The Best Of Me

Imperium, Delphique, Illumina and e-Blast are the MDI's window for the outside world. People know what happens at MDI, how hard we word, how harder we party, how we enjoy life through these events. Somethings are exclusive and people do miss them. Arena 2004 is one of them.

Arena is our internal sports and cultural meet organized once every year. We have competitions like races (in all flavours Dash, Relay, backward etc.), badminton, table tennis etc. I would leave the rest of the details for the lucky few when they get into MDI.

So the point here is not Arena 2004 but the matter of the fact is the competitve spirit that sports bring out of people. At Arena there were my classmates - some freshers, some with work-ex of 5+ years and everyone was striving hard to participate, to win ! There were faculty members (who anyhday would charge in lacs for consultancy assignemnts), there were FPM students (who would be the professors in some time to come), kids (the future), exchange students (who would fly off to their countries in few days). Almost all were very differnt people but had something in common. The spirit to fight, the spirit to participate and the spirit to win.

I can take myself for an example. I am one of those who HATE walking, leave alone running. So there was this race and one of the classmates were looking for someone to complete the team and I pitched in. I was'nt decided that I would be able to run and do justice to the team's confidence in me but I decided to go ahead and be a part of the team. And I left even myself surprised with the kinda effort I put in. I forgot everything, I wasnt concious of the girl I want to pataofy, I was'nt worried about my grades, future anything... All I was concerned with was running and putting in my best effort. The feeling can not be replicated. You have to do it to experience it. Sports brought out a hidden me. I always thought I can't concentrate on something, can't put in my best, would never be satisfied but when I was running, even thought I didnt win, I was happy, I could tell myself that I had put in the best effort and I knew that nesxt year, I would put in even harder effort and try to win.

It was a sort of enlightenment for me. (Wow am talking like Aasaram Bapu) :D. So the bottom line is that if someone can put in so much effort in sports and be motivated like anything, why can't people realize it themselves... Confusing thoughts I know but who said life was easy...

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