2014. The year that will be.

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Its that time of the year. When everyone gets into the rut of making resolutions for the coming new year. And since I am a mere mortal I have to give in to the temptation of making a list and adding more noise to already existing noise.

Here is my list. And if all goes well, by the end of 2014,
  • I would have published at least one book. Most likely, it would be The Nidhi Kapoor Story.
  • I would be 30" in diameter. I am far more than right now. 
  • I would have saved enough to not work for someone else. Enough said. 
  • I would have learnt to code. Atleast code WP plugins and themes.
  • I would have learnt how to play guitar. At least the 25 most played songs on my playlist. 
  • I would've done all the things that I have listed here. This is a private list, in case you were wondering. 

And everyday, I would do the following...
  • Write 1500 words. Towards a book or towards this blog or towards yet another writing project. 
  • Think of ten ideas. As recommended by James Altucher.
  • Workout for 30 minutes. It could be a walk, a swim, a session of yoga (I attend Yoga Kuteer) or something on similar lines. 

And often I would...
  • Meet strangers. I want to meet one new person a day but I know its tough to do so. I would try to meet at least one stranger a week. I'd call it #meetAStranger or something. 
  • Create and put out a new project once a month at least. This could be a business, could be a text, could be a blog etc. I think I would work on all those ideas that I have saved on my parkedIdeas tag. 
  • Read a book every week. I will use tips from this Farnam Street post to help me reach my goal. 

Thats all I want to do. In 2014.

Come to think of it, at my age, when I should be changing the world and making the dent et al, here I am, trying to write a book. Sigh. But then I guess I need to take small steps towards greatness. The endeavor to make the dent remains. Like Archimedes said, "Give me a lever long enough and I would move the Earth", I will move the Earth. If I dont get the lever, I would make one. But there is no doubt I would. 

That's it I guess. Wish everyone a very happy new 2014. May the new year be full of health, love, luck and happiness.

P.S.: To arrive at this list, I have taken inspiration and lifted ideas from the likes of Steve PressfieldJames AltucherChris GuillebeauFarnam Street and others.

P.P.S.: Need to stop using all the extra "And"s.

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