What books have changed your life?

One simple question. 
What books have changed your life? What books have made you think, made you give a hard look at your life, your choices, your decisions and everything that you stand for?

Thing is, starting Monday, I am hoping to not touch an electronic device. And for someone like me who literally lives on the Internet, this is going to be one of the toughest things I've ever done.

While I am on this digital detox, I am hoping to feed myself healthier things, including books! So, I am trying to gather a selection of books that I could read when I dont have technology around me.

Some of the books that I plan to read in this break. 
Which one would you recommend? Some books that I am considering are...
  • Factfulness, Hand Rosling 
  • Bad blood (not too keen but Bill Gates has recommended this and thus) 
  • Measure What Matters 
  • Deep Nutrition 
  • Headstrong 
  • Principles, Ray Dalio 
  • Walden (old but I've been meaning to read this forever) 
  • Seneca'a Letters from a Stoic
  • Autobiography of a Yogi
  • 21 Ideas for 21st century, Yuval Harari 
What else? I dont want to read fiction. And I dont want to read books that are centred around one idea (say, Tipping Point). I would rather read biographies, health books, narratives et al. 

I know am being ambitious that I will be able to read these many books in 10 days. But I think with zero access to tech, I think I'll just read and do nothing else! And thus, I am hopeful. And even if I cant read al the books, I will have a list of supertexts that I can eventually read!


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