused. As confused as sgMS makes me.

Anyway to end this, SS, dude! You need to learn. And if not from the books, if not from movies, if not from other people, at least learn from your mistakes. No?

Start saying #no!
At least start saying no? Its your life. You came by yourself and you'd alone. There's be noone to give you company. If there is just one thing that I can make you do, it would be to give the gift of the ability to start saying no. Here, use the hashtag. #no.


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