Hello, Serendipitous Adventures in Mumbai.

So, I recently read this post about how to maximize serendipity. It is a fascinating read - the kinds that I wish I had written. Each word is deep, insightful and actionable. Do read the post. And please come back to this page once you’ve read.

Point 2 on this post advises you to be a connector. The author says he hosts intimate events where he invites passionate, hyper-curious individuals and they meet often for a day of action and adventure. Here’s a screen grab from the post.

This got me thinking, why not do the same in Mumbai, a place where I am located? 
And I put this on twitter
Experiment. If you are in #Mumbai and are the "curious" kinds, full of energy, want to learn new things, experiment, grow better and know more people, let's get together and we'd do something interesting. In? DM me. Limited to 8 people. 1 is me. So 7 more. #RTpls

And while I did get some people interested in the meetup, everyone asked for details. 
And thus, here are some.

What I propose. 
  1. Create a meetup group of "curious" people that love to learn "new things" and want to know more people. 
  2. We try to get people from across age groups, genders, interest areas and all that. The intent is to get a variety of opinion and thought. 
  3. We meet once a month or so (I don't know if I want to structure it rigidly). 
  4. At each meetup, we have an agenda. Say in the first meetup, all of us goto a Salsa workshop (I suck at dance - I have two left feet), followed by a brunch at some indie chef. And then end the day with a theatre or something. In the next meetup, we could go for a trek or play football or get together for clubbing. Of course, this is not defined. The itinerary gets decided by the attendees prior to the meetup. 
  5. Each activity that we do must be a group activity that is novel for most participants. For example, theatre is novel for me. And I am sure I am not alone. 
  6. If you "sign up", while you are not obligated to attend every meetup, you ought to respect time and attention for others. Once you say you are in on a certain date, please do show up :)
  7. No fees. We split the cost of the "adventure" among attendees. 
  8. I plan to do the first meetup in the next 15 days. Probably on the weekend of 20th - 21st April.

These are the things that I know as of now. 
Of course, early days. 
If you are interested in this, let's build this together?  

And truth be told, I don't know where this would go or if I would get enough people to run this experiment. And in case I do get the people, I don't know if I would be successful at running this. But then, what's the worst that could happen? 
Let's try? 
If you are in, DM me on twitter and let's take it from there. 

Oh, while I am not sure of what all we could evolve into, I am very sure of things that we will NOT be. Here's a list. 
  • We are not a dating platform. You like someone in the group, great! But please do not come with the intention of dating. There are way too many other platforms for that. 
  • We are not an opportunity to paddle MLM goodies. 
  • This is NOT business networking. This is an opportunity to meet interesting people IRL. 
That's for the time being. 
Could I cover anything else? 

One more thing. I call this Serendipitous Adventures in Mumbai. Game? 

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